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LAV-700 (Cockerill 3030) for 8.7 Canadian (UK/Commonwealth) Wheeled Armoured Car


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Hello again!


I present the LAV-700 (Cockerill 3030) as an 8.7 BR Wheeled Armoured Car for UK/Britain (Canada). This post is similar to my previous post on the LAV-700 (CMI-3105), but features a change in weapon system. Instead, this vehicle equips a Cockerill 3030 weapon system with a dual fed Northrop Grumman Mk44 30x173mm cannon, coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, and BAYONET tandem ATGM1. It may also equip a pintle-mounted 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine guns, or a 40mm grenade launcher. It can have 1, 2, or 4 BAYONET missiles in 1 or 2 launchers2. The 21 ton vehicle (without turret) is driven by a 711hp Caterpillar C13 diesel engine_ giving it 34hp/t, and a top speed of over 110km/h. The vehicle has all round protection against 14.5mm AP, and 30mm (ammunition type unspecified) in the frontal arc3. It has 8 smoke grenades in 2 banks on either side of the turret.



A side angle of the LAV-700


This vehicle is made by General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada, and is in service with the Saudi Arabian National Guard as part of a 2015 deal to sell over 900 of the APCs in various configurations including ones with 105mm guns (per my previous post), and the aforementioned 30mm guns4. Production started in 2017, and the vehicles have recently begun appearing in SANG promotional videos.5 The only configurations I have seen to date of the 3030 turret in service are with a single missile, single launcher configuration (seen below), and no missiles (though obviously not applicable for War Thunder).



A frontal view of the LAV-700 with a single launcher


The dual-axis stabilized weapon station can elevate between -10o/+60o, and has 255 30mm rounds in a dual feed_. It would also have access to the following ammunition types:

  • NM 225/MK 258 Mod 0 APFSDS-T ammunition (100mm RHA @ 500m)6
  • NM 245/MK 320 APDS-T (70mm RHA @ 500m)7

  • NM 222/MK 264 MP-T/SD (HE filled)8

  • PGU-13D/B HEI (HE filled)9

  • MK 310 PABM (Programmable Air-Burst Munition with tracer)10


Alternatively, the Mk44 Bushmaster II can be upgunned to fire SuperShot 40x180mm ammunition11. I do not know if this arrangement has been performed by either GDLS-C, or the SANG. In the upgunned configuration, the Mk44 has access to the following ammunition types12:

  • APFSDS-T (unknown penetration values)
  • TP-T (unknown penetration values)
  • MPAB-T (Multipurpose Airburst, Tracer)



LAV-700s wrapped to be transported


Details about the BAYONET ATGM are limited, however, it is a 130mm missile with a tandem warhead allowing it to penetrate ERA. At IDEX 2019, a spokesperson for CMI Defense stated the BAYONET can "take on Main Battle Tanks at 5 kilometers range." Additionally, the production being showcased was specifically for a Middle Eastern customer (likely Saudi Arabia), and featured an arrangement of 2 BAYONET ATGMs13; this may warrant an in-game edition to have a 2 missiles-1 launcher configuration as opposed to the 1 missile-1 launcher configuration as has been photographed. I do not have any data on the number of missiles stowed in the vehicle, or internal layout.



The Cockerill 3030 turret for the Middle Eastern customer with 2 missile-1 launcher configuration.

I envision this to be a wheeled equivalent to the M3A3 Bradley recently added as part of Ixwa Strike. It shoots things with a big autocannon at close range, it slings tandem warhead missiles at long range, and it has high mobility granting it the ability to execute quick flanking maneuvers in tight. I believe the vehicle should appear in either a 1 missile-1 launcher configuration, or a 2 missile-1 launcher configuration. It would suffer from hull-break like other 8 wheeled armoured cars presently in War Thunder, and would have a large profile. In either the 30mm or 40mm, the vehicle could engage low flying jets and helicopters with 30mm Mk 310 PABM, or 40mm MPAB-T. As for the vehicle's place in the British Ground Forces tree, I do not see a place for it presently, but I make this suggestion to build a case for a Canadian Ground Forces branch similar to what South Africa has received. My choice of 8.7 was largely informed by the M3A3 Bradley, since they occupy roughly the same IFV role, and have roughly the same capabilities. The differences being maneuverability traded for top speed, and top-attack traded capability traded for a bigger gun and tandem warheads. 



Various iterations of the LAV-700


Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think about this suggestion below.




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  • Suggestion Moderator

Hello hydroxideblue,


Thank you for your suggestion submission, however it wasn't able to meet our minimum guidelines for a suggestion as you lacked a no option for poll question #2. I have edited your poll to comply with suggestion rules.


On 22/06/2018 at 12:21, CokeSpray said:

ZPje0i2.png Please Do NOT :


Naturally, there are also a few things you should try to avoid at all times. Those things are the following:


Create polls that don't include a "Negative" or "No" answer

While polls offer a good and simple way for individuals to quickly express their stance on a subject, without having to elaborate it in detail, there are ways to manipulate polls to always show a desired result. To avoid having an unfair voting system, make sure to  always include a negative option to a question so that it's fair and unbiased. If this requirements isn't met, the thread author will be notified and the poll will be altered to provide a fair voting system.


Open for discussion.

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Hey Miki,


My apologies, I thought I was compliant with the first question. Thanks for the fix on this, and my other post! 

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Looks amazing, but probably should be 9.0 given the penetration of the apfsds rounds. If it got the 40mm, definitely 9.0 or 9.3 ... I really love this idea though! Would be amazing.

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+1 I hope we'll see this kind of vehicles more

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