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Fennek SWP It's time for the first Dutch vehicle in the game, Let's shoot (for / into) the skies.


Fennek SWP  

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It's time for the first Dutch vehicle in the game, Let's shoot (for / into) the skies.



On December 21st 2001 in The Hague, the dutch Ministry of Defence and the ARGE Fennek consortium signed a contract for the combined Dutch and German procurement of ~6 Fennek light wheeled armoured vehicles worth aproxx 500 million euros. Out of the 612 vehicles, the majority went to the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) and 202 would enter service with the Bundeswehr. The RNLA has procured 202 reconnaissance vehicles armed with a .50 cal machine gun, 130 MRAT versions and the rest would be general purpose vehicles. Of these 18 have been equipped with the Stinger  weapons platform, SWP for short. The Fennek is the result of continued Dutch and German post-ww2 collaboration.


Why should the fennek be added in the game?

The Fennek should be added as a similar version to the Japanese type 93. A fast and maneuverable vehicle that would be an air defence vehicle first and active scout vehicle second. Germany currently has some solid anti air choices at top tier but with the FlaRakRad’s massive size and the Roland is just a worse missile carrier with no guns compared to the Tunguska 2S6. Where I personally think that the Fennek should belong would be in a 9.3 battle rating as it’s a larger and slower type 93 with similar firepower. 8.7 to 9.3 is currently lacking in missile anti air for the germans despite TOW helicopters frequently being met where the Gepard is often outclassed by other nations’ AA thanks to their long range missile capabilities. Also, as a dutch person myself who also really enjoys tanks and AFV’s I think that it would be a good pretense to maybe explore a Dutch post war sub-tree in the german tech tree. Other vehicles that could be added would be the PzH2000 or the Leopard 2A4NL.

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Fennek Specs


10.4 t Min Load

12    t Max Load






1.79 Hull roof

Approx 2.5m with SWP system



STANAG 4569 Level 3 Aluminum (Protects against rifle caliber bullets)

Main Armament:

4x FIM-92J Stinger Missiles mounted on a PMADS remote weapon system


Approx -6 to 85 degrees

Turret Traverse (powered):

Approx 87.5 /s

Elevation rate:

*could not find an answer, waiting for response from Dutch Army

Rate of fire:

4 missiles ready to fire


Deutz BF6M 2013C turbo diesel at 240hp

Top Speed

112+ kph

HP per ton



3 (Driver, Commander, Gunner)

Operational Range

460km offroad

1000+ on roads

Turn Radius

Approx 6.43m


The armor on the fennek consists of STANAG 4569 Level 3 armor (Standarditization Agreement) all around with added protection on the bottom of the vehicle to defend against mines and IEDs.

Level 3 must withstand this amount of firepower


Kinetic Energy

7.62×51mm AP ( wc core) at 30 meters with 930 m/s

Angle: azimuth 360°; elevation 0-30°

Grenade and Mine Blast Threat

8 kg (explosive mass) Blast AT Mine:

3a – Mine Explosion pressure activated under any wheel or track location.

3b – Mine Explosion under center.


155 mm High Explosive at 60 m

Angle: azimuth 360°; elevation: 0 - 30°



As mentioned before the Fennek is equipped with 4 FIM-92J Stinger Surface to Air Missiles mounted on an Aselsan ZIPKIN KMS PMADS (Pedestal Mounted Air Defence System). The Missile fired by the Fennek SWP is nearly identical to the AIM-92 Missile fired by the AH-64D already in the game. Notable differences are improved tracking and an added proximity fuze which was installed in the J model. Another bonus is the 12.7mm machine gun mounted in the weapons platform which can be used for self defense

The Harpoon KMS system, which provides automation of all functions and is completely developed by ASELSAN as software and hardware, Fire Control Computer, passive target search sensors consisting of thermal and daylight TV cameras, Video Target Tracker Unit that provides automatic tracking of the target, multi-pulse Laser Distance for target range measurement The finder consists of the IFF providing Friendly/Unknown Target separation and a 12.7 mm M3 [250 rounds] machine gun added to provide the system's self-defense. In the system, all processes, from target detection during the day/night, to tracking the target and shooting and shooting bullets for the machine gun, are carried out automatically.



The Fennek is equipped with thermal vision for the gunner and night vision, the Fennek also has a laser rangefinder together with 2x3 smoke launcher that can be fired individually which can be seen here (screenshot from a YT video, terrible quality )


Image Gallery


































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Open for discussion. :salute:

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+1 for german AA line between gepard and flarak


or.. +1 for benelux tt


AND, look at this vehicle, best M60 ever. M60T should be in M60 line as tier 7.. M60T is basically more armored AMBT. and M60T actively using in wars today: 




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