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Optional national crew voices for naval forces

I would like to suggest optional national crew voices for naval forces. This will help add immersion, which is important considering torpedo boats fighting eachother with the sole intent of destroying eachother already wasn't a daily occurence in the war (the only boat on boat engagement I know of is PT boats vs. S-boats around Normandy).


I put emphasis on optional as with the chaos of naval battles, at least for me, hearing "torpedo coming in astern" in my native language is life saving. Thus, by default, national crew voices will be turned off, and it will be a setting that can be changed to either off or on in the "Options" menu.


Don't get me wrong, I like the voice of the guy who hosts Thunder Show and The Shooting Range :D (hearing his voice as the crew voice actually adds some comedic effect in my opinion) but hearing German as I hunt Fairmile boats would be nice too :)


Please support this suggestion!

CokeSpray (Posted )

Topic closed with explanation - Please visit it.
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Given how this idea is already implemented in the game (make sure the respective option is ticked in the game menu), the topic for this idea can be closed as no further discussion is required. 


Topic closed.

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