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M113 SS11 for 7.0 Canadian (UK/Commonwealth) ATGM vehicle


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Hey guys!


Today I would like to suggest the M113 SS11, an M113A1CDN armoured personnel carrier equipping the SS11B1 anti-tank guided missile. The configuration consists of an M113A1CDN, with 2 Nord Aviation SS11B1 missiles in 360o rotating mounts extending above the vehicle. At least 10 of these vehicles were produced, and served in Europe and Canada from the late 1960s, to the late 1970s. This vehicle equipped anti-tank companies of 4 CIBG, and later 4 CMBG while headquartered at CFB Lahr.1 They were converted back to regular M113A1s following the introduction of the more advanced BGM-71 TOW missile in the Canadian Army, which offered greater performance and accuracy.2 



The M113 SS11 in Canadian service


Nord Aviation SS11B1 Anti-tank Guided Missile:

The SS11B1 missile was a wire-guided, MCLOS anti-tank missile consisting of a two-stage solid propellant motor, and a variety of different warheads. These warheads include Type 140AC anti-tank warhead, Type 140AP02 semi-armour-piercing delay-action anti-personnel warhead, and Type 140AP59 anti-personnel fragmentation warhead. The anti-tank warhead penetrated a maximum of 600mm of rolled homogenous armour, while the semi-armour-piercing penetrated 10mm before detonating. The missile could reach its maximum range of 3000m in 20-23 seconds.3



An SS11B1 Missile being inspected by crewmen


M113A1CDN Armoured Personnel Carrier:

The M113A1CDN was an M113 equipped with a Detroit Diesel 6V-53 engine, and served as Canada's primary armoured personnel carrier for most of the Cold War. 700 vehicles were acquired from 1964 to 1968 following the failed attempt to produce the home-grown Bobcat Armoured Personnel Carrier. It was able to carry 10 troops plus Commander and Driver. The M113A1CDN was amphibious, and had a top speed of 60km/h (note: this datapoint comes from the M113A2 which featured the same engine).4 Driver had access to the M19 infrared periscope, allowing him to operate at night. 



The M113A1CDN Armoured Personnel Carrier


M113 SS11:

In combination, this configuration has 2 missiles in rotating mounts atop the vehicle, with 4 reloads within the hull. This is comparable to the Type 60 ATM. The launchers can extend several feet above the vehicle to fire from a hull down position, and can retract back down to be reloaded. It has a crew of 3 consisting of a driver, commander, and loader. Initially, the commander operated the missile from a plexiglass box, but this was replaced in 1970 by a Hensoldt periscope similar to the one carried by the Raketenjagdpanzer 2 presently in game. Naming conventions for this vehicle are retrieved from Modelling the M113 Series by Graeme Davidson.5 



SS11B1 missiles being fired, note the difference in height between the launchers.



I believe this vehicle would function similarly to the German Raketenjagdpanzer 2 missile carrier, though having less ammunition. It would excel in a hull-down position, allowing the missiles to be fired over cover while the hull remains in full concealment away from harm. It would obviously have extreme difficulty fighting in close quarters, preferring long distances where it can smack enemy armour with impunity. Similarly, the MCLOS guidance of the missile make them less accurate, and harder to control. The 360o launchers give a strong advantage over its German counterpart's 180o field of fire. It would also benefit from the ability to scout out targets, and call down artillery.



An M113 SS11 alongside an M40A1 equipped M113A1 in Germany


I believe this vehicle should occupy the 7.0 Battle Rating, considering where the Raketejagdpanzer 2, and Type 60 ATM sit. It should only get the 140AC warheads for its missiles, as the other warheads wouldn't be very useful. The driver should have access to the M19 infrared periscope, but the utility of this equipment would be limited. I do not presently have a suggested place within a tech tree, as the intent of this suggestion is to build a case for a Canadian branch within the British Ground Forces tree much like South Africa has received. 



A 1971 Der Kanadier article featuring the M113 SS116


Tell me what you think! Do you like the idea of some more Canadian hardware in game? I'd like to hear what you think! More data on this vehicle can be found in the Canadian War Museum's Military History Research Centre. I would have been able to head there were it not for the ongoing pandemic, however Operators instructions : Guided Missile System SS11B1 with optical tracker on carrier, personnel, armoured, M113A1 Cdn., 1969,7 and Anti-tank guided missile, SS11B1, 19658 are likely some very good places to start.





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We also already have the domestic FV120 Spartan MCT possible to add which fills roughly the same role.


Spartan MCT


Spartan MCT | Weaponsystems.net



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Yeah, I mostly chose this vehicle due to the nationality and my desire for a Canadian branch, but yeah the Spartan could definitely be an option.



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