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Boom and Zoom Aircraft


Do you struggle with the magical boom and zoom aircraft? Is it because your wings snap off? Because your aim is off? Well this is the right topic for you. I will teach you all those answers.


Diving on the right target is tricky and can take some practise. You have to not only learn your plane, but learn your surroundings and control of your engine. I wrote a guide on how to fly the early BF109s (link at bottom of topic) a lot of scenarios I was trapped in, was to gain altitude and pick on players. Looking at the War Thunder wiki I The BF109s I thought was worth the mention and are considered the best boom and zoom aircraft. We will have to learn why they are so good and how you can establish these tricks into other aircrafts.


BF109's B1 variant:


This is the structure of a BF109 B1-E and we want to know how to use these wings in War Thunder and why they work effectively. 

The B F109 B1 has a top speed of 465 km/h at 4 000 m (this is fully upgraded at RB), well if you reach 4 000 meters you’re doing well cause only bombers would be able to find you at this altitude. As I just mentioned at 1.3 the BF109 to what I could find was the only high alt plane the biplanes and other planes either struggled to reach short distances or for personal sake was just easier to stay low and show off their manoeuvrability . Despite having no armour nor self-sealing tanks head-on attacks are lethal against your enemies. 

To put this to the test let’s picture something you at 2 000 meters and below at 500-1 000 meters there’s a P26 he doesn’t notice you nor doesn’t worry about your presents. You dive on him and take the kill you pull up at 10Gs but you return to a height of 1 500 meters here you’re still safe but here are some alternate scenarios.

A.) There’s another bogie that shoots from your 6 after taking the kill (maybe the kill took a little longer than expected) you decide to turn to fight him. This is bad it’s safer to climb if he doesn’t have speed and wait till he’s off your tail ⅘ times you will get away.

B.)You just bought the aircraft and you can’t climb far just as I say when playing a new plane or new to the game it’s best to think of your pros and cons of any plane. You should be smart when starting early do your best to climb and tire your opponent (making them stall, lose speed etc.) this plane can last a fight and can pick up speed, you must be smart about every move cause energy needs to be conserved. Utilise common manoeuvres  such as Immelmann, Split-S, scissors, barrel roll, etc. Trying vertically climbing, and diving to hold speed. One thing to remember your plane is heavier than most others at BR so it will be easier to stall.

C.)This may be for more experienced pilots and/or must only be attempted by people who are crazy or good at flying. If you stall before your opponents be observant at all costs to your enemy behind he may overshoot, ram you or hit a fuel tank which can be exposed when on a 90-degree angle to the opponent. Watch speeds and doing a (really bad) “cobra” may save your life. 

When diving I’ve never broken wings in the speed of destruction so don’t worry. I reach a max of ~600 km/h but do be mindful when reaching 700 km/h. Always being aware of situational awareness watch on recycling speed via altitude.

Things needed to take of this lesson:

1. pick your targets wisely

2. watch speed and work with the engine for best performance

3. know your aircrafts destructive speeds

4. recycle speed via altitude

5. situational  awareness

GLHF by TheDryestMars

for more BF109B1 info and tactics: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18g_44lboGPkyimEZuSeZG8PUsBt7PZE66SjyFobO9O4/edit?usp=sharing


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Thank you for the information (Pinned) :good:

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Thank you in the name of new players, good work.

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