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BTR-3E (CSE 90LP)  

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In 2013 the defense firms CMI Defence (Cockerill) and Ukroboronservice joined forces to create a new AFV for the export market. CMI Defence known for its longtime production of 90mm Cockerill guns put together an armored fighting vehicle with the chassis of the Ukrainian BTR-3E APC made by Ukrainian Ukroboronservice. This project was done in recognition of the need for greater fire support of infantry led operations in today's insurgent environments. The BTR-3E is a 8x8 wheeled APC that while loosely influenced by the Soviet BTR-80 is a native Ukrainian design. For this joint project Ukroboronservice has up-armored the vehicle with a kevlar spall-liner in the crew compartment addition to its steel armor capable of resisting .50 caliber fire. It is fully amphibious with a rear water-jet allowing speeds up to 10 km/h and has good off-road mobility which can serve in a variety of hostile environments. The prize of the vehicle though is the Belgian made CSE 90LP turret featuring a 90mm low-pressure gun capable of firing HE, APFSDS, Canister and other munition types to deal with a variety of threats. The Cockerill FCS system is equipped with a stabilized day/night sight (with thermal option) as well as a laser rangefinder. The turret is relatively light with a two-man crew aimed at simplicity for vehicle crews in developing countries. 


The BTR-3E (CSE 90LP) in recent times has been exhibited by CMI Defence at various events in the hopes of selling to developing armies with a niche in counter-insurgency. As of 2020 there have been no buyers for this model of the vehicle despite trials by the Thai Army in January 2015. The Thai Army has been operating various models of the BTR-3E since 2010 and the need to source a new AFV has become apparent in recent years. During evaluation the vehicle was given an experimental camouflage however after extensive testing this variant of the BTR-3 has not been adopted by the Thai military. In War Thunder the BTR-3E (CSE 90LP) introduces itself as another wheeled AFV with a powerful main cannon this time associated with the proposed Benelux tech tree. The suggested play style of this vehicle would be to act as a recon scouting enemy targets from afar and using the excellent mobility of this vehicle to ambush unsuspecting foes. This project in particular represents an emerging example of east-west military cooperation as Ukraine seeks to expand relations with its western neighbors. You don't want to miss out on this novelty folks!



Front Close up


Side view


CSE 90LP Turret Interior


Thai Army Testing


Experimental Camouflage Side View


Camouflage Front View


Test Fire


Technical Data:



Dimensions: ( 6.65 m x 2.9 m x  2.8 m)

Weight: 16.4 tonnes

Suspension: wheeled 8x8

Transmission: Allison MD3066 automatic transmission

Propulsion: Deutz BF6M1015 diesel engine, 326 hp

Speed: 85 km/h on road, 10 km/h in water

Crew: 3 men  (Driver, Commander, Gunner)

Armament: Cockerill 90LP cannon, 37 rounds (auto loader)

                   1 x 7.62 mm MAG machine gun

                   8 x smoke launcher canisters

 Armor: all-welded steel armor, kevlar spall-liner protection against 12.7mm rounds


Check out the full Benelux Ground Forces Tree here for more interesting content!



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