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F60S (20mm Quad Polsten) for 3.0 Canadian (UK/Commonwealth) SPAA


F60S (20mm Quad Polsten)  

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Today I would like to suggest the Canadian Military Pattern Ford F60S equipped with a Quad Polsten 20mm system as a BR 3.0 Canadian (UK/Commonwealth) SPAA. This vehicle is officially referred to as the Lorry, 3-ton, 20-mm Quad, Self Propelled per the Canadian Military Headquarters' Vehicle Data Book - Canadian Army Overseas published in December 1944.1 In lieu of this unwieldly name, I have opted to refer to it as the F60S (20mm Quad), following Gaijin's conventions used to describe the GAZ-AAA (4M), and GAZ-MM (72-K).



The F60S (20mm Quad) with Polsten guns


In the Second World War, one of Canada's main contributions to the Allied war effort consisted of the Canadian Military Pattern truck, a range of military trucks for members of the British Commonwealth, and the Soviet Union. These trucks served to motorize British Commonwealth armies, of which 750,000 were built by the end of the war.This total was greater than the truck output of all Axis nations combined. Meanwhile, John Inglis and Company were in the process of designing the Inglis 20mm cannon, a gun built around the Hispano-Suiza 20x110mm round. This gun would be "superior not only to existing allied models but also to the German 2cm Flak 38."3 Drawings were completed in April 1942, and a automatic test fire was completed in September 1942. In February 1944, the Inglis 20mm gun met Directorate of Development of Vehicles and Small Arms standards. Simultaneously, development was underway on the Inglis quad mount, a system which would carry 4 20mm Inglis guns in an hydraulically operated turret. The system displayed minimal movement while firing from the high mobility 6x6 chassis. However, the Inglis was doomed as the 21st Army Group changed its policy regarding 20mm ammunition, dictating that its supply chains would no longer support Hispano-Suiza ammunition. This notice was received in February 1944. In response, the quad mounts had to be modified to carry Polsten guns, instead of the original Inglis guns. The Polsten 20mm gun was a simplified derivative of the Oerlikon gun, firing 20x110mm RB ammunition instead of the 20x110mm fired by the Hispano-Suiza guns. In this configuration 250 Quad Polsten guns were fitted to Ford F60S vehicles, 60 of which were sold to the British. These vehicles mainly served to engage V-1 rockets attacking Britain, while also forming part of LAA regiments in Europe. 




The Polsten Quad 20mm system with 60 round drums


This vehicle weighs 6.7 tons, and is driven by a 95hp Ford V8 engine giving it a power to weight ratio of 16.2 hp/t. The vehicle has seats for 5 crewmembers, likely a Driver, Commander, Gunner, and 2 loaders. The vehicle has negligible armour, and I have been unable to determine the level of protection provided by the turret. In the case of the Polsten equipped turret, it would perform identically to British 20mm Oerlikon guns present on the Crusader AA Mk II with 60 round drums. In the case of the Inglis guns it would instead have 50 round drums, firing the same ammunition present on allied aircraft. Additionally, it may have access to AP Mk III, an HVAP round designed in May 1943. This round could penetrate 67mm at 200 yards, with 350 feet per second aircraft speed in tests.It would be more historically reasonable to equip this vehicle with the Quad Polsten, and not the Quad Inglis, however I leave the option open to Gaijin to balance as they see fit. Upon visual inspection from photographs, this vehicle has stowage space for 16 additional 60/50 round drums of ammunition as seen below.5



Ammunition storage arrangement


As for gameplay, I believe this vehicle would be a good fit at BR 3.0. It combines the air defence firepower of the Wirbelwind with the fragility of Soviet milk trucks like the GAZ-MM (72-K). It would be a high-risk/high-reward type of vehicle, being able to devastate aircraft at its BR, but dying as soon as it is breathed on. In the Polsten configuration, this system would not be particularly effective against ground targets, but could damage barrels. In the Inglis configuration, this vehicle could pose a serious threat to medium tanks from the side. As for position, I believe this vehicle could fill the space between the AEC AA, and the Crusader AA Mk II. That, or it could find a place within an independent Canadian branch. Lately, I have been making suggestions for Canadian armoured fighting vehicles to justify the depth, and variety of such a branch within the British Tree, and this could aid that branch,




Datasheet for the Lorry, 3-ton, 20mm Quad, Self-Propelled. Note the Inglis 20mm cannons in the photograph, and in the Additional Data section.


What do you think of my suggestion? Do you see an opportunity for this vehicle to bolster current Allied anti-aircraft capabilities? 








1. Montague, P. J. (1944). Vehicle data book: Canadian Army Overseas: Armoured tracked vehicles, armoured wheeled vehicles, tractors, transporters, "B" vehicles, trailers . London: Branch of QMG, Canadian Military Headquarters.

2. Taylor, P. S. (2016, April 20). The trucks that beat Hitler. Retrieved May 20, 2021, from https://nationalpost.com/opinion/peter-shawn-taylor-the-trucks-that-beat-hitler

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5. Canadian Department of National Defence. (n.d.). 110 Army Numerical 11850-31114 [PDF]. Ottawa: Library and Archives Canada.

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11 hours ago, Razielkaine said:

Looks usable but I'd prefer the skink

Yeah, this just felt like another thing to add onto the pile. The Skink (at least the production variant) has been "Considered" for a while, so I just wanted to throw this idea into the mix.

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