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NEW ADULT War Thunder DISCORD Available - OTG


Old Tank Guys (OTG)
Looking to meet up for squad play with some adults in the NA area? The OTG Discord is looking for 40+ old players interested in quick game matches for the casual, adult player.   The server is dedicated to War Thunder play and promotes an adult environment.
  • - Meet like minded players
  • - No squadron member requirements
  • - Low tier friendly
  • - WT News and update feeds
  • - We know what 8-tracks were and how to use a rotary phone
  • - North America focused times
  • - No anime, tofu, drama or snowflakes
  • - Political correctness is frowned upon


Web Page: https://www.facebook.com/WTOGT

* Still building the member/player base. First 10 to visit will get a warm fuzzy, absolutely FREE!!

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Going on year 2 and we've made our mark as the place for WT adults to meet and team up!

ADDED BONUS ...Giveaways for Oct - Dec 2021:
     4850 Gold Eagles gifted out
     1 month Discord Nitro package
     1 20 day War Thunder Premium Account

Links to our "stuff": 

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