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A Guide to Squadron Battles!


Info is all out of date. A lot has changed since this was written.


Arcade and Realistic squadron battles are game modes that can be selected in the same way that you would change between tank and air. Use the drop down at the correct time, you should see it as an option. If you don't see an option, you are not looking at the right time. The timing of when they are active is covered by a sticky in this section. There are two time periods in a day when squadron battles are available. Anyone can play in either of these. The first session of the day is by far the most populated. Only the earlier time period will have arcade teams in the queue. The second session will have a smaller number of teams for RB. This will limit the use for an Australian clan.


To get a game, queue with 8 total, either solo or in squads. You will need other teams to play against that will trigger a game according to some matching rules. You can see if there is anyone in queue when you are also in queue. The match making comparison is based on the Elo score of the highest player in each team. If there is a big difference between team Elo scores match making can be difficult and may take some time. This is especially true if you start late in a season with a zero point team.


Format and general rules are covered in a sticky thread.



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Sim squadron battles were tried out but abandoned years ago due to low interest from players.


I suppose you could at least try out Real SqB since those have sim FM, but still retain mouse-aim.

Otherwise I'd suggest trying out official sim tournaments that take place every weekend. See the news section for more info.

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There is a problem, last time I want to play it I was searching a match for like 20-25 minutes and then I give up. We were 8 players, everyone searching on 1 server and everyone has disbanded squad. Should I register somewhere or what?

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In 'Events' I only find simulator battles.


Do you need (need) to get teamspeak first to be able to join SB? (we use discord)



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On 23.2.2018 at 5:18 PM, III_Hammer_III said:

In 'Events' I only find simulator battles.


Do you need (need) to get teamspeak first to be able to join SB? (we use discord)



You only can play Squadronbattles at certain times. There is one opening time for EU ( 3PM GMT - 11PM GMT(this is form the top of my head)) + and american slot which I dont know when it is open.

During these times a new "mode" apears in the scroll down menu where you can choose between the different gamemodes.


And no you dont need Teamspeak.

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Are a mainly ps4 based squadron, we have tried doing multiple squad matches but the timer often limits us from doing so.

Why can't it just reset like the daily?

I look forward to battling you guys soon.

We usually jump on around 1AM GMT currently.

However we are active from about 10pm GMT.

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On 06/09/2014 at 03:11, SHRAP said:

Hi guys. These forums and the in-game general chat are full of questions about squadron battles. So I thought I would take some time to describe what squadron battles are, how they work and how you access them. It's in the best interest of the War Thunder Community that all squadrons know how to participate in these events. The teams that do know how to do them are often left waiting in the que for someone to fight. So hopefully this guide get more squadrons interested. Once you know how to do squadron battles you will discover an entirely new side of War thunder that you never knew existed. For many, it's the best part of this game.


Squad - 4 people that are grouped together. This has nothing to do with squadron battles and is often a major source of confusion. You do not have to be in a squadron with someone to invite them into a squad.

Squadron - This is a "guild" or a "clan" as many of you have come to know in many other games. Squadrons in War Thunder cost real life money to create (2500 Golden Eagles). The maximum number of members in a squadron is 128. You have to be a member of a squadron in order to participate in squadron battles.

What exactly are "Squadron Battles"?

Squadron battles are squadron versus squadron matches. Both squadrons get to use any combination of vehicles they want to. This includes all tanks, planes ground vehicles and bombers. You must be a member of a squadron in order to participate in a squadron battle (SB). The winning squadron wins points that contribute to their world wide ranking; also known as the "Duel Rating" as seen in your MENU > SQUADRONS option in game. Duel rating and SB's are currently the only way to increase your world wide ranking. The world wide top 3 teams actually get golden eagles as an incentive to be the best, as seen in the top right of the below picture. Highlighted is the "Duel Rating". Squadron battles are available twice daily, for 6 hours at a time.


Do I earn Lions and Research points doing squadron battles?

Yes! You earn the exact same amount of research points and Lions as you would in any regular match in War Thunder. So even if you lose the match, your time was well spent and you walk away with something.


Example of a squadron battle. This is LED versus PUMA. Notice there are both planes and tanks.
I intentionally use this video because I feel it best demonstrates the mechanics of a squadron battle very well. The Arcade mode squadron battles gravity is a cross between what you're use to in arcade battles (AB) and realistic battles (RB). It takes some getting use to. Notice in this video I crash, twice. That's because I had spent all day doing arcade battles and threw myself off.  Think of arcade mode squadron battles as a hybrid realistic battle. More gravity, less response and tanks are invisible unless marked, like in a realistic battle, but a reticule and visible air targets, like in normal Arcade mode. So if you opt for Arcade mode squadron battles, keep this in mind. Otherwise, Realistic squadron battles are exactly the same. Simulator squadron battles have been removed.


Can I do Squadron Battles in any tier vehicle?

Yes and no. Tier 5 vehicles are currently excluded from squadron battles. Other than that, there are no restrictions on tiers; put whatever vehicle you want in you lineup. You can also all be in tier four vehicles and bring along a new recruit that's in tier 2 vehicles if you want. Once in the que, you will see there are tiers next to your squadrons name. Each person in the que will show what their top tier vehicle in their lineup is.  BATTLE RATINGS ARE COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT IN SQUADRON BATTLES! A bullet is a bullet and a bomb is a bomb. A tier 1 biplane can kill a tier 4 plane. Tanks, not so much. You can use tier 1-2 tanks for their speed however. Even the best tankers out there, with the best tanks in game, still utilize those tier 1s when they need speed. Example of tiers as seen in the squadron battle window:


So we can have both tanks and planes in our lineup?

Yes! Hence the reason these are so darn fun! Every map requires a different strategy. Some require more tanks than planes. Some require more planes than tanks. As a general rule of thumb, always have two tankers on the ground at all times. Again, it changes depending on the map. Click Pentastealz Strategy Guide for more information.


We did a squadron battle but could not see the enemy ground vehicles!

That's a recent change. Arcade squadron battles become an integrated version of arcade meets realistic battles. Your ground vehicles have to "mark" enemy ground vehicles in one of two ways. The most common way is by pushing T17 (in that sequence). Once selected, the enemy tanks will be visible to all planes in proximity to that vehicle (note: planes too far away will still not see the ground vehicles that's marked, depending on crew stats). They can now bomb it. The other way is proximity marking. GET CLOSE to enemy vehicles, aim your barrel toward them, and they will light up like a Christmas tree for your team to bomb. But beware, pilots and tankers alike, tanks can shoot back, and they will!

Our squadron is interested in squadron battles, now what?

First thing you need is Teamspeak or some other form of voice communication. You need to be able to talk and communicate as a team! See below for some "pro-tips".
You need to start with 8 people, one being the Commander, Officer or person leading the battle. Of the 8 players, pick 2 as your primary tankers. Depending on the map, you might want to select a couple to only bring planes with bombs and the rest in fighter planes like the Yak 9 (example). Squadron battles are all about skill and strategy; more so than vehicle tiers and battle ratings (although they are valuable). Bring your A-Team, the squadrons that are doing this now are very good at it.

Once you have your 8 member team in Teamspeak (or in-game voice chat, Mumber, Raidcall, Skype, etc.) follow the directions below to que in. Also, open up Pentastealz Strategy Guide. It will give you more info on what vehciels to use on what maps and a little about victory conditions.

Step 1: Click the grey "Events" button in the top right corner.


Step 2: Pick Squadron Battles. Gold is Arcade Battles (the top one) and Silver is Realistic Battles (bottom one). I highly recommend Arcade Mode until you are more comfortable in squadron battles. Simulator battles use to be available on Saturdays only, but I believe they recently removed them completely.


Step 3: Pick your server. As a golden rule always pick the nearest server to the bulk of your players doing the squadron battles. The Russian and SA servers are something you may want to avoid if you can read this. Remember the time zones too. US will be populated at night in US eastern time and the same goes for all the servers (after everyone eats dinner in their time zone).


Step 4: Click "Take Part" in the bottom right corner. Verbally confirm everyone made it in the que and is on the same server. Do this in Teamspeak. Currently there is no way to know who is in and who is out. Next to your squadron name you will see how many people are in each tier vehicles. But it doesn't tell you who they are. There's always THAT ONE GUY! You know, the one that ninja afk's to let the dog out or grab a Hot Pocket. If that happens just have a ninth person que in. IMPORTANT NOTE: Right now there is a bug with squadron battles. It will give each person 2 points in the que, per server. So if all 8 of you are qued on EU for example, you will see 16. If you guys que on both the EU and US server, you will see 32. You get the point.



Step 5 : Go kick some azz! Sometimes you'll have to wait in the que for another squadron, hence the purpose of me writing this guide. We need more squadrons to participate. This will reduce or eliminate our wait times. For the most part, Russians own squadron battles right now because most english speaking WT players have no idea how to do squadron battles. So I hope this changes things.

Pro Tips

Always balance your planes and tanks. This takes practice! Keep your most proficient tankers where they're happy, in tanks!

Keep good notes about maps and what the enemy did to win. That's the only way to get good.

The only way to get good is to lose, learn and remain resilient. We all got our butts wooped when we started SB's. Remember that it's just for fun. You earn the exact same amount of Lions and research points as you would have doing normal battles. So just hang in there, your day will come and you'll learn which teams not to fight.

Watch for spawn campers and never spawn camp, it's frowned upon. By spawn camping I mean flying near their spawn point and killing them as soon as they spawn. Same goes for tanks. Don't do it or squadrons will stop queing when your in the que because they don't want to play people like that. Russian squadrons are infamous for doing this. Spawn camp the heck out of them to even the odds!

Use your tanks to cap. Protect them from bombers while they're on the cap.

Have a couple people get really good at dropping bombs with fighter planes. Don't bring heavy bombers like the B-17 because they will be dead in a matter of seconds.

Organize your 8 people team. Find out what they like (Russian fighters, German tanks, etc.) then assign them a perma spot. From now on that's their job. Have them focus their time in game at getting their vehicles spaded out and being proficient at using them. Also, slots play a huge role. Encourage your members to purchase more slots in the country they plan on using for SB's. Some battles are battles of attrition and you'll use every vehicle.

Tanks - Never bring heavy tanks, only light and medium. They are too slow to get to cap. That could mean a loss.

Tanks - You get two of every tank (except heavy tanks). It's only when you use the second tank that you lose points in the match. So rotate your tanks if possible.

Some maps can be won by simply bombing minibases or an airfield. Watch for bombers! Again, take good notes so that you can form both an offense and a defense.

Landing craft fill the map with AI tanks. Take them out with guns (no bombs needed).

Never ever, ever, ever spawn camp another squadron! Remember that we are all there to have fun. When you remove the fun factor they may never play you again. That translates to less points and more time waiting in the que. It's hard sometimes and you'll often find yourself near their spawn point, Commanders make sure you manage your team as to maintain a gentleman's match.

Establish and maintain discipline in Teamspeak! Your tanks need to tell bombers where to drop bombs. Tell your people to cut the chit chat. A fighters job is situational awareness. They should not be talking about planes unless it's a bomber. Tanks should only be talking about capping ("protect me, I'm capping") or "tank marked" to let you guys know to drop a bomb. For the most part, whoever wins the ground wins the match (on most maps). But failure to communicate and have discipline will result in an ineffective team. So tell them to be quite and only state relevant information.

I hope this information is helpful for you squadrons wondering how to climb the leaderboards or discover the "end game" of War Thunder.

Go have fun and kick some butt!

Old post but I assume still relevant . "  Never ever, ever, ever spawn camp another squadron! "   OK so what do you do ? Do you stop at a certain point on the map and just sit here going no further ? How do you determine what is spawn camping and how do you Police it . I'm just interested . 

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