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Junkers B 3A

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Junkers Bomb 3A

Swedish Air Force Bomber B 3 - Junkers Ju86K

#164, code 41, apart of the 3rd Squadron of the F 1 based out of Västerås.




Long Model Designation: Bomb 3A

Short Model Designation: B 3A

Aircraft Numbers: 154, 164




The B 3As, along with the B 3Bs, was part of the second production order from Germany for thirty-seven aircraft. In Germany these were called the Ju 86 K-4 (B 3A) and the Ju 86 K-5 (B 3B). Eighteen to thirty-five B 3As arrived from 1937 to 1938 with one of them being lost, #154, during 1938 while it crashed into the Baltic Sea during delivery.



At least some units were deployed to the F 1 but most wouldn't see their final fate as B 3As. At least two of them were modified to B 3B standard while thirteen or fifteen more were modified to B 3C-2 standard, leaving only three to around ten being left in their original B 3A configuration. The fate of the B 3s specifically isn't known, they were either scrapped or turned into transport aircraft in 1948 along with other B 3 variants. It's important to note that these modified B 3 aren't at all the same as the Tp 9, first purchased in 1940.


Place of Origin German Reich
Designer Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke AG
Builder Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke AG
Type Bomber (B)
Service Period 1937-1948(?) (bomber), 1948-1958(?) (transport)
Number Built 18-35
Weight (empty/takeoff) 5,150 kg/8,200 kg
Length 17.86 meters
Width 22.7 meters
Height 5.06 meters
Powerplants Bristol Mercury III 2
Output 1,110 kW
Rotor 3-bladed 2
Speed (cruise/maximum) N/A / 340-360 km/h (estimation)
Endurance 1,500 km (Ju 86 D-1)
Service Ceiling 15 km (estimation)
Rate of Climb N/A
Armour None N/A
Crew 4
Weapons 8 mm kulspruta m/22-37 Rörling 3
Internal Bomb Bay, 1,000 kg capacity 1
Ammunition 8x63 mm Cartridge m/37 2,550
250 kg bombs* 4
50 kg bombs* 16
12 kg bombs* 64
6 kg bombs* 64

*Exclusive to each other



The B 3A is identical to the B 3C in-game aside from the engine it uses. In this case it's the Bristol Mercury III which would be significantly weaker than it and the B 3 before it.


The bombs are held in an internal bay with a capacity of up to 1,000, enough for four 250 kg bombs, over a dozen 50 kg bombs, and over a several dozen 12 kg or 6 kg bombs. Defensive gun positions are located at the front, manned by the gunner/bombardier, and in the rear with one located atop and the other located in a bucket seat on the bottom. Below is the payload it has available to it:

  • 6 kg
    • 6 kg brandbomb m/39 (incendiary)
  • 12 kg
    • 12 kg sprängbomb m/37 (high-explosive)
  • 50 kg
    • 50 kg minbomb m/37A (general purpose)
    • 50 kg sprängbomb m/42 (high-explosive)
  • 250 kg
    • 250 kg minbomb m/37B (general purpose)
    • 250 kg minbomb m/40 (general purpose)



The B 3A would be the first bomber in the medium bomber line at either 1.0 or 1.3 due to its significantly weaker engines than either it or the B 3 before it. 




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