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  1. 1. Would you like to see the BT-7M in the game?

    • No! It is too similar to the old BT-7!
    • Yes, as a premium!
    • Yes, as a regular tech tree vehicle!
    • Yes, as an event/gift vehicle
  2. 2. What BR should it get? (Keep in mind it would probably receive APCR rounds!)

    • I said no!
    • 1.7 or lower!
    • 2.0!
    • 2.3 or higher!

Introduction: The BT-7M (more commonly referred to as BT-8 or BT-7 model 1940) was the final evolution of the famous BT-tank series. The main diffrences to the BT-7 we already have in game would be:

1. an upgraded engine that delivers about 50 extra HP making the already very fast BT-7 even faster!

2. an Anti-Aircraft MG, to be more specific: the standard DT 7.62mm MG with 60 round magazine on top of the tank in a P40 AA mount.

3. Since it is a 1940 tank it would probably receive the 45mm APCR round making it very useful against heavily armoured targets such as the Valentine or the Mathilda




The BT-7 (Bystrochodnij Tankov or “Fast Tank” type 7) was derived from the 1930 American-built Christie tank, which had been perfected and modified into the BT-2 and BT-5 series. These were pure cavalry tanks, designed for speed, with good armament but weak armor. First designed in 1935, the BT-7 prototypes had a characteristic canted-ellipse shaped turret, were of all-electric welded construction, with new Saslavsky brakes, new main clutch and slightly thicker armor. This final evolution, sometimes called BT-7 model 1940, was born from the four experimental BT-8s. These were equipped with a new V12 diesel engine produced at the Voroshilovets factory and derived from the Hispano-Suiza 12Y aircraft engine. The BT-7M eventually showed a much higher endurance and overall range, and replaced the BT-7-2 on the production lines. They would become the ancestor of the T-34 family and were produced from 1939 to mid-1941, when the factory plants were dismantled to be relocated further east. Around 790 BT-7Ms were produced.



Crew: 3 (driver, gunner, commander/loader)

Dimensions: 5.66 x 2.41 x 2.29 m (18.6×7.11×7 ft)

Weight: ~13.8 tons (this varies a bit from source to source)


Sources were a bit unclear here but it seems as if earlier models still used the old engines whereas from about 1940 onwards they used the upraded Kharkiv model V-2 with 450 HP, feel free to correct me! 


same 45mm as on the old BT-7 but it would probably get the APCR round with just over 100mm of penetration.

3x MGs, 1x coaxial, 1 in the back of the turret, 1x on top of the tank in P40 AA-MG mount.


slightly thicker than the old BT-7, fully enclosed 6-22mm (enough to protect the tank from low-caliber MG fire at all ranges and enough to protect the tank from high-caliber MG fire from about 300m+ from the front)


Conclusion: The BT-7M would be a very interesting tier 1 premium in my opinion! It is VERY fast and the APCR shell could deal with almost any thread at around 2.0.

What do you think? Is it too similar to the old BT-7 or do you agree with me? Write your thoughts down and vote on the poll! Sorry for any minor grammar mistakes my first language is german :3


Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BT_tank







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Since there isn't much difference, I'd suggest having it put in with the BT-7 but as the next vehicle in a sub-tree just like the M3 and M3A1. 


It'd be fun to see a new bt-7 that's openly accessible. *COUGH COUGH* 234/4: EVENT VEHICLE ONLY *COUGH COUGH*

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The BT-7 is my favorite vehicle in the entire game, and I have been waiting on this suggestion for a very long time.


I have nothing left to research, as I now only have rank 6 left for Russia, but I still go back and play the BT-7 all the time, I have elite crew for it and everything.  I’ve been waiting for the BT-7M for literally years.



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In my opinion, the first BT-7 is the most fun vehicle in the game to me, I’ve been wanting this one for years.  It’ll probably be 1.7 instead of 1.3, but just yesterday I had a 12-13 kill game, where in the first 5 minutes I rampaged through 8 players in the BT-7, so imagine how much fun this one would be...

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As the BT-7M has been implemented with update 2.5 Ixwa Strike,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions. :salute:

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