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P-47M Thunderbolt


P-47M Yes or No  

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  1. 1. Please answer if you would want the P-47M as a US Tier 4 Fighter

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The P-47M was a variant of the P-47 Thunderbolt. It saw service with the 56 Fighter Squadron in early 1945, and saw service against many if the Luftwaffe s late war planes including the famous Me-262 with victories against the plane 



Top speed: 473mph @ 32,000ft @ WEP (761.22kph @ 9753m)

Climb: 4,000fpm @ S.L;  3,350fpm @ 20,000ft  (20.3m/s @ SL; 17m/s @ 6096m)

Span: 40ft 9.25in 
Length: 36ft 1.75in 

​Empty: 10,423lb Combat weight: 13,275lb Max: 15,500lb (Empty: 4,727.79kg Combat: 6021.44kg Max: 7030kg)

​Armament: 6-8 Browning M2 .50 inch HMG's


Armor:[spoiler]Armor plate - Bottom/Rear - 1/4" from the bottom of the seat up to the shoulders

Armor plate - Rear - 3/8" for head

Armor plate - Front 3/8"


Bulletproof Glass - 1-1/2" set at 39.5 degree angle[/spoiler]




Early P-47M's had teething problems but these were traced to incorrect shipping methods allowing salt water into the cylinders.

The P-47M would have plenty of competition for the Ta-152(with correct FM), DO-335, Sea fury, and other late war "super props", and the early jets.

I would give it a BR of 6.0-6.3 as it is a early 1945 plane.










http://planesandpilotsofww2.webs.com/P-47M.html <-broken



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Thank you for the suggestion!  :salute:


The P-47M has been suggested before, but this is a good a time as any to discuss this aircraft again. Open for discussion.  :yes:

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I would LOVE this plane! I'm just starting to appreciate the P47 D for what it can do. So much fun. Only downside -I can see people crashing it into the ground on ground strikes like the current P47and it getting a silly BR :(
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a, a better airwhale! why not!! :lol:


this will be a great high alt fighter for the americans.


maybe even high alt events can exist, with the Ta 152H-1 vs the P47M orso

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A P-47 with airbrakes looks really nice, I would love to have this ingame. +1


Where are the airbrakes on this thing anyway? Did it even have any?

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