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The Shturm-SM  

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  1. 1. Should the Shturm-SM be introduced as a modification to Shturm-S or a new tank

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    • No, do not add
    • New Tank

Now with changes as advised by moderators:


Not to be confused with Shturm-S. 

As a frequent player of the Shturm-S, one thing became very clear after patch 1.91. The Shturm-S has no option to have night vision sights. As far as I am aware, it is the only 9.0+ tank designed to fight tanks that does not have night vision capabilities. I thought this was unfair so I researched this platform in case anything was missed and found the Shturm-SM. The Shturm-SM is a modernized variant of the Shturm-S with an upgraded optics package (adopted in 2014). This package allows the vehicle to fight "at night, as well as in adverse weather conditions".[2]


From what I've found, the only difference between the Shturm-SM and the Shturm-S is the optical sights. The chassis, the ammo, and fighting azimuth and elevation are all the same or it at least appears so. While only a small difference, having night vision capabilities would be a great help to those who love the Shturm-S in Warthunder especially for night battles.


The actual upgraded sights appear to be a thermal-imaging system [2] "теплотелевизионный прицел" which can allow for target acquisition of up to 3.5km at night under benign conditions [1]. Russian is not my first language so I do not know if it also has light intensifying sights or if they are just thermal sights. This part was mentioned in vehicle specifications "At night and at dusk in simple weather conditions without target illumination 3500m
At night with target illumination: 6000m"[1] I'm not sure what "target illumination" means in this context but I felt I should mention it.

Quote in Russian:

"Ночью и в сумерках в простых метеоусловиях без подсветки цели 3500 M
Ночью с подсветкой цели: 6000 M" [1]


(More sources as advised)






(Poll added as advised)

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Open for discussion. :salute:

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As the Shturm-SM has been implemented with update 1.93 as a modification for the Shturm-S,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions.:salute:

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