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Marder DF 105 with FL-20 turret (Clovis)


Marder DF 105 with FL-20 turret (Clovis)  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see the Marder DF 105 with FL-20 turret (Clovis) in game?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Who should have access to the vehicle?

    • Only Germany
    • Only France
    • Both Germany and France
    • Germany should get the Clovis and France should get the AMX-30 MBT variant equipped with the FL-20 turret
    • I said "no" to the previous question

23 hours ago, KilianL said:

I really like the vehicule and really like the suggestion. 

However about the FL20 mounted on an amx 30, i havent found anything at all. 


I would suggest that the vehicule comes to both trees, since its literraly 50/50 Franco german. 


I for one dont mind copy paste, if the vehicule is good why not spade it twice. 


also could be added with a flag like this

remember, nowadays these 2 countries are the biggest bros in the EU, why not show it in game as well.



France can also get the version on a MOWAG Shark chassis :


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