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would you like to see the Csaba?  

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  1. 1. would you like to see the Csaba be added to the game?

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this suggestion is made in support to the addition of the the Minor Axis-Nation


Hello, I would like to suggest the massproduced hungarian armoured car, 39M Csaba.

The Car itselfs was deseigned by the hungarian-born Miklós Straussler, who already developed several designs before. 

After Great Britain rejected the Design an agreement was signed with the Weiss Manfred factory (hungary) to produce it in Hungary. The four-wheeled Car had an independet suspension with a conventional framework. The 9mm riveted armor plates offered only enough protection against small fire-arms, but the main-task was anyways reconnaissance. A crew of at least three men was required. 





It was armed with a 20mm Solothurn autocannon (same was used by the early Toldi tanks). The gun was comparable to the german 2cm kwk (Panzer II) and two additional 8 mm 38M Gebauer machine-gun as secondary armament.

With the hungarian APHE-T the main gun was able to penetrate 20mm at 60° at 100m, 14mm at 300m and 16mm at 500m.



It had a german Ford 8cyl engine with 90hp, 3560cc and a 5 forward and 5 reverse Gearbox. Th engine itselfs was able to carry 135l of gasoline. With that the Csaba was able to drive around 65km/h and the operational range was limited to around 150km. It was also able to climb a 30 degree slope and 1 meter and had a 50cm maximum fording depth.It also had two driving positions - one at the front as normal, and an additional one at the rear.For that a fourth Crew-Member was needed. 




61 Vehicles were ordered by Hungary after succesful trials and were introduced in 1939 (thats also whyit was calles 39M). The Csabas equipped the 1st and 2nd mechanized brigades, the 1st and 2nd Armored Divisions and the First Mountain Brigade. Another 40 were ordered in 1940 (araound 20 of them was later converted to the command versio 40M: instead of the 20mm Gun -> a R-4T long-range radiio). A planned restart of the production in 1944 never happened because of the current war-situation.


Weight 5.95 t
Length 4.52 m 
Width 2.1 m 
Height 2.27 m 
Crew 3-4



20 mm 36M cannon
1-2x 8 mm Gebauer MG
Engine Ford, 8-cylinder
150 km
Speed 65 km/h 






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Please, after a document from a Hungarian ground and airdraft vehicle, there was a thorough investigation.

To my knowledge, this was translated into English. It has been sent to developers.
A Q.A will strengthen the Hungarian tanks, the Italian tech tree.
@Hebime , @BlueBeta and @Gelesztaa should be asked. Thx. 



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the moderator are not the developer, the moderator are mostly taken from the community and simply moderate the forum and refer the bugs to the developers. from what i know, the devolopers have no power over the decision of the developers and seldom have privileged information.


now about the italian in war thunder. warthunder aren't working in a complicated way, they first focus then extend. as for any forces release, they first focus on the backbone then extend the vehicles tree to be more variated and specialized, they also dislike redundancy. in the past the removed vehicles that didn't bring anything new or different to the game, they was simply a tiny bit faster or maneuvrable. i am taking the SM79 in the german tree for exemple of vehicles that was removed.


when the italian was added to the game, they removed the italian plane from the german tree for those who didn't researched them yet. it make sense, but Gaijin didn't removed the Hungarian plane in the german tree. it's still there and available for anyone. since the italian plane are in game, if Gaijin had any intention to add the hungarian to the italian tree, they would had moved it. so we can see that they do not plan to do it or didn't took the decision yet.


as for adding strengh to the italian ground force, the italian have a lot of tier 1 and 2 tanks that is very good and a few tier 3 that will be just fine. what the hungarian have to offer? a lot of tanks tier 1 and 2 and a very few tier 3. have you notice they was offering the same thing? why does Gaijin would need to strenght the italian force to add vehicles that just bring more of what they already have and nothing of what they need? if you are not convince that the Hungarian will not bring anything more to the italian tree, just take a look there.



so what country Italy need to be awesome? well, they only need italy. for those who is not well englithen and think that Italy didn't have nice stuff, well they just do not took a close look. but some did, i did, some of my friend also did, and this guy did


this guy did a pretty nice tree very complete of the italian tank that could be possible to add. and you know what is nice about his tree? well. simply that is balance and well without any additional nation (exept for that Pz.1 breda who was actually Spanish). even if personally i would love that the reserve tank would start with the L5/30 Fiat 3000B, i think his tree is a lot better option than merging the Hungarian to the Italian



and what do the Hungarian would bring to the Minor Axis nation? well, tanks that is needed to be the back bone of the tree in tier 1-2-3. where the italian already have and where the rest of the minor Axis do not have much to offer. so it hink the Hungarian have a better place in the Axis nation than the Italian.


on the last word. @stefffff1871 @Nell_Lucifer and myself are talking about the Axis tree since serial month. since mid of july we are working on it. it would be really stupid for us to not have been noticing the Italian option. it's even well mentioned in the Axis nation suggestion. you can find a link at the start of this suggestion to check the Axis suggestion. Stefffff1871 is even a supporter of it while the two other are preferring to have a tree without the italian. but since we are civilized, we listen to each other opinion and accept that we are deferring on this point but we also work very well together. together we cover serial language which include the German, Italian, Mandarin, Romanian, French and of course we work in English because it's our only common language. we work in the archive and do a lot of research about those vehicles and each bring a lot to the tree. so we are well aware of the possibility of have the Hungarian in the Italian tree and just like the Italian in the German tree, it can later be removed to be in another tree. so we do not care about the Italian for now. that do not make the Minor Axis tree less of a good tree to add later.

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