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The Schützenpanzerwagen 40A mit 14.5mm Flugabwehr Maschinegewehr, aka SPW-40A 14.5mm FlaMG, was an East German anti-aircraft vehicle of Soviet origin. It was essentially a combination of the BTR-40 wheeled APC (SPW-40A in NVA service), and the same twin-14.5mm anti-aircraft turret as the BTR-152A SPAAG we have in War Thunder, which the East Germans also operated. Essentially a smaller, fully-wheeled equivalent to the BTR-152A SPAAG currently at 3.0 in the USSR tree, its anti-air capabilities would be impressive but its anti-armour performance just as lacking as the Soviet halftrack. Since the Soviets don't have this model in the game and adding it to their tree would be somewhat redundant, this is one of only a few East German vehicles that could be added without cloning a Soviet vehicle already in-game, and I think it's a far better choice for a DDR SPAAG than simply the DDR's identical BTR-152.






East Germany received BTR-40s from the Soviets starting in late 1949 along with their fellow Warsaw Pact member, Poland. Generally, they used them much the same way as the Soviets and Polish, filling a number of APC roles as well as more niche variants such as armoured ambulances. One of the models they received was the BTR-40A, an SPAAG variant armed with the twin ZPTU-2 14.5mm autocannon turret that would go on to be used on the BTR-152A as well, which was also operated by the NVA. In DDR service, just like the BTR-40 became SPW-40, this type was designated SPW-40A 14.5mm FlaMG. Extra armour could be fitted optionally to the rear of the AA turret, which the BTR-152A in War Thunder lacks but which can be seen in almost all photos of the DDR's SPW-40A, implying a preference for the armour package in NVA service. Like many of the more minor vehicles in the DDR arsenal, specifics of service are not widely known, but the BTR-40 was a workhorse vehicle for many Soviet-aligned states and there's little reason to suspect the DDR would have been any different.






Length: 5m

Width: 1.9m

Height: 2.2m

Weight: 5.3 tons

Crew: 4 (Driver, Commander, Gunner, Loader)

Primary Armament: ZPTU-2 twin 14.5mm autocannon (2400 rounds)

Armament Details: -5 to 80 degrees elevation

Secondary Armament: None

Armour: 6-8mm hull, 6-10mm turret

Max Speed: 50 mph (80 kph)


Its Place In War Thunder:


While its capabilities and armour might place it at a relatively low BR, the AA performance of the guns will allow it to be used in that role with East German vehicles of higher BRs, helping to bridge the BR gap below the DDR's variants of the ZSU-57-2 and Shilka SPAAGs, which of course are limited to Tier V lineups and above due to their BRs. Like the American M16, while the SPW-40A may be lacking against vehicles it still has enough punch to handle lighter enemies and, more importantly, is an intuitive AA vehicle to aim and use, though its killing power is admittedly not up to that of higher tier AA. As a roughly comparable vehicle to the existing BTR-152A, this would be a good option for an East German SPAAG in the same BR range without wholesale copying an existing USSR vehicle, which should be a last resort rather than our first choice. 


I hope you like this vehicle, and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments!


More Pictures:





SPW-40A with the extra armour on the turret rear.



From the side.



Without the extra armour, just front protection; this is the same turret as the BTR-152A in War Thunder.



From the front, guns elevated.




http://www.militaertechnik-der-nva.de/Bestimmungsbuch/3RadFahrzeug/32/323/323.html (Source in German)



https://weaponsystems.net/weaponsystem/CC03 - BTR-40.html


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Absolutely, I fully support this suggestion! This would be a great low-tier SPAAG! +1 :good:

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I can only see it as a event machine. since Germany allready have a strong low tier SPAAG lineup. And it is too close to its Russian counterpart and that will be too much copypasta which i only wanna see as either event or filler machines.

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