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List of Previously Suggested Ideas - Italian Vessels (Please Check Before Creating A New Suggestion!)


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A reference archive of previously suggested threads related to Italian Naval Vessels. This thread is a document for everyone to see and check before they create a double post on an already discussed idea.


IMPORTANT: If you find something previously suggested/discussed that is not on this list and should be, please PM the Suggestion Moderators  and let them know!


To make is easier to find a suggested item, use the Ctrl+F function to quickly locate something!




rOEkFxc.png Italy - Naval Vessels rOEkFxc.png




BB - Battleship

  • RM Caio Duilio class Battleship
  • RM Caio Duilio class Ironclad Battleship
  • RM Conte di Cavour class Battleship
  • RM Dante Alighieri class Battleship
  • RM Francesco Caracciolo class Battleship
  • RM Littorio class Battleship Suggestion 】     y00IWaz.png
  • RM Regina Margherita class Battleship Suggestion
  • RM Regina Elena class Battleship Suggestion y00IWaz.png


CA - Heavy Cruiser


CL - Light Cruiser

  • MM Andrea Doria class Helicopter Cruiser
  • MM Duca degli Abruzzi class Guided Missile Cruiser

    • Giuseppe Garibaldi (C 551) (1961) Suggestion y00IWaz.png

  • MM Duca degli Abruzzi class Light Cruiser

    • Luigi di Savoia Duca degli Abruzzi (C 550) (1955)【 Suggestion

  • MM Vittorio Veneto class Helicopter Cruiser

  • RM Calabria class Protected Cruiser
  • RM Condottieri class Light Cruiser
  • RM Duca D'Aosta class Light Cruiser Suggestion 】     eXqpYEI.png
  • RM Duca degli Abruzzi class Light Cruiser
  • RM Graudenz class Light Cruiser
  • RM Libia class Protected Cruiser
  • RM Magdeburg class Light Cruiser
  • RM Nino Bixio class Protected Cruiser Suggestion
  • RM Piemonte class Protected Cruiser

  • RM Pillau class Light Cruiser

  • RM Quarto class Protected Cruiser

  • RM Regioni class Protected Cruiser


DD - Destroyer

  • MM Audace class Guided Missile Destroyer Suggestion
  • MM Benson class Destroyer
  • MM Durand De La Penne class Guided Missile Destroyer【 Suggestion
  • MM Fletcher class Destroyer
  • MM Indomito class Destroyer
  • MM Maestrale class Destroyer
  • MM Orizzonte class Destroyer Suggestion
  • MM San Giorgio class Destroyer
  • RM Allessandro Poerio class Destroyer
  • RM B 97 class Destroyer
  • RM Beograd class Destroyer
  • RM Dubrovnik class Destroyer
  • RM Folgore class Destroyer
  • RM Guépard class Destroyer
  • RM Leone class Destroyer
  • RM Maestrale class Destroyer
  • RM Mirabello class Destroyer
  • RM Navigatori class Destroyer
  • RM Oriani class Destroyer
  • RN Rosolino Pilo class Destroyer
  • RM Sauro class Destroyer
  • RM Sella class Destroyer
  • RM Soldati class Destroyer


DE - Destroyer Escort

  • MM Aldebaran class Frigate
  • MM Algerine class Minesweeper
  • MM Alpino class Frigate
  • MM Andrea Bafile class Escort Torpedo Boat
  • MM Bergamini class Frigate Suggestion
  • MM Centauro class Frigate
  • MM De Cristofaro class Corvette
  • MM Luigi Rizzo class Frigate
  • MM Lupo class Frigate
  • MM Maestrale class Frigate Suggestion
  • MM Pegaso class Torpedo Boat
  • MM Pattugliatori Polivalenti D'Altura class Frigate Suggestion
  • MM Vedetta class Frigate
  • RM 1916 Type Large Torpedo Boat
  • RM Alcione class Torpedo Boat
  • RM Aquila class destroyer
  • RM Ariete class Torpedo Boat,
  • RM Ciclone class Torpedo Boat
  • RM Curtatone class Torpedo Boat
  • RM Generale class Torpedo Boat
  • RM La Masa class Torpedo Boat
  • RM Palestro class Torpedo Boat
  • RM Pegaso class Torpedo Boat
  • RM Sirtori class Torpedo Boat


PC - Coastal Patrol

  • MM Cassiopea class patrol boat
  • MM Comandanti class patrol boat
    • Comandante Cigala Fulgosi (P490)【 Suggestion
  • RM Albatross class Submarine Chaser
  • RM Gabbiano class Submarine Chaser
  • RM Type 1934  class Submarine Chaser
  • RM Type 3 class Submarine Chaser


PG - Gun Boat

  • GdF Corrubia class Patrol Boat
  • MM Alano class Gunboat
  • MM Fulmine class Gunboat
  • MM Lampo class Gunboat
  • MM Sparviero class Patrol Boat Suggestion eXqpYEI.png
  • RM Alba class Gunboat
  • RM Azio class Gunboat
  • RM Sebastiano Caboto class Gunboat


PT - Motor Torpedo Boat


IX - Miscellaneous Classifications 

  • RM Diana class Sloop
  • RM Eritrea class Sloop
  • RM Faà di Bruno class Monitor


xBTipiN.png Modifications / Loadouts   xBTipiN.png






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