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Martin AM-1 Mauler  

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The Martin AM Mauler was first designed during WWII by the U.S. Navy, who hoped to be able to replace the TBF Avenger and SB2C Helldiver with a single aircraft design equally capable of both roles.  Having one unified carrier bomber would be a great advantage because it would simplify logistics and allow carriers to carry a larger number of fighter aircraft in their air wings.  The design was also to be single-seated to save manpower and complexity, as experience had shown that pilots were capable of aiming bombs or torpedoes without the help of a bombardier.  It was meant to use its speed to escape interception rather than rely on a gunner.  The AM-1 Mauler was built to this specification, built around the monstrous 28-cylinder Pratt and Whitney Wasp Major engine.  The aircraft lacked an internal bomb bay to reduce complexity and save weight and was capable of carrying up to 4,500 lbs of stores on fifteen separate external hardpoints, three under the fuselage, twelve under the wings.  A common loadout gave the aircraft twelve five-inch rockets under the wings and three torpedoes under the fuselage.  Four 20mm cannons were also mounted in the wings for strafing attacks.  Due to its immense payload and great versatility in ordinance capacity, it was referred to as "Able Mable" by its pilots.  However, carrier tests also showed the aircraft to be troublesome to maintenance and very difficult to safely land, which gave it an alternate nickname of "Awful Monster".  


The U.S. navy was impressed with the Mauler's capabilities and ordered 750 aircraft.  The Mauler was not ready for action before the end of WWII, and redesigns to address its landing difficulties delayed delivery to U.S. carrier squadrons until 1947, the end of the war also resulted in only 151 aircraft actually being constructed.  Ultimately, the Douglas A-1 Skyraider was preferred by both pilots and maintenance crews as it was a much easier type to keep in working order and fly, despite its significantly smaller payload capacity (about a third less than the Mauler's).  The Mauler was withdrawn from carrier squadrons in favor of the Skyraider in 1950 and operated with naval reserve squadrons until the final examples were retired in 1953.  


The AM Mauler would be an excellent attack aircraft for the U.S. tree at high tiers, and a great alternative to the Skyraider!



Engine:  One Pratt and Whitney R-4360-4 Wasp Major 28-cylinder radial engine, 3,000 hp

Length: 12.57m

Wingspan:  15.24m

Height:  5.13m

Empty Weight:  6,920 kg (15,257 lbs)

Loaded Weight:  11,674 kg (25,737 lbs)

Maximum Speed:  538 kmh (334 mph)

Crew:  1

Armament:  Four 20mm T-31 cannons in the wings (200 rpg)

Bombload:  Up to 4,500 lbs (2,041 kg) of bombs or other ordinance on 15 hardpoints, including up to three Mk 13 torpedoes and twelve 127mm HVARs under wings

Number Built:  151


























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The Americans aren't lacking in both naval and land attackers but a single engine plane with 3 torps


Gib plz

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Hmm a good fast single engine attacker for the U.S. where a full 151 were actually produced how do we not already have this? Much better than all the "concept/prototype" planes or the ones where only 1-2 were produced.

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