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Deleting duplicate decals from inventory


Would you like to have an option to just delete duplicate decals?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to have an option to just delete duplicate decals?

    • Yes
    • Yes, but only if we get compensated for receiving a duplicate instead of a new decal
    • No

Ever since the World Cup of 2018, I'm fairly sure most of you have also been stuck with a few or even more than a dozen "soccer ball" decals, just like me. Given how these decals are honestly nothing special, nobody is buying them on the market, so there's no way of getting rid of them.

This of course wouldn't be such a big problem if we could just have the decals sit on the bottom of our inventory list, gaining dust with all those wagers we never use. But for some reason every few days or so the game feels the need to remind us with that shiny little exclamation mark that those decals are still in our inventory, and we can't do anything about it.

I understand that this might not be a problem for most of you, but if you're like me and notification icons drive you crazy, perhaps you'll agree with my idea; A very simple and basic "delete" option for all the duplicate decals. They wouldn't have to be moved anywhere, they would just simply vanish, like when you delete an unwanted file on your computer.

Like this, anyone could effortlessly get rid of all the unused duplicates - which if I may add would probably just keep piling up during seasonal events -, and make their inventories just that much tidier.

Or, to make it completely fair for us who received so many duplicates, there could be some kind of compensation when deleting one of these decals. Either a new decal from the same batch as the duplicate, or an X amount of warbonds that we can use in the store (preferably 1000+, as the decal box in the store costs 1650 warbonds).


But really, the best would be if we wouldn't receive duplicates at all until we have all the decals from one batch - like in the warbond shop.

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