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M64 Light Tank (Republic of China)


Should the M64 (Type 64) be added to War Thunder?  

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Hello everyone! Today ill be presenting my first ground forces suggestion in a significant amount of time, the M64 Light Tank, also known more commonly as the Type 64 Light Tank.





The M64's history starts with the M18's of the Republic of China. By the 70's it was clear the M18's engine was old and tired, and maintenance was becoming more difficult. The Army Ordnance Department ordered the mating of the M18's turret to the M42 Duster hull. A weird hybrid mix of the M42 Duster with M41 boxes on the side, along with the M18 turret makes for a unique look. The vehicle retained a 76mm M1A2 cannon found on the M18, and was equipped with a .30 cal M1919, and a .50 cal M2 Browning. Approximately 42-50 vehicles were produced from 1975 to 1978. They were fielded by the 751st Battalion of the 202nd Armored Cavalry Corps, and later transferred to the newly formed 561st Armored Brigade in Penghu County. The M64 didn't perform as well as the M41A3's and were retired by 1981.







The M64 would play a lot like a M41/M18 mix. Lightly armored like the M18, armed with the M18's cannon, and the hull mobility and performance of the M41. This hybrid vehicle would be unique the Chinese tech tree, and potentially help fill in a BR gap near 5.0 due to the larger size and weaker HP/ton ratio. Officially being a light tank however, it should have access to scouting. 






General characteristics:

Crew: 5

Length: 19 ft 1 in (5.8 m)

Width: 10 ft 7 in (3.2 m)

Height: Unknown

Weight: 22 tons

Powerplant: Continental AOS 895-3 six cylinder gasoline engine making 500 HP (372 kW) @ 2800 RPM


Performance & Armor:

Maximum speed: 72 km/h

Reverse speed: 10 km/h

Torque: 960 lb ft (1302 N m) @ 2400 RPM

HP/Ton ratio: 22.7 HP/Ton

Range: Unknown

Neutral Steering: Yes

Hull armor:

- - Front: 12.7 - 25mm

- - Side: 12.7mm

- - Rear: 12.7 - 19mm

Turret armor:

- - Front: 25.4 - 44.4mm

- - Side: 12.7mm

- - Rear: 12.7mm



1x M1A2 76mm cannon:

- - Vertical guidance: +20/-10

- - Rate of fire per gun: 10 RPM 

- - Traverse speed: 24 degrees per second*

- - Rounds carried: unknown

- - Stabilization: None


- - M42A1 HE (8mm penetration)

- - M88 Smoke

- - M79 AP (132mm @ 0 degrees, 100 m)

- - M62 APC (146mm @ 0 degrees, 100 m)

1x M1919 7.62mm machine gun

1x M2HB 12.7mm machine gun



IR Night vision driver lamps


*Assumption based on M18 traverse mechanism








Hokou Armored Corps School M64 Light Tank plaque; Hokou, Hsinchu County, Taiwan Province, Republic of China



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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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As the M64 has been implemented with Battle Pass: Season VI,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions. :salute:

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