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What to do if you can't login to War Thunder support


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If you have some problems logging into our War Thunder Support Team page (for example, your account has been banned or suspended), you have to follow these easy steps:


  1. Go to War Thunder support.

  2. Navigate to the article Account compromised or lost / How to recover your account / 2-step authentication issues on the panel named "Personal account"

  3. Find and press "Submit a request" button at the bottom of the article - here you're able to describe your problem and our Technical Support will answer your submission.


If you cannot find the article, use this direct link to the form: Submit a request


Note! During holidays or busy times, support may have a slight delay in response time. Please be patient and Support will get back to you about your inquiry.

That's all! Just wait a bit, and you will receive an answer from the War Thunder support to the email inbox, which you have entered submitting your problem.

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