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CV9035DK: The Danish CV90


The CV9035DK  

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The CV9035DK is a variant of the Swedish CV90 IFV used by Denmark. Compared to it's Swedish brethren it features several differences in terms of armament, mobility, optics, electronics, and protection. In War Thunder it could be an interesting counterpart to the Strf9040C, while also introducing Denmark to the game.





On the 16th of December 2005 the Danish Army Material Command signed a contract for the purchase of 45 CV90 MK III's, designated CV9035DK. The first units arrived on the 13th of September 2007, with the rest following in 2008. The MK III is the third in a series of export-variant CV90's made by BAE Systems Hägglunds and features many upgrades over it's predecessors, albeit at the cost of higher weight. It was first offered in 2004, with the Netherlands being the first to order it the very same year as the CV9035NL. 



in 2010 Denmark sent 10 of their CV90's to the Helmand province in Afghanistan. There they received several modifications including bar armor and Barracuda camo nets. Three of them were damaged by IEDs during operations. Two only took damage to their tracks and roadwheels, while the third was flipped over by a massive explosion that killed two of the soldiers inside and wounded another.





The 9035's main armament is a fully stabilized 35mm Bushmaster III 35/50 autocannon. It's a dual feed gun with a maximum rate of fire of 200rpm. The weapon can fire any NATO 35x228mm ammunition. With more modern APFSDS like the PMD060 it can pen a 61mm armor plate sloped at 60° from 1.5km. It has 70 rounds ready to fire (35 per feed) and 140 more stored elsewhere. A 7.62mm FN MAG machine gun is located on the left side of the turret. Elevation angles are -8° to +37° for the 35mm and -10° to +50° for the MG.


The Danish IFV features improved optics compared to the CV90 variants currently in game. The gunner has a daytime sight with 1x-8x zoom and a 3rd gen thermal imager. The commander has his own sights in a rotating cupola with 1x-6x zoom for the daytime sight, as well as 3rd gen thermals. The tank also comes with a laser rangefinder and hunter-killer capabilities.




The ~32 ton vehicle is propelled by a 810hp Scania engine, giving it a specific power of over 25hp/ton. The Perkins X300-12D transmission with 4 forwards and 2 reverse gears gives it a top speed of 70kph forwards and 40 backwards.




Physical protection is provided by base steel armor with composite applique plates. For projectiles it is rated at STANAG 4569 level 5, which means protection against 25mm APFSDS from 500m within a 60° forward arc and 14.5mm ap from 200m from all angles. For mines it is rated at STANAG 4569 level 3, protecting it against AT mines with explosive power equivalent to 8kg of TNT.


The CV9035DK also features an active protection system utilizing laser warning receivers and smoke launchers.



The vehicle in War Thunder:

The CV9035DK would not reinvent the wheel when it comes to CV90's, but it does have noticeable differences to the 9040C, trading firepower and protection for improved mobility and thermals. Being able to fire all NATO 35x228 rounds would allow it to have a wide variety of ammunition, from simple AP and HE to APFSDS and HE-VT. Gaijin adding active protection systems to the game would also make it more interesting.





Crew count: 3 (driver, gunner, commander)

Length: 6.8m

Width: 3.2m

Height: 2.8m

Ground clearance: 0.4m

Weight: 31750kg


Engine: Scania DI-16 with 810hp at 2350rpm

Transmission: Perkins X300-12D with 4x forward and 2x reverse gears

Power to weight: 25.5hp/ton

Top speed: 70kph forwards, 40kph backwards


Protection: STANAG 4569 level 5 against projectiles, level 3 against mines


Main armament: 1x Bushmaster III 35/50 with variable rate of fire between 150-200rpm

Elevation angles: -8° to +37°

Ammo available: 210rds with 70 ready to fire

Secondary armament: 1x FN MAG

Elevation angles: -10° to +50°

Ammo available: 460rds



 More pictures:






https://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/materieel/voertuigen/combat-vehicle-90 (it's for the NL variant, but it's practically the same vehicle)





https://www2.forsvaret.dk/nyheder/overige_nyheder/Pages/Første infanterikampkøretøj leveret.aspx

https://web.archive.org/web/20120302075549/http://forsvaret.dk/HOK/Nyt og Presse/ISAF/Pages/Todræbtedanskesoldaterogtresårede.aspx



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Open for discussion. :salute:

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2 hours ago, Wolf_89 said:

In the Swedish tree.

Same with any Norwegian vehicles. And Finnish. I know we already have aircraft from Finland.

And they could later on rename the tree to Nordic/Scandinavian tree :) 


100% Agree.


I think making International Tree's in War Thunder for especially minor nations like Sweden and Italy makes sense. However turning them into international trees also may need to make cultural sense. In order to avoid too much controversy. So people don't get angry that Pakistan is in a theoretical Indian tech tree.


Last year i made a suggestion about a Danish/Norwegian commonwealth tree. However i am 50/50 on the idea that these nations can stand on their own due to the heavy need of copy paste vehicle lines. Though they do have the ability to have both a Ground, Air, Naval and Heli trees. Most of the tree lines will be copy paste.

So a solution to this problem is to merge them together with the Current Swedish tree and Renaming it either the Nordic tree or the Kalmar Union as a historical easter egg. :)



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