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PercyPeewit's Guide to using Free Golden Eagles app


                                                =    PercyPeewit's guide to grabbing a few free Golden eagles  =




I've spent a lot of time playing with this app trying to farm as much Golden eagles for the least amount of work,and in the least time,and would like to share my findings instead of spamming invite codes.




Okay first of all if you can't use the original app,just download Bluestacks android emulator and install on your pc or tablet.


Then search for warthunder when bluestacks is running and install Warthunder Free Eagles app.


It will ask you if you want to use an invite code - and that is up to you if you want that guy to earn 20% value of all the Golden eagles you manage to grab using this app.For every 100 GE you earn,that guy gets 20 GE.A bit annoying since I saw this on YT and that leech uploader must be rolling in GE by now on the backs of others.


 - You are not going to get mad amounts unless you are crazy and start signing up for a lot of shady stuff with your credit cards when the temptation to earn 2700 Ge for a 'free trial' becomes too difficult to resist.Try and set a target of one payout in a set time, like 15 mins or so and do this often,or you will end up going crazy.


What I have found so far after using it for a week or so:


Liar Tasks - these all have [Web Game] written next to them and none of them work.These NON installer jokers link you to ads and if you manage to get the basic games to run at all ,you can't win them.These are purely advertising and do not pay out.Suspiciously high values like 160 - 260GE to complete level 4 scores ect ect. Avoid like an enemy fighter swarm and don't waste your time.


Quick installs - These are your bread and butter quick earners of 3 - 50 GE each.They mostly work straight away,so download and install a whole load of them and launch,play a few seconds then delete.That's enough to get the reward and cash out your 38 min GE pay out.I found only about 10% of them don't for me.Like shooting AAA,they all add up.


Shady Surveys - Hit and miss on these.Usually not worth it as you're going to be annoyed at wasting all that time filling out the same damn details over and over again for nothing.You know when you are diving too fast on a big fat destroyer,and try to launch your torpedo....


Installed level / score task Games - Big fat pay outs compared to all the others of between 20 and 300 GE depending on the game involved.The only one that has not payed out for me atm is the Game of war ( build lvl 5 stronghold) ,which was probably the most time spent .(After sending off a screen shot of the game,I got the 312 Ge about a week later from Tapjoy).4x1000Kg bombload at high altitude.Slow but massive earners.


Lunatic deals - Giving some dirty gambling site £20 just to claim your 'free' 3000GE isn't such a good idea.You'll lose the bets and then be sat thinking why you didn't just buy the GE from Gaijin and got something nice.( or a bottle of liqour and made a night of it playing warthunder with wild abandon :^D ). Like chasing after that wounded enemy plane all the way to the enemy base...and then you're suddenly surrounded on all sides...


Singles - Watch videos ( or mute and do something else ) for 1GE a pop.Usefull to get you over the 38GE line and a payout if you are in quick need of crew ect.Like shooting at a destroyed enemy plane  for a few hit points before it crashes into the ground


Chasing after those lost rewards


 Quite a lot of the time you are not going to get your cash for some reason or another.Time to send off a complaint and ask Tapjoy ( the company who do a whole swarm of these gold reward apps) where your payout is.They will eventually want proof that you've completed the job,so always try to bear this in mind when dealing with them.


If it's a tough task like beating a game that is almost impossible then take a screen shot of the final scores.If it's an impossible task,then use an internet browser to find the game and play it until you complete the task.You'll find it's much easier than the app based one.so take a pic and ask for your Golden eagles.Response has been patchy for me,of between a day and a week before getting my GE back from them,so be patient.






The Bottom Line



- Watch out what you're signing up for if you are using a phone number!!

Avoid the traps and make up a phoney baloney email and then facebook,or your life will forever be filled with spam,spam and more spam.Unless it's something like womens face cream where you just pay the postage ect.Don't want them being delivered to a greenland address after all.If the task is impossible,it's meant to be.They want you clicking a lot - it's how they get paid.Use a web browser and complete the game,then take a pic.




- Bag the small numbers by the bucketfull and don't expect a big fat pay off quickly.I've so far earned about 2000GE through trial and error,and I couldn't be happier.Hopefully anyone reading this can do the same without falling into the man traps,and save yourself some time and mental torture.


If you found any of this useful ,my invite code is *****.I thought I'd at least share a little intel before sliding that one in :^D


Good luck and let the easter egg hunt begin!




Below is my work so far,and a handsome 2100GE earned ( or close enough )



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