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Landsverk Lago


This thread is part of the Swedish tech tree project and one of the threads where i wil go more in depth with sources and information which i have not included in the main thread. As i said in the main thread im currently sitting on about 30 000 pages of information from the swedish war archive so if there is anything that is unclear please PM me and i will provide a source.



Originally built in 1940-41 for the Hugarian military the Landsverk Lago was the first true swedish medium tank design. Though it was never put into service with the swedish army the Lago prototype would serve as a testbed for the development of the Strv m/42 and Pvkv m/43 and saw extensive use in this role during 1941-46. The initial design of the Lago was basically a scaled up version of the Landsverk L-60 design with a enlarged, reworked hull and turret. However as the project continued the hull and turret was given a more rounded apperance and the armament was changed to a Hungarian 40mm gun. Eventually parts of the hull front and the engine compartment was completely redesigned as well. The tank would have been armed with a 12,7 mm hull mounted machinegun and two 8 mm mg's in the turret in addition to the main gun.

Lago prototype during testing



The lago was Initially equipped with a German electromagnetic gearbox and a pair of Scania-Vabis 1664 engines outputing 284hp which gave the 18,3 ton vehicle a top speed of 45 kph. In preperation for the heavier Strv m/42 the Lago was rebuilt with a hydraulic gearbox and the more modern Scania-Vabis L 603 engines rated at 324hp (this version was re-named Lago I H). Durig testing with the new powertrain the Lago was able to achive a sustained top speed of 55 Kph, though it was later limited to 45 kph as the gearbox proved unreliable at higher speeds.


Note: I have written a full article on this tank which is available here in case you want to know more about the tanks development: https://ritastatusreport.live/2017/12/02/swedish-tanks-landsverk-lago/




Designation: Landsverk Lago (Later Lago 1H)

Type: Medium tank

Combat weight: 18 ton
Crew: Commander/Radioman, loader, Gunner, Driver, Machinegunner
Length: 6070 mm
Width: 2320 mm
Height: 2450 mm
Top speed: 55 Kph (later limited to 45 kph)
Gradient: 40 dg
Side slope: 30 dg
Trench: 2,4 m
Ground clerance: 400 mm
Track width: 380 mm
Ground contact length: 3725 mm
Ground pressure: 0,5 kg/cm^2
Turning radius: 4,5 m
Vertical step: 0,9 m
Fording: 1 m
Engine: x2 Scania-Vabis L 603/1 (Gasoline 330 hp at 2300 rpm)
Power to weight ratio: 18,3 hp/t

Armor (Hull): 34/24/24mm
Armor (Turret): 34/28/20mm

Main armament: 37 mm kan Strv m/38
Secondary armament: 3x 8 mm ksp m/39 strv
Gun elevation/depression: +20/-10 dg
Gun elevation/depression (Hull mg): +15/-10 dg
Traverse (Hull mg): +-10 dg
Ammo: 100 rounds 37 mm, 3000 rounds 8 mm


Main armament:




General data


Ammunition types


Sgr m/34 (HE)
- Shell weight: 1,35 kg
- Projectile weight: 0,70 kg
- Muzzle velocity: 800 m/s
- Filler: 0,039 kg tnt

Sgr m/43 (HE)
- Shell weight: 1,36 kg
- Projectile weight: 0,71 kg
- Muzzle velocity: 800 m/s
- Filler: 0,095 kg tnt

Slpprj m/38 (AP-T)
- Shell weight: 1,39 kg
- Projectile weight: 0,74 kg
- Muzzle velocity: 785 m/s

Slpgr m/39 (APHE-T)
- Shell weight: 1,39 kg
- Projectile weight: 0,74 kg
- Muzzle velocity: 800 m/s
- Filler: 0,015 kg tnt


pgr m/34 (APHE)
- Shell weight: ? kg
- Projectile weight: ? kg
- Muzzle velocity: 690 m/s
- Filler: ? kg tnt


Penetration: Slpgr m/39



Penetration Slpprj m/38 & Slpgr m/39



Historical Refrences



Letter from Landsverk regarding armor thickness (option 1 "Förevisningsvagnen" shows the armor of the prototype)



brief datasheet for L-60, TNH, Terro, Lago (Lago m/ä lists the stats for the prototype)



Notation regarding top speed test with Lago. The tank reached 55 kph but damaged the gearbox.



Landsverk sales broschure for Lago and other AFV's circa 1940







Lago drawing from 1940 showing the intended hull MG setup.



Drawing of the built prototype with the early engine deck

S-5005 Gun mantlet drawing


S-5011 Turret drawing


Front hull drawing



Historical gallery




Lago 1H after being converted to a Pvkv m/43 prototype. Note the rebuilt engine deck of the 1H model.



- Landsverk Blueprint archive (Part of Krigsarkivet in Stockholm) https://riksarkivet.se/krigsarkivet

Book - Svenskt pansar: 90 år av svensk stridsfordonsutveckling - By Rickard O. Lindström & Carl-Gustaf Svantesson http://www.ointres.se/strv_m_42.htm
Book - Landsverk i Landskrona https://i.imgur.com/tJ6dJBv.jpg

- SPHF's (swedish historical armor association) private archive


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