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Aichi E13A1a, Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model 11 Ko


about E13A1a  

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Aichi Clock and Electronics

Type 0 Recon Seaplane Model 11 Ko



E13A1a (orA1b) (Photo modified for censorship)



Type 0 Recon Seaplane, also called Type 0 3-Seat Recon Seaplane is a Japanese naval recon plane developed by Aichi Clock before WW2.

Development of this plane started in request of 1937. In this project Kawanishi and Aichi joined. Aichi design No.12 Experimental 3-Seat Recon Seaplane but they missed the delivery data (September 1938) so Aichi was disqualified because they advanced in 3 projects (Prototype No.11 Special Recon Seaplane "AB-14, E11A", No.11 Experimental carrier-based dive bomber "AM-17, D3A" and No.12 Experimental 2-seat recon seaplane "AM-19") but they continue development.

Main designer was Matsuo Kishiro, and Assistant designer were Mori Morishige and Ozawa Yasuo. Company name was "AM-18, E12A". They based No.12 Experimental 2-Seat Recon Seaplane (AM-18) and first prototype completed in Janualy 1, 1939 and start test flight.

On the other hand, Kawanishi delivery to the navy No.12 Experimental 3-Seat Recon Seaplane and test flight started. Its on-water stability is not good so second prototype modify floats. But in parallel Aichi doing test flights and it specification was not a bad so disqualification was canceled and competition started.

Cruise range of Kawanishi's one is superior to Aichi's one, but Max speed of Aichi's one is superior to Kawanishi's one. But during test flight 2nd prototype of Kawasaki's one was missing. Because of this incident examination of Kawanishi's one was discontinuation so Aichi's one was adopted.


This plane produced by Aichi clock (aircraft section independent in 1943 as Aichi aircraft) and Watanabe ironworks (aircraft section independent in 1943 as Kyushu aircraft).

Variation of this plane is below:

  • E13A1 / Type 0 Recon Seaplane Model 11 --- Initial model. At first it called Type 0 Mark 1 Recon Seaplane Model 1.
  • E13A1a / Type 0 Recon Seaplane Model 11 Ko: Modify float from 2 pillar to 4 pillar per one float. Add spinner. Some plane equip Type 3 Air Mark 6 Radar to search vessels.
  • E13A1b / Type 0 Recon Seaplane Model 11 Otsu: Add Type 3 Mark 1 Detector for ASW.

Also there are several variations.

  • PT-boat hunter, equip 20 mm single machine gun on rear
  • Night recon plane, equip long exhaust pipe to hide fire
  • Auxiliary torpedo bomber for battle of Japan
  • Kamikaze attacker


Specification (E16A1a)



  • Single engine, single lower wing, float plane
  • Wings: All metal, monocoque
  • Main body: All metal, monocoque


  • Crew: 3
  • Engine: 1x Mitsubishi Kinsei Model 43, Air-cooled double-row 14-cylinder radial engine
    • Power
      • 1,080 HP at 2,000 m
      • 1,060 HP at take-off thrust
  • Propeller: Metal constant speed 3-wing variable pitch propeller
    • Diameter: 3.10 m
  • Size
    • Max span: 14.50 m
    • Max length: 11.49 m
    • Max height: 4.783 m
    • Span when folding: 7.413 m
    • Main wing area: 36.0 m2
  • Weights
    • Own weight: 2,642 kg
    • Loading: 1,008 kg
    • Full-load weight: 3,640 kg
    • Wing loading: 101.1 kg/m2
    • Power-weight ratio: 3.33 kg/HP
    • Fuel: 1,480 l
    • Oil: 105 l
  • Speeds
    • Max speed: 376 km/h at 2,180 m
    • Cruise speed: 222 km/h at 2,000 m
    • Landing speed: 111 km/h
    • Climb time: alt 3,000 m / 6 minutes 5 seconds
    • Service ceiling: 8,730 m
    • Cruise range: 1,128 miles / 9.4 hours
  • Armaments
    • Rear machine gun: 1x 7.7 mm machine gun or 1x 20 mm machine gun
    • Bomb loads
      • 2x 60 kg or 1x 250 kg in bomb bay
      • 2x 60 kg under wing



Nozawa Tadashi (1981) "Encyclopedia of Japanese Aircraft, Vol. 2 (Aichi and Kugisho)", Shuppan-Kyodosha, page 91-96


NDL Online


Kawasaki Manabu (2011) "Carrier-Based Airplanes and Seaplanes of the Imperial Japanese Navy" Dainippon-Kaiga, page 122-126
ISBN: 978-4-499-23037-7

NDL Online





Reference: E16A on Cruiser Agano in War Thunder

In game they have very strange color... I don't know why.





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Open for discussion. :salute:

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Definately competitive enough for War Thunder. Would love to see this +1

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On 6/28/2019 at 9:41 PM, aizenns said:

Bomb loads

  • 2x 60 kg or 1x 250 kg in bomb bay
  • 2x 60 kg under wing


Apparently in 301st Recon and 302st Recon of 634th Navy Air Group, E13A equipped torpedoes for preparation of battle of Japan!

Also, some E13A modified to equip Mk27 rocket bomb.

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Need for regular tree, as its already in game!

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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