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2S25M 'Sprut-SDM1': Moblie Airborne Firepower


2S25M In War Thunder  

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With the 2S25 (2006) catching fire in a parade in 2010 and having a hopelessly outdated Fire Control System, all further orders for it were cancelled by the Russian Air force, with only a measly 20-50 in service with the VDV. In 2013, an order was issued for a new AFV that would fix the aforementioned issues and in 2014 Kurgan unveiled the Airborne Light Tank to the Russian MoD. Object 952M. Now instead of using the outdated BMD-3 chassis, 952M used the new BMD-4M chassis which most notably meant engine and transmission unification with Kurgan’s BMP-3. The reaming important changes were as follows:


Kalina Fire Control System:

The most notable points of this are the ‘Sosna-U’ Multi Channel gunner's sight and the ‘Hawkeye’ Multi Channel commander’s sight. Sosna’s thermal sighting channel uses the French designed 2nd generation Catherine-FC. It also uses a ballistic computer that enables it to detect targets, track them, and provide a firing solution that includes leading with information that is provided by the laser range finder. As one would expect, the sight is stabilized on both planes. A major limitation for Sosna is the pathetic zoom is offers. A measly 3x optical magnification and an equal disappointing 6x maximum digital magnification. The laser rangefinder is capable of measuring range out to 7500 meters. The gunner has two ways of using an eyepiece or a flat screen display with resolution 640x480px. That said it is also very likely the Sonsa on 2S25M has been upgraded with the new domestic 3rd gen sensor array (Thermal imaging module TPK-K?). The new setup provides an output of 640x512p.

 Both the gunner and commander can see the feed from this sight. The commander also has the same display, should he need to operate the gun. 

 I’m uncertain about the commander’s Hawkeye sight but presumably it offers similar sighting capabilities to the Sosna in a near 360 degree viewing arc. Reportedly, Hawkeye features a 3 Gen thermal sight but I’m uncertain about this. The TC is able to point at the direction of a certain camera with the push of a button. The PPNK CITV, that has been displayed on an upgraded BMP-3, BMD-4M2, and the tank biathlon T-72B3M, is reportedly equipped with the Catharine-XP thermal camera. That camera can output a resolution of 1280x1020p. If said information is true, then it is possible for things like T-90M(S), 2S25M, BMPT, and others that have the different looking CITV to have the same camera or to the sister to the Catharine-XP, the larger Catharine-MP. The main difference between these cameras, other than size, is FOV. 

 Of course with Russia's current sanctions, use of these cameras would mean there are domestically built.

The commander also has access to Remote Control Weapons Station which can mount a variety of small arms from a 7.62 PKTM that is fully stabilized. 

  Also part of this is the new 2E58 stabilizer that gives the 2S25M either a traverse rate of 40 Degs/S or 45Degs/S. This stabilizer most likely provides a smoother and more accurate slewing of the turret. The elevation rate maybe just as high as the traverse at 40 Degs/S



t-90ms_commander_position_view_area_russ t-90ms_gunner_position_view_area_russia_

These are from a T-90MS but seeing as they share the same FCS, it's very likely 2S25M is very similar 


A long recoil version of the 2A46M-5. This is the same gun that is used on some T-90As and the T-90M. It has improved accuracy by about 15-20% and a total dispersion reduced by 1.7 times. 952M also seems to be able to load the new 3BM59 and 3BM60 APFSDS.




Again these are for the basic 2A46M-5. Not specifically the 2A75M

BMP-3 engine and transmission:

Most sources seem to agree that the 2S25M and the BMD-4M series use the UTD-29 500HP engine. This, however, is a contradiction to the whole point of the BMD-4M. Since it was meant to provide further unification with the BMP-3, they use the same engine and transmission. The BMP-3 hasn't used the UTD-29 since 1986. Since then, BMP-3s have used the UTD-29M. Since the 90s, although they don't seem to be standard, the more powerful UTD-32 and UTD-32T 660HP engines have also been installed. Seeing as how the UTD-29M is the most likely option, I’ll continue with it being the engine used be all BMD-4M AFVs. The BMP-3’s transmission also means the reverse speed drops from 70 kmh to 20 kmh.



UTD-32T in a BMP-3





The new BMD-4M suspension. Double upped road wheels, off set return wheels, and single pin tracks. Current test models of 2S25M are using modified BMD-3/4 tracks and not the BMP-3 tracks like BMD-4M. This will likely change with production models.


Mod 2005 using the BMD-3 suspension

Of course just like all other miltary AFVs, the armor of the 2S25 most be tested. In a recent Youtube video, a 2S25M can be seen that has shredded by light autocannon that might be from 23MM or 30MMs. Evendince of fragmentation testing is also evident.








Object 952M was first publicly unveiled at Army 2015 under the name 2S25M ‘Sprut-SDM1’. Sometime in 2017-2019, it seems that 2S25M underwent/is undergoing State Trials with the Russian Air Force. Again, as of mid 2020, 2S25 is reported to be starting State Trials. On December 1st, 2020, commanders were starting the training for Sprut. In July of 2021, 2S2M is undergoing firing trials where in the Black Sea where it must be able to operate in sea states 3 and complete its mileage warranty of 4970 Miles/ 8000 k/m. the final trial will the winter trials set to happen in late 2021.  2S25M is stated to complete state trials in early 2022 and after which it will be given the design designation of "01" and be recommended for Russian military service. Deliveries are to be in the same year. No word on which version of 2S25M is being purchased.

At Army-2018, Kurgan unveiled a model of the next step for the 2S25 platform featuring some notable upgrades. Such as add-on armor, laser warning system, improved air conditioning, double the amount of 902B smoke grenades and more minor upgrades. Kurgan hasn't released it's name but I've taken to calling it 2S25M2. That name matches the new BMD-4M2.







2S25M 'Sprut-SDM1' Airborne Light Tank/ Fire Support Vehicle/ Tank Destroyer


Length: 23.3 feet /9.08 m

Length with gun forward: 32.1 feet /9.7 m

Height: 8.11 feet /2.72 m

Width: 10.4 feet /3.15m

Weight: 18 Tons


12.7-MM - 23-MM  for the frontal arc and 7.62-MM - 12.7-MM for the remaining (2S25M2's bring the frontal arc up to 30-MM levels which makes me think the basic level in rated for 23-MM)

Engine: UTD-29M outputting 500hp



Top speed: 70kmh/ 43mph
Top speed in reverse: 20kmh/ 12mph
Top speed in the water: 10kmh /6 mph

Maximum gun angles: -5-+15 to the front and -3-+17 to the rear

Horizontal Turret Traverse Rate: 40-45 Degs/S

2A75M 125-MM Smoothbore Long Recoil Cannon

Rate of Fire: 6-8 RPM

Ammuntion Carried: 40 rounds with 22 in a "T-72 style" automatic loader

Ammunition Available:-
3BM60 APFSDS (Reportedly a Tungsten Penetrator)



Penetration: 600-650 -MM LOS 
Muzzle Velocity: 1650 MPS/5413 FPS
3BM59 APFSDS (Reportedly a Depleted Uranium Penetrator)

Estimated Penetration: 700-750 -MM LOS and 600-650 vertical 
Muzzle Velocity: 1650 MPS/5413 FPS

3BM48 APFSDS (Reportedly a Depleted Uranium Penetrator)



Muzzle velocity: 1700 mps

Estimated Penetrion: 500-550-MM @ 2K LOS

2S25M CAN load all previous APFSDS

3BK31 'Start-2' Triple Warhead HEAT-FS


Muzzle velocity: 905 mps

Penetration: 800-MM @ 90 Degrees

2S25M CAN load all previous HEAT-FS

3OF82 Remote Programable HE-Frag

Charge: 3.0 kg of A-IX-2

Fragments: 450 Tungsten Rods

This round creates 2,500 fragments when set to air-burst mode

7.62-MM x2 PKTM
Rate of fire: 750 rounds per minute
Ammunition load: 2,000 rounds
One is slaved to the main gun and the other in an independent, and stabilized RWS on the turret rear

9M119-M 'Invar' Tandem Warhead ATGM



Maximum Penetration: 900-MM

With ERA: -50-MM
Average Speed: 350 meters per second
Guidance System: Laser Beam Riding



Источник рассказал, когда ВДВ получат уникальный плавающий танк - РИА Новости, 06.01.2021 (ria.ru)










Принято решение закупке самоходной пушки Спрут-СДМ1 - Andrei-bt — LiveJournal

State trials of Russia’s Sprut-SDM1 light amphibious tank to be completed in early 2022 - Military & Defense - TASS

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I feel like this is kind of a CV90120 competitor. And since that vehicle is one of the most fun light tanks to play in the Swedish tree (ignoring the rep cost) I would love to see USSR tree get one too

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11 hours ago, MonkeyBussiness said:

centauro MGS and CV90120 would like to talk to you sir

Maybe in the future, USSR doesn't need any more vehicles for at least 3 patches as of now. They're already the most powerful nation at top tier.

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6 hours ago, traeng said:

I'd love to see this after the Khrizantema-S at 10.0 or higher BR.

If you're looking for something to fill that spot, I'd recommend the Kornet-D1s instead 






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39 minutes ago, WulfPack said:

If you're looking for something to fill that spot, I'd recommend the Kornet-D1s instead 

Reveal hidden contents


After the Khrizantema the Russians will make a new TD, but we are still some years before we see it in metal. But...this down here found its way to the public so...


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33 minutes ago, Alan_Tovarishch said:

After the Khrizantema the Russians will make a new TD, but we are still some years before we see it in metal.

Don't think that'll ever be in WT... War Thunder 2 tho...;)


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