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Maximizing profit in War Thunder universal advice.

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War Thunder is an immensely complex game, new players must learn lots of info to know just to even hit a target. 
That is not even considering the 3 modes (AB, RB, and SB), 5 vehicle types/trees (for now), 9 nations, several mission types/goals, all on dozens of different maps each needing different tactics and equipment to win.

To help here are the fundamentals of how to do better than average in WT;

More RP, SL, and even winning more often.  It will not make you OP, but it will make you fail less.


Know the game currency (if not already familiar), read up my post here .


TL/DR at end.


Daily NEWS!

Take 20 seconds to read War Thunder news daily, especially on Fridays and holidays.  A few times a year Gaijin has a special event where you can earn something for almost no effort (and others that take a lot of effort).  You may get a FREE Rank 1 Premium unit for just a few games.


Daily Log-in Roulette Boxes

Even if you do not play, just log and grab it. Daily box prizes add up over time, unlocking units faster and earning more SL.  A 300% bonus will make an ok game very profitable (a few times a year 500% or get lucky with 900% will drop!).  If one are really lucky, one can win 1,000,000 SL! 

NOTE: You do not need to play every day.  Save up 4 days of bonuses and use them all on one day.

NOTE 2: may even catch a rare surprise gift.


War Bonds! 
Once you have Rank 2 units start going after the easy War Bond tasks (the Hard task and Special task needs Rank 3).  Most “easy” WB tasks are easy to do, 1 or 2 matches (typically less than 30 min).  Earn enough War Bonds to get “Back up Vehicles”, Bonuses, and other items.  Be casual earning these, you will not miss something if you miss a few days.  Just enjoy the game with an eye toward winning it, but no sweat if did not that day.

NOTE: “Battle Pass Event” does not change the advice, and the rewards are actually BETTER even if you did not purchase the ticket!  Instead of earning WarBond daily, you get 500 or more about every 10 levels, which you can use to purchase items from the Shop.


SAVE your Silver Lions.

Wait for the big 50% sales events! Only spend SL on what you must use now (certain mods or units) For “Winter 2020” I spent about 7 million SL buying mods, ammo, and units at 50% off.  14 million if I purchased at full!  The year before I spent 19 million SL, otherwise cost me 38 million had I gone full price.

In early May (Victory Europe day) there is a 30% discount for Allied trees (once did all).


REPAIR your units FOR FREE!

Every crew slot repairs your damaged units for free, but if you maximize your CREW XP for REPAIR and REPAIR RANK it will be fixed in minuets (Rank 1).  The difference for a 0 XP crew and a max 100% Repair crew can be days.  4 nations of Rank 3 units being played daily and left to repair overnight (Auto Repair OFF ) can easily save you 30,000SL.  In a week that savings could be 210,000SL. 

To do the above, you must turn off “Auto Repair” (restock if you need).  Here is a video describing more about the "Auto..." features.


Also Turn OFF Auto Rearm”, "Auto Crew Replacement " (if exists), and “Auto Module Purchase” (with "Auto Repair", mentioned above).

A bad mission will cost you, and then a double whammy of restocking expensive ammo!  Instead use the stock and restock for big discounts a few times a year (read on).  If you are at 0 stock, then purchase a small amount, not full load.  Buy modules that are absolute necessary (more later).  Auto Crew Replacement is for ground units only, the the Crew icon on top bar.  Will need to do this with each unit.  You have 30 replacements, will be a long time before you use up 30 troops.



November 1st is launch day of War Thunder back in 2012.  Every year they have a big anniversary “party” with 50% off all units (SL and GE), unit modules, and ammunition (excluding bombs and rockets).  Sometimes other items are offered.

Christmas / New Year’s (December 24 to January 2 also brings similar, a great way to furiously unlock stuff for upcoming discounts and prizes!

Victory in Europe day in early in May is another.  Discounts are like above, but usually 30%, but once Gaijin was very generous and did 50% off! 

Taking advantage of this, I have saved myself WEEKS of grind.


So you can save millions of SL a year, which you will need for:


Crew Slots are key to winning!

With the sole exception of Air RB, “Crew Slots” are a major for success in game.  Ground units for example, you have light tanks, medium tank, heavy tanks, SPG, and SPAA to choose to use in a map.  Winning a game strongly depends on what you bring to the game.  Then there is bringing an aircraft or two, and now one needs 7 slots.  Once you are up to Rank 3, I strongly recommend using 200GE to unlock crew slot #6.  It is worth spending a little real money to get a slot. With the big 5 nations it is worth it to unlock slot #7 for 500 GE each. 

Unlock the SL purchase slots as fast as you can.  The GE slots can be done later.


EXPERT your crew, as many as possible.

EXPERT crew plays off big time!  That +3 bonus to most stats is easily noticeable in game, and if you play that unit frequently you get a FREE Ace crew upgrade! 

I expert ALL my crew up to Rank 4, it is not that expensive.  I am more selective above rank 4, but still do almost all of them.


Play next unit in tree, unlock units faster!

There is a 110% now 130% (starting v2.7) bonus for researching the next unit in line.  Then when you finish the row of modules there is another bonus that will also get that 110% so unlock will be faster.  Above Rank 3 this bonus goes a very long way.


Pick the vehicle modules to research!

As little as 4 modules can make a miserable stock unit into a good unit to use in game.  Take your time in choosing what to research first.  Most of time is Parts, Fire Extinguisher (ground and naval), and certain ammo (all).  With fighters ammo is almost always first (except jets), bombers it is always the bomb racks.


Plan for the big sales, 3 times a year (yes, mention again).

Late October, Christmas, and Victory Day – Europe War Thunder has 50% and 30% off sales.  Plan ahead a few weeks by saving SL, unlocking modules of units you have (do not buy), and unlocking units you want (do not buy). 


Finish Rank 1 and 2 of ALL nations

Events and prizes in game can be nation specific, needing Rank 2 and up (Battle Pass is all Rank 3, and some BP tasks are tree specific).  To grab that free stuff, be ready!  One will also learn the strengths and weaknesses of other nations, making one play smarter and win more often. 

And one might like playing another nation!  


TL/DR (recap)

  • Every day check news, especially on Friday and holidays.
  • Every day log in get Bonus box
  • Every day (optional), try and earn the easy War Bond (no worry if cannot)
  • Maximize your REPAIR rank and REPAIR speed in Crew settings
  • Turn OFF “Auto Repair”, “Auto Rearm”, “Auto Module Purchase”, "Auto Crew Replacement" (or any "Auto" item).
  • “Expert” the crew of as many units as possible.
  • Use the “next unit” 110% bonus, unlocking next unit in line
  • Unlock the most useful vehicle modules (eg: Parts, FE, and some Ammo types), save rest for sales.
  • Save for the big sales 3 times a year
  • Play all the nations, rank 1 and 2.  
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Next unit research increase to 130%
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Better to write what countrys and what not to play if you wanna earn silver to.
Like Russian and German tanks is very easy to get kills whit.

German tanks is'nt the best in terms of protection but higher tanks *after 3.0 and forward* have better protection and when you get to tiger your silver lions is gonna come in alot smoother.
Russian is a land that is kind of more OP shoots then any other, it's very easy to get going whit russians and it's just gonna get easier to kill tanks further down the line.
Britain is slow but there are some tanks that are pretty nice going forward not as good at making silver lions.
US the best money maker tank in my opinion is Cobra kind no question about it how ever US tanks is pretty easy to kill and it's hard to get further if you don't know how to be careful in the game
Japan is some pretty good tanks but in silver lions maker I really don't recomend this.
China is the same as japan in my opinion.
Italy oooh what a tree to play fun tanks but paper walls so be very careful.
France well there is some harder tanks and some easy tanks money maker wise is okey.
Sweden BAAAAH forget earning silver here... repair costs is way up there and you have to be 1st place in every match whit a minimum of 5 kills in order to even get + in silver lions.

Tier one GOOD money making:
Russian/Germany and britain *isch*

Tier two okey money making:

Tier three don't even think of getting here until you have a grasp of the game:

I enjoy britain/US and sweden and those are the countrys I pay most.
I do love my cobra king and it's brilliant for money maker I do EASY 60k-180k per match
Britains churchill is probebly the most sluggish tank there is but oooh what a wounder of a tank.
Sweden...... love the centurion 81/101/104/81 RB 52 -premium but the price to pay each match.

The "OP" countrys in this game when it comes to protection and firepower = German and russia.
I stay away from those countrys

medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal medal

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  • Technical Moderator
On 04/01/2021 at 10:55, Chris000Lim said:

Better to write what countrys and what not to play if you wanna earn silver to.



This is fundamental procedural advice for game, not tactical advice about countries and units, it has to work for everything and every one.

Your advice is better as a separate thread one recommendations on the best units to play, and I invite you to do such a thread (it may be pinned if judged worthy).


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  • Pony51 changed the title to Maximizing profit in War Thunder universal advice.
  • 4 months later...

Get premium, sadly you won't earn nearly as much with premium.


Been playing since 2013 and that's just the way its always been.


Oh and talismans, they can turn a normal vehicle's rewards into a premium vehicles reward too. Costs GE But occasionally you can get 1 or 2 in a few daily logins or battle trophies, but they're for random vehicles so its all up for chance.


Its kinda worth it to grind through the trees but to be honest the most fun you can have in this game is around mid tier (tiers 3 to 4) for most nations.


Generally this game is best enjoyed when you find a vehicle you really like playing and just sticking with it. 

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