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What is the best units to buy Talisman for?

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What is the best units to buy Talisman for?

Here is the 101 for Talisman ("Tal" for short)


I see a hand raised in back, yes?

Oh, you wonder what is a Talisman ?


It is a charm (talisman) that will double (2x, +100% of unit RP, twice) the total RP earned to the unit blessed with the almighty Talisman (no, does not give you immunity from being kicked off the island, er, match).

The RP earned is for both "Vehicle under research" and "That vehicle modules"

Premium account also doubles the RP, but that lasts as long as you have Premium time. One can have both a Talisman AND Premium account (so a 4x multiplication).

Premium units have a Talisman automatically (see the coin above it?).


Talisman costs GE to purchase, starting at 80GE for a lowly Reserve unit, to well over 4000GE in high rank (Rank VI+) units.

During big sales (V-E day, Anniversary, and Christmas) the prices will drop to 30% or 50%.


With that out of the way,..

What is the best units to buy Talisman for?

Reserve units, when on the 50% sale price.  40GE each!

Reserve are free units you can throw away in match and not worry about loosing SL.  Many Reserves are also not to be ignored even in high tier battles.  For instance the M2A4 Stuart is fast, has artillery, a good enough cannon to take out even Rank VII soft skinned units (BMP, anyone?), and can cap points.  In Naval the LS 3 and G-5 also punch above their weight, useful even in top tier battles.

Reserves have the lowest RP gain in game (typically 50%), but with talisman it will have the RP gain of many Rank II units!

Another good reason to Tal a Reserve is getting a lucky FREE Talisman.  The the box drops and you get one, almost all the time to goes to lowest BR unit in game, a Reserve!  If it already has a Talisman, better changes are it will go to a much higher rank unit.

(And yes, almost every lineup I made has a reserve at ready)

PS: Credit to another player for suggesting it (sorry, forgot name).


Generally  the Highest rank units (Rank VI and up)

The unit modules could be 10,000, 20,000, even 30,000 RP to unlock.  That is more than some Rank II units!  Why play 20 battles to unlock a single module, when you can unlock it in 10!

The next vehicle could need 1,000,000 RP to unlock too!  Cut the number of games needed in half.

Be selective in which units, read on.


What specific units that are worthy to Talisman?

This is very much an individual selection, with literally thousands to choose from.  

In this category, do not choose what you like because it looks cool.

Choose what you:

1. play the most (something you like to play, not to score with)

2. do best with (not only win the most)

3. to help unlock another unit or line faster



I play the A-26C frequently.  I love that attacker, but decided to Tal that long after I spaded it.

I do not like the SF 40 but do very well in it, so I Tal that.

I had just purchased the USS New Orleans (CA-32) in V-E day sale, so I Tal that (also 30% off) so can unlock all modules fast, and faster grind to the USS North Dakota (BB-29).


Specials Cases (non of the above apply)

One special case where the "Next unit to research 110% bonus" applies to 2 units (1 in folder, another is next one down tree).  The Tal + the 110% bonus unlocks units faster.  You need to look at next units in tree and folder to see if the bonus is from same unit. 


Another special case is expediency. 
In the Christmas sale I purchased the USS Atlanta (CL-51) and Talisman it (50% off). That weekend was also (the rare) Naval EC. 
With the Tal, Premium account, boosters, and winning 2 EC matches I was able to spade the Atlanta and unlock and purchase at 50% off the USS Cleveland (CL-55), 100,000 RP in 3 hours. Everything was going my way to unlock this fast (had I lost it would have taken 5  hours).
Atlanta is a Rank 4, and earning 100,000 RP is not that hard so I would never consider to Tal it, but to unlock Cleveland in 3 hours was great!


Use what I wrote above as a GUIDE. 

It will help you make make smart choices and get most out of your GE and game time. 

Welcome to add your Talisman decisions and successes.

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I'll chime in and say some Rank IIs and early Rank IIIs Fighter Aircraft that scale well The P-40E-1, P-40F-10, F4F-4, Bf 109 E-4, F6F-5, F4U-1D, Fw-190 A-1, Fw-190 A-4, A6M2, A6M3, Yak-3, Bf 109 F-2, Bf 109 F-4, La-5FN, Yak-1B, C. 205 serie 3, J22-B, Spitfire Mk Vb, P-38G-1 anything around that area people use heavily in uptiers or downtiers. Those really benefit from a talisman. Same idea for bombers and attackers that scale well like the B-25J-1. :salute:

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T-34-85 (D5T)


I was lucky enough to get one as a random reward for this vehicle, and being such a strong tank for its BR can easily grind out tier 3 to tier 4 for you. Doubtful about its capabilities past Tier 5 but its fast enough to get to enemies side armour, plus it has a lot of explosive filler in its shells.


Very fun tank to play in both lower and higher BR.


Of course, there's a premium T-34-85 IIRC if you don't already have the standard tech tree one, which can be a completely viable alternative if you are close to Tier 3 but not just there yet.

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1 hour ago, Waelse said:

Vehicles you uses a lot in daily tasks. 

But talismans are expensive, it's better to buy a premium vehicle for that GEs.

I dont see a reason to buy a talisman...at least in my case, SL runs out much faster than RP...talismans only make this balance EVEN WORSE.

As said above...Premium vehicle (or premium time if you can afford it) are better options by far.

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