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Strv 74


This thread is part of the Swedish tech tree project and one of the threads where i wil go more in depth with sources and information which i have not included in the main thread. As i said in the main thread im currently sitting on about 30 000 pages of information from the swedish war archive so if there is anything that is unclear please PM me and i will provide a source.





Entring service in 1957 the Strv 74 was a modernization programme for the strv m/42 which started in the mid-late 1950s. The strv 74 would replace the engines, turret, main gun and suspension of the m/42 in a effort to increase the lifespan of the vehicles. Unlike the earlier "Delat torn" turret the Strv 74 would take a more simpler aproach by using a enlarged conventional turret without the autoloader of the earlier design. The new turret would be fitted with a modified version of the 75mm L/60 Lvkan m/37 anti aircraft gun which offered penetration of up to 260mm at 90 degrees using APDS ammunition. The new turret was also able to retain the 15 degrees of gun depression found on the m/42.

The armor remained largely the same as the Strv m/42 but due to weight constraignts the new turret had only 20mm of all round armor protection. Unlike the m/42 however the hull machinegun port was welded shut and the position removed to allow for more ammunition to be carried. Due to reliability concerns only the twin engines Strv m/42´s were converted to Strv 74's however these engines were upgraded with a fuel injection system which added 10hp per engine compared to the earlier design. Despite this the power to weight ratio actually decreased as the improved suspension and new turret increased the weight to 26 tons.


Note: I have written a full article on this tank which is available here in case you want to know more about the tanks development: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/08/27/swedish-tanks-part-xviii-strv-74/




Designation: Strv 74

Type: Light tank

Combat weight: 26 ton
Crew: Commander/Radioman, loader, Gunner, Driver
Length: 6080 mm (including gun 7930 mm)
Width: 2430 mm
Height: 3000 mm (Including commanders mg: 3300)
Top speed: 45 Kph
Gradient: 30 dg
Side slope: 25 dg
Trench: 2,4 m
Ground clerance: 400 mm
Track width: 445 mm
Ground contact length: 3725 mm
Ground pressure: 0,8 kg/cm^2
Turning radius: 0,5 m (on the spot steering)
Turning radius: 9 m (normal steering)
Vertical step: 0,9 m
Fording: 1 m
Engine: x2 Scania-Vabis L 607 (Gasoline 340 hp at 2300 rpm)
Power to weight ratio: 13 hp/t


Main armament: 7,5 cm kan strv 74
Rate of fire: 8-10 rpm
Secondary armament: 2x 7,62 mm ksp m/39 B strv
Elevation speed: 45 dg/sec
Traverse speed: 18 dg/sec
Gun elevation/depression: +15/-15 dg
Ammo: 45 rounds 7,5 cm, 4000 rounds 7,62 mm
Note: Carries 48 smoke grenades (launches 12 at a time)



Main armament:



General data:


Ammunition types:



Sgr m/38 (HE)
- Shell weight: 12,06 kg
- Projectile weight: 6,73 kg
- Muzzle velocity: 840 m/s
- Filler: 0,69 kg tnt & 0,78 ball bearings

Slpprj m/41 (AP-T)
- Shell weight: 12,07 kg
- Projectile weight: 6,69 kg
- Muzzle velocity: 840 m/ss

Slpgr m/43 (APHEBC-T)
- Shell weight: 11,56 kg
- Projectile weight: 6,00 kg
- Muzzle velocity: 925 m/s
- Filler: 0,11 kg tnt

50 mm slpprj m/49 (APDS-T)
- Shell weight: 9,62 kg
- Projectile weight: 3,70 kg (2,60 kg sabot)
- Muzzle velocity: 1160 m/s
- Penetration: 260 mm pen 0m at 90 dg at 1160 m/s
- Penetration: 235 mm pen 500m at 90 dg

7,5 cm hpgr M/44 slj M/42 (APHE-T) !!Navy only!!
- Shell weight: 12 kg
- Projectile weight: 6,8 kg
- Muzzle velocity: 840 m/s
- Filler: 0,19 kg tnt

- Penetration: http://- Penetration: http://www.ointres.se/1951_omg_7-2_kungstiger.jpg


Penetration: Slpprj m/41



Penetration: Slpprj m/49


Penetration: Slpgr m/43 (Note: this is when fired from the shorter barrel 7,5 cm L/54 Pvkan m/43 gun)





Premium version
one strv 74 was experimentally fitted with Rb 52 ATGM's in the late 1950's. According to SPHF this vehicle should carry 4 missiles.



Historical Refrences



Manual: https://imgur.com/a/uKxn2Hg


Datasheet: https://imgur.com/a/3ioN2T0


Preliminary datasheet:


Armor scheme:








Note that the rear of the turret houses the generator for the electric systems and is separated from the crew compartment by an internal wall.


Note the dual layer mantlet (seen from the inside in this pic).



Historical gallery











- Landsverk Blueprint archive (Part of Krigsarkivet in Stockholm) https://riksarkivet.se/krigsarkivet

Book - Svenskt pansar: 90 år av svensk stridsfordonsutveckling - By Rickard O. Lindström & Carl-Gustaf Svantesson http://www.ointres.se/strv_74.htm
Book - Landsverk i Landskrona https://i.imgur.com/tJ6dJBv.jpg

- SPHF's (swedish historical armor association) private archive
- Live fire trials against strv 74 turret: http://tanks.mod16.org/2013/12/11/report-on-live-fire-trials-against-a-strv-74-turret/


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There aren't that many Swedish medium tanks and MBTs to pick from, so any tank that actually saw service and wasn't a prototype is welcome in my book. Should be in the regular tree. The missile-equipped version would make a good fit for premium though.

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