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Add a key for an advanced controls rose


With each thing you create, we need to adjust new keys for new functions, like helicopters controls, ship controls, radars controls and so on.


We could group a lot of thing in a button like we do on the Radio.


You can just hit "T" and will have a lot of radio options in a menu and after you choose a group of messages you could choose options using keys 1,2,3, etc and it could be done to other types of options.


A key could be assigned to advanced controls of the aircraft, like press "P" and a menu like the radio one will appear.




1: Engine Controls

2: Propeller Controls

3: Radiator Controls

4: Radar Controls


If you choose "Engine Controls" you will have more options like:

1: Turn engine on/off

2: Control specific Engine


If you choose "Turn engine on/off":

1: Engine 1

2: Engine 2

3: Engine 3

4: Engine 4

5: Engine 5

6: Engine 6


If you choose "Control specific Engine" you could have like "control engine 1, control engine 2, control all engines and etc".


It could be good on all modes to help players with a plane with 2 or more engines to turn off just one engine instead of all. It can help players with a engine on fire or with overheating engines.



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As this has been implemented with the new multifunctional key,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions.:salute:

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