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War Thunder Tanks and their Variants - Video Series by ReachForTheSky




Hello fellow tankers!


I have created a series of videos entitled "War Thunder Tanks and their Variants", short films usually 5-15 minutes long that provide a brief history of one or more armoured vehicles, as well as the technicalities and details of each variant featured in War Thunder. 


If you want to know more about a  tank you love to drive, or if you want to know the difference between variants of a vehicle, I can recommend this series!


I'll update this thread each time I make a new video, which is usually every 1-3 days depending on how busy I am and what other projects I'm working on. I also have an equivalent series for War Thunder aircraft, so if you want to know more about planes as well I'd recommend checking that out.


Videos currently in the Series


Panzer II & Panzer 38(t)

Panzer III

Panzer IV

Panzer V

Tiger I and Tiger II

German Tank Destroyers


Russian Tank Destroyers

Russian Light Tanks

IS Heavy Tanks

T-44 and T-54

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It is the second time I write here, I'm a new player, and playing tank mod see that I could destroy more enemies if he had a squadron supporting my tank, or even a gold player was there as infantry attacking or protecting my flank.
No, no infantry in the game Tankmen will only target aircraft sovre the surface where the fight actually occurs.

Thank you.

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