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Most hated or favourite vehicle (personally) - Merged

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This is a discussion of what vehicles fellow players like/do not like to play in the game.


Not only is it entertaining, but it can be a very effective and useful research tool for a newerish player when trying to decide what to try to unlock.


But be aware that as time goes by, vehicles can change in how they perform or operate after updates.  Ultimately the final verdict always rests with each individual player and their play styles.

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Mainly an air RB player. Played from 2013-2015, and returned last year (Feb. 2021).



  • XP-50 is far too easy, has been my best SL grinder so far (~6 mil earned, from ~600 kills/~80 deaths). It's great weakness is a combo of its low lock-up/rip speed and poor energy retention btw, exploit those if you're fighting one
  • F4U-4B has a perfect combination of great guns and good flight performance, its guns are specifically very well setup for spraying/sniping (large ammo pool, pretty good range, heavy hitting slugs)
  • P-51H is nigh untouchable, excellent combination of climb, speed, energy retention and its maneuverable enough when needed. Only "weakness" is 50 cals, but they're still good
  • P-51C  feels like a baby P-51H at its lower BR. Very fun plane
  • F4U-1d has perfect speed and guns for its BR. Also can handle good enough when necessary
  • P-47D-28 and P-47M-1 are perfect for hit and run attacks. Climb well, immense speed, great guns, impressive performance even at altitude, and surprisingly strong flaps in close-in dogfights
  • F-84G-21 is a very good all-rounder jet for its BR, and is the solution to Su-11 spam. Among the fastest of straight wing jets and it gets an airspawn.
  • F-5C  is a fun plane to fly. Its a popular choice for careless wallet warriors but that doesn't detract from its solid fighting capability. The guns are unpopular but personally I like them, and the missiles are okay. In downtiers, it does a good job in stomping, in uptiers, you have to accept that you will either be bait or dead.
  • F-82E is the only American plane I didn't like. Haven't bothered to go back and spade it but it handles like crap, always fighting against you when you take aim, and the default 50's are like wet noodles


  • Whirlwind Mk.1 is a great antidote to XP-50's, mainly because no one plays it and less experienced XP-50 pilots don't know how to handle it when they meet at altitude. Four nose 20mm's are nice but unfortunately they're Hispano Mk.1 cannons with limited ammo (60 RPG). Still liked flying it however, it's more of a personal favorite than a meta favorite.
  • Spitfire Mk.IX and LF.IX both are great, with an excellent performance thanks to the combination of good climb (esp. 150 octane fuelled LF.IX), good speed, and of course excellent agility. Guns are pretty good as well.
  • Tempest Mk.V has great guns, good climb (not the best at 5.7 but it usually works out), controls well and is a nice all-rounder, like a Brit equivalent of the P-47.
  • Hunter F.6 was basically forgotten for a long time until people bought it again recently and the BR descended to 9.3. You will still get uptiers to 10.3 because its a popular BR, but it feels like it has a new lease on life. As a subsonic, it has excellent performance up to its very limit, something that can't be said about other subsonics. Decent missiles and great guns
  • D.521 is not the best plane at all but I enjoy it. It's an unavailable gift plane, received it in 2014. Its really mediocre in performance but the Hispano 404 hits like a truck at that BR. Only 60 rounds however. Identical to the French D.520 but I haven't played that one at all.
  • Seafire F.XVII has terrible stock performance, proven by calculating the margin of performance loss between a stock and spaded vehicle and comparing that margin to other rank 4 props (the closest crappy stock grind there is aside from it is the Bf 109 K-4). Haven't made much of an effort to spade after dealing with that


  • MiG-15bis  and  MiG-17  are my favorite jets in the whole game. Guns were hard to learn but once I got used to it I love their stopping power. Aside from that the jets have great climb, great agility, great energy retention, great acceleration. In uptiers, they are in my opinion to best suited to exploiting weaknesses of supersonics, especially premiums that may be flown by less experienced jet pilots
  • La-15 and La-174 have great agility, solid guns, and good acceleration at the cost of top speed of barely 900 kmh. They're great planes, even when uptiered they can hold their own.
  • All Yak-3 's. The 3 and 3P are very nimble, pretty well armed, have a good climb, at the cost of weak top speed and poor altitude performance. The 3U doubles-down on its climbing strength, as well as having a cracked power-weight ratio giving it hilariously good low-alt performance. The VK-107 builds on the 3U's strength with improved altitude performance, and the best top speed of the family.
  • Yak-9T . The classic meme plane. Excellent 37mm gun and otherwise good performance relative to the competition.
  • ITP-M1 is okay now, great guns, good climb, but it was ridiculously overpowered when it was introduced at BR 3.3. Haven't played it since its BR went up I must admit
  • I-225 has solid guns, climbs well, and at its BR no other plane can touch it at altitude, haven't played it much but I like it so far
  • Yak-15 is an underestimated meme plane but it's actually pretty great. The one gun does good damage but it limits you to close in dogfighting, which fortunately the airframe is good for.
  • MiG-19PT is pretty fun, love the crazy acceleration and energy retention, as well as the pretty good handling and guns. The missiles are a bonus but not too useful on their own.
  • Pokryshkin's P-39N-0 was a great premium, I got it back in late 2014 or early 2015 and its got me through a lot of the Soviet air tree. I think it's seen better days though, since the ammo belts of the 37mm were nerfed to uselessness.
  • Su-7B is comically wobbly, no idea why the instructor hates it so much but it makes it pretty hard to make accurate shots. Not too fond of that.

Germany :

  • Bf 109 G-2 and  G-6  are enjoyable planes, and the quintessential 109's in my opinion. Great climb, good armament, solid performance at speed. Most times I take the triple 20mm loadout, however I ditch the gunpods in uptiers (and for the G-6, swap the nose 20mm for the 30mm).
  • Bf 110 C-7 , G-2  and  G-4  are excellent heavy fighters. Fast, tough and well armed. Emphasis on the "heavy" though.
  • Fw 190 A-5  (all three variants) are great. Excellent guns, great speed, controllable. These planes have strong strengths but also strong weaknesses, so mistakes aren't easily rectified. I love messing around with A-5/U-12's gunpods too, can't go wrong with more guns
  • Ta-152H-1  is interesting. Guns are good, it can be incredibly agile with flaps, and while its low-altitude climb is mediocre, once it reaches altitude it can simply keep climbing where other props can't.
  • MiG-15bis  is again, my favorite jet in the game. Excited to see the addition of the Lim-5P, a Polish license-built MiG-17PF.
  • G.91 R/3 was pretty annoying to spade, but turned out to be a great plane. DEFA cannons are 80% great, with 20% where it just makes you want to rip your hair out. The agility is excellent, speed is adequate, acceleration and energy retention could be better, but I still mostly enjoy it
  • BV 138 C-1 is a great meme plane thanks to its MG151 turrets at BR 1.7. Very effective at vaporizing biplanes around you.
  • Bf 109 K-4 its purely a skill issue and the stock grind.
  • F-4F/Early . Don't really like it too much, mainly played it back when it was 10.7 and that was the BR ceiling. The stock grind yet again is the main part that I hate. Also it was my first supersonic jet ever, so yeah I was the event Ace. It's probably pretty good now once you get the AIM-9J's, especially at 10.3.

Japan :

  • J2M2  and  J2M5 are excellent planes, thanks to their good power-weight ratio granting them great climb, and good agility. The J2M2 is hard to top at BR 4.3, and the J2M5 has excellent 30mm guns and a premium bonus to boot.
  • Bf 109 E-7  should not be BR 2.3. What's up with that? In full uptiers it's still excellent, because of its undertiering
  • Ki-96  is quite underrated. It gets airspawn and climbs great (at least on par with the XP-50), decent guns (hit hard but hard to aim), better high altitude performance than the XP-50 but lesser agility.
  • Ki-43-III . Turn your brain off and turn tight circles. No one will hit you and no one will dodge you. It also climbs well on account to its power/weight. The guns are good
  • Ki-61 family is pretty good. Their climb is mediocre, but the plane itself is speedy and agile (although it locks up pretty fast in a dive). The otsu variant has been better thanks to the Breda/Ho-103 buff recently, and the hei variant has a pair of MG151's, granting both planes good guns for their BR
  • H6K4 has funny turrets, very fun to mow down low tiers that stick on your six with the rear-facing 20mm
  • A7M2 isn't a bad plane, it just didn't fit my style. I'll definitely come back to it to spade it eventually.

Italy :

  • Re.2001CN  is a nimble little plane, and the great cannons at low BR further accentuates its strengths. Only gripe with it is the low ammo pool of the cannon and constant overheating of the engine. Just don't use WEP with it.
  • C.202  family is great. Pretty fast, pretty nimble, not much to complain about especially since the Breda buff. Maybe the cannon-armed variant is a bit uptiered at its BR but the great cannons, with good ammo this time, compliment the flight performance
  • C.205  family improve on the C.202 with a superior engine and improved handling. These planes are great but suffer with their MM. Series-1 isn't bad, but the N2 is more of a weak plane at its BR and the Series-3 even more so, as its made redundant by having the same BR as the N2, while missing the third 20mm cannon (in the nose) and being tier 3 rather than tier 4.
  • G.55  family are again pretty great. While the Series-0 variant has weak guns, it doesn't fly bad, and the Series-1 variant both fixes the armament as well as improving the performance. In addition the S variant makes a nice tier 4 premium, as its still just as good as the Series-1 while slightly lightening up.
  • Bf 109 G-2  is a good tier 4 premium.
  • SM.91  is not the most competitive, but it can be really fun. It really bristles with guns, having six forwards MG151's and one rearwards MG151, which mitigates the fact that it flies like a complete bus. Unfortunately its not a very tough plane, and falls apart pretty fast.
  • G.56  is basically a buff G.55. I have mixed feelings about it mainly because its problems are out of its control - the fact that you always get matched with a quartet of useless Ju 288 teammates. Fortunately its repair cost was recently rectified

Everyone Else :

  • [CN] Shenyang F-5  is fun for the same reasons I love the MiG-17. Now with an afterburner and missiles!
  • [FR] P-39Q-25 and P-63C-5 have good guns, and good all around flight performance.
  • [FR] Yak-3 for the French tree is just as fun as its Soviet clone.
  • [FR] MB.157  climbs great, turns great, and its cannons shred, albeit are limited by low ammo.
  • [SWE] VL Myrsky II  is okay for its BR. Very heavy for its engine but it's tough and the guns are very nice
  • [SWE] Pyoerremyrsky is excellent. It has the strengths of contemporary Bf 109s while eliminating a good portion of their weaknesses.
  • [SWE] Bf 109 G-6  makes a great premium
  • [SWE] J-22  feels fat and underpowered, and has great guns. Unfortunately it doesn't handle well and the matchmaker for it is cruel. The A variant at 3.0 isn't too bad but the 4.0 variant is basically useless
  • [SWE] J-21  family fly like ship anchors, did not like it at all.
  • [IL] Weizman's Spitfire LF.IX  is a great premium for Israel
  • [IL] A-4E is a good plane. Great attack plane, doesn't do too bad as a fighter. I have more experience flying the US variant but the Israeli variant is better (premium, skip stock grind, and you have superior DEFA cannons with more ammo)
  • [IL] Kfir C2  gives you a good taste of its big C7 brother. The plane is agile, has great longer-range IR missiles (AIM-9G), the cannons are meh (DEFA's, but at top tier)
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Hate: PTL02 and WMA301. Getting killed by those in my T-44-110 and T-54 at spawn isn't fun at all.


Like: The first T-54 I am doing so well in now. Even in uptiers, I rarely do badly. Great gun, decent mobility, has actual armor that saved me numerous times. I don't see why it's not commonly talked about!

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