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Balance improvements in Aircraft Realistic Battles


Can they just. xxxx off with the auto ticket bleed right now. 16v16, jets so there's 10 Su-25s with loads of A2G weaponry, and the ticket system before 16v16 and these premium attackers was already awful.


Losing a game 10 minutes in when it's 2v2 with everyone in the lobby but you just trying to bomb bases in premiums, while the tickets auto bleed, is frustrating as hell.

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war thunder improvements.

air RB


1st kill equals your planes repair cost


kills give a simple base RP and SL. e.g. 500 RP and 2000SL which is then multiplied by your boosters and added up. currently it feels the more you kill the less you get each time.diminishing returns. make the breakdown more visible


NO RP or SL for time in battle. actions generate rewards.


no ticket bleed from AI


remove or lower the amount of AI planes


EC maps ban below 10.0. the planes are too slow


expand BRs to 15. too much compression from 8.0 up.


crews repair say 3000SL per day(maxed out). currently a T3 plane can repair maybe 4000SL a day. a t7 is more like 1000SL per day.


separate BRs for air rb and tanks. seriously it would not be hard. a lot of planes in air RB which are useless because they can only ground pound.


better maps design. spread out ground targets and bases more. everything is packed tightly together leading to every map being the same and boring.


30 minute map timer. there are times where 25 is just too short.


if a plane is rarely played. try lowering its repair costs or BR. the reason you may have no data on it is because it's crap and no one flies it. e.g. seafires, firebrand, any japan bomber


damage model rethinks. some planes have pure broken models. be that the su-25 taking massive hits and still flying to the javelin taking 1 hit and suddenly has to RTB because it loses all its speed.


add more camos for planes to sell and generate money that way.


allow people to buy old profile pics. I missed one years ago and I am raging I may never be able to get it even though I would pay for it


at t7/8 planes come with a few flares. say 1/4 of normal. so you have some way to defend yourself.


at T7/8 you need to start with better missiles or make them t1/2 upgrades. you have to fly for soooo long before you are combat capable.

or perhaps ,hard to implement, if your plane doesn't have a certain missiles/flares unlocked then you are a lower BR. a stock f-4E is like a f-4c yet a whole BR higher


if your plane carries an all aspect missile it cannot see a plane with no flares. simple.


stop increasing the amount of vehicles i need to go up a tier. i could almost get a f-14 then it got moved to t8. i now need 1 million RP before i can even research it. too much grinding. ranks/tiers have no positive impact but to slow down progression.

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We really need a semi-decent way of reporting bot accounts, as well. Right now the only way to try to report them is through the complain menu which rarely results in any consequences. We need a dedicated tab for reporting bot accounts that gets acted upon. I'm seeing a good 4+ team members most games in jets who're just bots. And it's so clear from their profiles, with thousands of games in certain premium vehicles and practically no player kills whatsoever. And you can always tell by their flight path.

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