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Kawasaki H-13H Hibari


Should the H-13H be considered for War Thunder?  

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Hello everyone! Today I would like to present to you the Kawasaki H-13H Hibari operated by the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force! This helicopter in a armed configuration is shrouded in mystery, very little is known about it.






The Bell H-13 was the first operational helicopter operated by the JGSDF following their founding. The Kawasaki H-13H was a licensed produced follow up variant to the earlier H-13E's, and H-13G's used by the JGSDF. While the handful of H-13E's and H-13G's were used as trainers. The Kawasaki H-13H was the primary observation helicopter for the JGSDF. First delivered in 1957, a total of 75 H-13H's would be produced for the JGSDF by 1964. The Kawasaki H-13H differed from American built Bell H-13H by having a weaker 200 HP Lycoming VO-435-A1B, and a primary rotor made of wood which greatly reduced lifting capacity. In JGSDF it would receive the official name of "Hibari", meaning 'Skylark' in English. The JGSDF wouldn't be the only operator of the Kawasaki H-13H, as the JMSDF converted two of it's H-13G's to H-13H specification. Kawasaki also secured foreign exports to the Brazilian Navy, who operated two H-13H's, as well as 12 H-13H's to the Burma Air Force. In JGSDF service, it's known to have been fitted with weapons to some degree. Likely due to the exploits of the French in Algeria, research into arming Japanese helicopters for combat began in 1959. The H-13H was fitted with weapons such as 7.62mm machine guns, ATM-1 prototype missiles, and even a Bazooka. The H-13H was also at the very least proposed to fit 70mm rockets, but it is unknown if they ever did. In 1977 the final H-13H's in JGSDF service were retired, the larger H-13KH would continue service for a few more years before it too was replaced by the OH-6 Cayuse.






-Aviation Information, September 1960 issue


"Helicopter with anti-tank guided missiles of the Ground Self Defense Force shown on 13th of July. It mounts four wire-guided Japanese made anti-tank missiles to the H-13 helicopter and fires from the air to attack. Below is a scene of the exercise from the same day. On this day, in addition to guided missile attacks, a 8.75 cm bazooka was shot by a H-13, lifting and transporting of field artillery by H-21's, transportation of anti-armor infantry units by H-19's, etc. were carried out. Exercises were conducted for combined operations with which 27 helicopters and about 15 vehicles including Japanese tanks participated in, a first for the JGSDF."




-Aviation Information, March 1967 issue


"JGSDF began researching equipment for armed helicopters as well as enhancing the air mobility system by helicopter. Although this research started in 1959, it is now possible to put a .30-caliber machine gun on the H-13 helicopter, and it will be possible to put an anti-tank missile ATM-1 on it. As for the H-13, research is planned to be carried out with a policy to install 2.75-inch rocket's this year."


Translation by @*tester188 

Proofread by @Miki_Hoshii


Below in this spoiler is US Armed helicopters with very similar payloads.





American H-13 mounting M1919's




American H-13 mounting M20 88mm Super Bazooka




American H-13 mounting 70mm rockets









The H-13H would likely be the first helicopter of Japan, and sit at 8.0 or lower BR. It would be considered the weakest helicopter in War Thunder by power to weight figures, and be armed with what are considered the worst ATGM's in-game. None the less, it was a major stepping stone into the realm of combat helicopters for Japan. If such a helicopter is added, similar era equivalents should be considered.






General characteristics:


Crew: Two-Three

Length: 31 ft 7 in (9.63 m)

Rotor diametre: 35 ft 1 in (10.71 m)

Height: 9 ft 3 in (2.82 m)

Empty weight: 1,601 lb (726 kg)

Max. takeoff weight: 2,449 lb (1,111 kg)

Powerplant: 1 ×  Lycoming VO-435-A1B, 200 hp

Rotor system: 2 x primary blades, 2 x tail blades

Fuselage length: N/A

Stub wingspan: N/A




Never exceed speed: N/A

Maximum speed: 100 mph (161 km/h)

Range: 220 mi (354 km)

Service ceiling: 12,598 ft (3,840 m)

Rate of climb: N/A




4x ATM-1 (Type 64) missile's

Unknown amount of 7.62mm machine guns*1

Unknown amount of "8.75 cm" bazooka*2

Unknown amount of 70mm rockets*3


*1 Likely the same setup as America. Four M1919's. Japan operated M1919 Machineguns

*2 8.75 cm is likely wrong, given that the Japanese had M20 Super Bazooka's with a calibre of 88mm... This is likely the weapon mentioned.

*3 Unknown if this setup was trialed or simply proposed






Edited by Miki_Hoshii
Corrected formal name, from US Army name to JGSDF's name Hibari
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i could go for this at 7.0. it could complement the Type 60 ATM with their combined mediocrity. you'd have to get very close for those horrid ATMs to work though, and in sub-7.7 BR matches you may be able to get away with it for a moment. +1

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On 19/12/2018 at 18:35, IcedVenom16 said:

This looks like it could either be 7.7 or 8.0. If Gaijin does add it and decides it should be a 9.0 then I'm just gonna uninstall at that exact moment.

TBH, Gaijin seems to make every helicopter carrying AGM's a BR 9.0.


I truely hope they make a exception for this H-13H.

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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