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"Indomito" Class, Destroyer, Indomito


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M.M. Destroyer "Indomito" (D 559)


At the beginning of the 1950s the Italian Navy needed to modernize its warships, so it was decided to build a new class of destroyers. The Indomito class consisted of 2 Indomito and Impetuoso units and were the first ships built in Italy after the end of the Second World War. These new destroyers were conceived above all for antisubmarine hunting, escorting convoys and controlling the Italian seas. The engine system was composed of 4 boilers and 2 turbines, the main armament was formed by 4 fast-firing guns of 127/38mm Mark 12 in 2 twin turrets, of American manufacture, important was the antisubmarine armament composed of 2 trinated Anti-Submarine torpedo launchers ASW 533 mm, 1 Long Menon trinated Anti-Submarine bomb launcher, 4 Short Menon Anti-Submarine bomb launchers and 1 Discharge depth bombs. Interesting for the time were the electronic devices made up of different types of radar and 1 ecogoniometer (ecg). Ultimately the quality of these units allowed them to remain in service until the early 80s, without undergoing any changes or modernizations.





Officers: 19
Second Chiefs, Sergeants and Seamen: 316

Full load: 3776 tons

Length: 127,60 m 
Width: 13,17 m
Full Load Draft: 4,51 m

Engine System:
4 Foster - Wheeler boilers
2 shaft geared turbines
2 propellers
Power: 65000 HP 
Speed: 34 knots (63 km/h)

3760 miles (6051 km) at 17 knots

4 Cannons 127/38 mm Mark 12 (2 twin systems)
8 Cannons 40/56 mm Bofors (2 quadruple systems)
8 Cannons 40/56 mm Bofors (4 twin systems)
2 trinated rocket launcher 105 mm for illuminating shooting
2 trinated Anti-Submarine torpedo launchers ASW 533 mm
1 Long Menon trinated Anti-Submarine bomb launcher
4 Short Menon Anti-Submarine bomb launchers
1 Discharge depth bombs 

Electronic equipments:
1 surface radar
1 air radar
1 air altitude radar
3 fire radar
1 ecogoniometer (ecg)












http://www.naviecapitani.it/Navi e Capitani/gallerie navi/navi militari storiche/schede navi/I/Indomito/Indomito.htm




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I want it too.... I guess if Gaijin gonna add this.... its gonna be placed at BR4.7 with current standard... (maybe BR5.0 if Gaijin adds radio-guided anti-submarine torpedo & upped its battle level) because this one not only has advanced tech during its time BUT its capability might be at Sumner-class DD level if used properly... maybe even Gearing-class... 


BUT that was just my opinion

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On 07/06/2022 at 18:27, Cabaen said:

Since now we will have the Geniere as premium let's hope in the future addition of this destroyer.

Good thing Gaijin plans on adding it BUT we also need a tech tree of it some day.... On the other hand.... WE need this ship and its cousin, Impavido-class in game, preferly in tech tree.. 


In short, SInce Mitscher got added, more post-war DD and some larger Destroyer like USS Norfolk is needed BUT Italians needs the most of this for now then Japanese...


FYI....Italian Navy needs 1st and foremost is BR change, as far as i've played and survived in battle, Only Comandante-class & RN Leone ship are worth its BR while others needs to be lowered a bit OR these ship gonna be eaten against higher level of naval warfare.. I recommend it to be lower 0.3 BR than current one BUT as for cruisers,  Bartolomeo-class 1st Gen & RN Trento need to be placed at BR 4.7 while others remain the same... some cruiser i haven't unlocked it and I won't mention anything about Dreadnoughts (WW1 Battleship) as i don't even have one YET...



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6 hours ago, Ruthless95 said:

a reason im not so much into this is the main armament, though far better guns there is not enough of them. and i dont see the san giorgio class cold war destroyer suggestions any where with the 6 guns.

It seems they archieved that suggestion due to new rules "1 suggestion = 1 vehicle/vessel".

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