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Schützenpanzer BMP-2 (K): Autocannon Commander


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The Schützenpanzer BMP-2 (K) is the East German name for the BMP-2 IFV's command variant, fitting an additional radio antenna, other communications equipment, and an expanded crew complement of six. Although all BMP-2s could mount ATGMs, command vehicles often didn't, so I'm suggesting the BMP-2 (K) without its missiles as a significantly lower-BR counterpart to the standard BMP-2 already suggested for the DDR. 






In 1985, just years before the fall of the USSR, the DDR ordered 24 BMP-2s from the Soviets to supplement their extensive fleet of BMP-1s and BMP-1Ps. Most of these were of the standard BMP-2 type, but some vehicles were the command variant, BMP-2K, which bore the designation Schützenpanzer BMP-2 (K) in service with the Nationale Volksarmee (NVA). This model deleted the periscope-equipped firing ports from both sides of the vehicle and the turret antenna, fitting two new whip antennas -- one behind the turret, one at the rear right of the hull -- a telescopic mast in front of the IFF antenna, and three new radio sets: R-10, R-126, and R-173. The crew complement of the SPz BMP-2 (K) was increased to six to facilitate easier command of the vehicles serving under the BMP-2's commander, but otherwise the tank was mostly the same. Command tanks in the DDR didn't often mount their ATGMs, and the only photo I've found of a genuine DDR SPz BMP-2 (K) has an empty mount with no missile, implying that this practice was continued with the new vehicle. In the end, the BMP-2s would only serve for half a decade before the dissolution of the USSR and reunification of the Germanys led to them entering the inventory of the West German-led reunified Bundeswehr. Like most ex-DDR equipment, they were sold on to other countries rather than kept on in service. 


Specifications (SPz BMP-2 (K) Without ATGM):




Length: 6.72m

Width: 3.15m

Height: 2.45m

Weight: 14.3 tons

Crew: 6 (Driver, Commander, Gunner, 3x Radio Operators)
Troop Capacity: 4 passengers
Max Speed (Land): 40.6 mph (65 kph) 
Max Speed (Water) 4.375 mph (7 kph)
Amphibious: Yes
Radios:  R-10, R-126 and R-173
Turret Armour:

Hull Armour:
Smoke: 6 smoke grenade launchers & engine-generated smoke
Primary Armament: 30mm 2A42 dual-feed autocannon (500 rounds)

Armament Information: 200-300 practical rpm, 550 rpm in bursts, -5 to 74 degrees elevation

Secondary Armament: 7.62mm PKT machinegun (coaxial)

Stabiliser: 2-Plane
Rangefinder: Laser
NVD: BPK night sights for the gunner & an infrared searchlight


Its Place In War Thunder:




Whereas the standard BMP-2 is a perfect accompaniment to DDR MBTs like the T-55AM2B and T-72, a command variant limited to just its autocannon would, due to its much reduced penetration, be a sensible choice for a vehicle to fill the same role at lower tiers, probably as an alternative to the DDR's PT-76s. Though penetration is limited to 100mm with its best belts and just 64mm with stock ammunition, the rate of fire of the 30mm will be enough to quickly deal with anything it can penetrate, especially if the BMP-2 (K) has used its excellent mobility to flank around to the sides of its enemies. Due to the high elevation angles of its autocannon, fast reload and good turret traverse, which in real life makes it more than capable of shooting down helicopters, I can see the BMP-2 (K) working well classified as an SPAAG, although I'd still advise giving it scouting. The 5.X-6.X range of potential DDR vehicles, such as their T-34-85s, IS-2s and SU-100s, lacks any genuine AA options; my hope is that the BMP-2 (K) would be able to fill that role well enough to make up for that, while still being at a BR where it can penetrate many mediums frontally and shouldn't struggle with any tank's side armour, similar to other Tier III/IV AA vehicles. The limited ammunition supplies may be a problem for it, but played defensively as an AA in its team's capture points, scouting approaching enemy vehicles as they make a push, it should be able to keep itself topped-up with belts. While suggesting a command vehicle as an improvised SPAAG may seem a strange choice, I don't think there's a better option to round out the DDR's otherwise strong 5.X-6.X lineup with an anti-aircraft vehicle, so we may just have to make do with the next best thing, which I think is the SPz BMP-2 (K).


I hope you like this tank, and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments!




http://www.militaertechnik-der-nva.de/Bestimmungsbuch/5gepKetFhrmitTurm/51/BMP/BMP.html (Source in German)






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This could be a good mid-tier light-tank, which Germany desperately needs several of right now! +1 :good:

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