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12.8cm Selbstfahrlafette L/61 (Panzerselbstfahrlafette V) [Sturer Emil]


2.8 cm Kanon 40 auf VK 3001 (H)  

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History: As a result of the decision to abandon the VK3001 project, the Waffenaml had on hand several of the Henschel VK3001 chassis. Two were allocated for conversion to a heavy Panzerjager mounting the Rheinmettal 12.8 cm K which was based on the 12.8 cm FlaK. The gun was mounted on a pedestal ahead of the engine and was surrounded by a heavily armored superstructure. The hull was extended back to carry this fighting compartment: an additional road-wheel was fitted. The 12.8cm Gerat 40 had been developed since 1936 as a FlaK weapon. The order for the anti-tank gun version was placed in 1939.
Combat service: The 12.8 cm Sf L/61 was used in action in Russia. and one was captured almost intact late in 1943. It was subsequently displayed at exhibitions held in 1944. Photographs of a vehicle in action indicate 22 victory rings painted on the gun barrel.
  • General characteristics
    • Type: Heavy self-propelled gun on tracked carriage
    • Manufacturer: Henschel. Rheinmetall-Borsig
    • Production: 2 (1942)
    • Crew: 5
    • Weight: 35 tons
    • Length: 9.7 m
    • Width: 3.16 m
    • Height: 2.7 m
    • Powerplant: Maybach HL 116, 6 cylinder liquid cooled petrol engine producing up to 300 hp at 3,300 rpm
    • Gearbox: 6 forward, 1 reverse
    • Radio: FuG5
  • Performance
    • Maximum speed: 25 km/hr
    • Armor:
      • Turret
        • Front: 50 mm / 14.5°
        • Side: 15 mm / 10°
        • Rear: 15 mm / 14.5°
        • Top/Bottom: open
      • Superstructure
        • Front: 50 mm / 8°
        • Side: 15 mm / 0°
        • Rear: 15 mm / 16°
        • Top/Bottom: 15 mm / 90°
      • Hull
        • Front: 50 mm / 13.5°
        • Side: 50 mm / 0°
        • Rear: 50 mm / 45°
        • Top: 20 mm / 90°
        • Bottom: 35 mm / 20° and 22°
      • Gun mantlet:
        • Front: 50 mm / 40°
  • Armament
    • Guns:
      • 1 × 128 mm PaK40 L/61 cannon
        • Traverse: 7° left, 7° right
        • Elevation: -15° +10°
      • 1 ×  7.92 mm MG34



Reference: Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two: A Complete Illustrated Directory of German Battle Tanks, Armoured Cars, Self-propelled Guns, and Semi-tracked Vehicles, 1933–1945 by Peter Chamberlain and Hilary L. Doyle
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Lol, watch it get added at Tier 4, then someone will whine about Historical MM, and it will end up at tier 2.


Well, it would be destroyed quite easily all the same in Era II or IV considering it horrendous speed and weak side/rear armor

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so ? kinda on same level as su-122


Not.... really... imo. Sure, armor, whatever, it's all about the same. Unless i'm reading the wrong articles, here's the big difference:


PaK 40 L/61: Shot a 25-ish kilo AP projectile at ~900m/s.

Weapon derived from high velocity AA guns.


M30: Shot a 20 kilo HE projectile at all of 530m/s. (Or, if you want to compare HEAT, it shot --SUB-sonic-- HEAT...)

Weapon was a towed howitzer that they shoe-horned into a tank chassis and put a metal box around.



Something tells me the penetration values might only be -slightly- different. 

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It's definetely not a T4 Vehicle, the entire tech is just not up to it.


128mm might sound all nice but it's a old gun using old ammo, which is iirc subpar to the long 88 in penetration and since gaijin makes reload based on whatever rather than realistic figures, it's gonna reload all day long. Now, having this thing without turret, armor etc. compare against a Tiger II with better gun and so on would really kill it.



I think T3 would be fine at a rating not higher than the SU-152 which has more+angled armor, better automotive features and just suffers a longer reload. Also keep in mind that having an open top will make it very vulnerable in mixed battles and it's size/shape makes it easy to spot.

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I support this idea. Very well thought though, lots of information given, great job
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12.8 cm Kanon 40 auf VK 3001 (H)


tank destroyer 12.8 cm Kanon 40 auf VK 3001 (H)

The creation of 105-millimeter self-propelled anti-tank guns Dicke Max, however, developments in this area stopped. Army planned next, heavier machine guns even greater caliber. These efforts, however, hinted at a limited capacity tank chassis. The new 128 mm caliber cannon with barrel length 61 calibers (ie 7.80 meters!), Which should be used for a fighter, he weighed nearly seven tonnes and chassis heaviest contemporary German tank Pz IV burdensome. Likewise, the dimensions weapons it did not leave the body in a relatively small chassis Panzer IV enough space for servicing and supply of ammunition.

Therefore, the choice finally fell on constructors prototype chassis VK 3001 (H) Henschel firm, which was established as a blind branch during the development of heavy tank Tiger . Yet even this chassis had to be to carry the new weapons and extended on each side of him added one double caster. The chassis grown dimensional welded body thickness of 40 mm on the front wall, 30 mm at the sides and 20 mm at the rear. The cabin remained open at the top. The crew consisted of five men - the driver, radio operator, commander, gunner and charger. The first two positions are traditionally found inside the trunk on the front and protect the two cubic dome with portholes and hatches, which protrude from the flat plate for the nose landing gear. The other three men were sitting in a gun battle space. With them it fits even store 18 pieces of ammunition for the main gun. Weight of a grenade caliber 128 mm was 26 kg and its muzzle velocity was 910 m / s.


tank destroyer 12.8 cm Kanon 40 auf VK 3001 (H)

36-ton figure was powered by Maybach HL 116 content of 11 liters and an output of 300 hp.Transmission allow shifting six-speed forward gears and one reverse. The maximum speed of the machine on the road reached the weak 20 km / h.

Total incurred only two prototypes of this remarkable machine. Both manufactured by Rheinmetall Borsig in Dusseldorf. Both were then in late 1942 and 1943 deployed on the Eastern Front. Despite some successes combat that keeps their ability to fight at long distances, it still was a slow and clumsy monsters with, due to its weight, heavily under-banked drive unit. This fact, together with the cessation of production of experimental chassis VK 3001 (H) in favor of another concept, condemned the two caused the machine to be first and the last specimen of its kind.


EDIT: added poll

CokeSpray (Posted )

This suggestion on the Sturer Emil was merged with the OP by SubRyan.
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Isn't this the "Sturer Emil" ?


If yes, I want it, if no, I want both!

That was another name for it, yes. :good: :good:




  •  crew  5  
  • lenght  9700 mm (7000 mm without gun)  
  • width  3150 mm  height  2750 mm  
  • wheel base  2670 mm  
  • track contact  4750 mm  
  • weight  36500 kg  
  • fuel capacity  450 l  
  • armor / angle:  50 mm front, 50/40° mm
  • gun mantlet, 30 and 20 mm
  • sides, 15mm rear, 30 and 20 mm deck  
  • engine:  Maybach HL116, water-cooled, 6 cylinder 11044 cm3, 300 hp (220 kW) at 3300 rpm
  • transmission  ZF SGG77, 6 forward, 1 reverse  
  • tracks  Kgs 520/160  number of links per track  85  
  • max speed  25 km/h (20 km/h off-road)  
  • range  170 km (80 km off-road)  
  • grade  30°  
  • trench crossing  4500 mm  
  • step  800 mm  fording  1050 mm  
  • ground clearance  450 mm  
  • ammunition  15 – 18  rounds  
  • secondary armament  1 or 2 MG34 (600 rounds)  
  • production  2
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