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Sd.Kfz. 250 Ausf.B mit 5 cm Pak 38 L/60 the 251/22's little unique brother


Do you want the Sd.Kfz 250 Ausf. B mit 5 cm Pak 38 L/60?  

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I would like to suggest the modifed, lengthened Sd.Kfz 250 with a 5 cm Pak 38 L/60. Perfomance wise it is the same as a normal 250 but the back end got lengthened, looks more like a small 251 now and mounts a 5 cm Pak 38 L/60.

It would play similar to the Sd.Kfz 251/22 which we have in game, a mobile lightly armored anti tank gun, beeing this vehilce 6-7 tons and having 100 hp it could get to certain positions or flank very fast, which it would need because even an heavy Mg looking at it will be its end. It would fit somewhere from 1.7 to 2.3 (going by the Pz.Sfl. Ic is 2.3 has a turret and some other advantages while the much stronger Marder III sits at 2.7 and the TD befor that is at 1.3 with quite good gun too (Pzj IB).


As many know Germany and other nations also modefied certain vehicles and equipment to better fit certain rolls or just salvaged out of destroyed or damaged equipment, such as the Matilder "Oswald" and Kv 1C with the 7,5 cm KwK 40 L/48, also this Sd.Kfz 250.


The story of the 250:

In 1939 the german Army requested a vehicle similar but smaller to the Sd.Kfz. 251 as a troop carrier. The project was given to Demag who made the chassis and Büssing-Nag (Büssing AG 1903-1971)  who made the armored chassis. Production and development was slow duo more priority for the 251 and insufficent matierals. Duo to this the first production vehicles were first avalable in 1941 and in 1943 and onwards a new armored hull with  production and cost efficiency in mind were build (As Ausf. B). Until the end of the war over 6500 in 12 variants were build (A.e. 250/1 -> 250/12)


The Unique vehicle:

The normaly angled inwards crew compartment was lengthened by nearly a meter and now resembles more that of the 251. Probaply more room was needed to effectivly use the gun.(Even tho such was factory availably in the /8 version which had the 7,5 cm K.51 L/24) more modifications with the exception to the gunmount and ammo storag was not done. Armor was between 8 to 15mm.

Done what that most possible by the germans some time after 1943 (cince it is a Ausf.B) in the Balkans to have a mobile AT gun in case the Partisans or other attack. It could have bin units of the Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung 122 or Panzer Abteilung 212 who where ordered to withdraw in late 1944 and to move mostly through the Yugoslavian territory. During these withdrawals, they often fought battles with Yugoslav Partisans and the Bulgarian forces that had earlier switched sides to the Allied side. There was heavy fighting in Macedonia and the southern parts of Serbia where this vehicle was probably captured.


Dimensions L W H 3.62m x 1.91m x 1.63 m (11’10” x 6’3″ x 5’4″ ft.in)
Total weight, battle ready 6 – 7 tonnes
Crew 2+4 4 (gunner, loader, driver, commander)
Propulsion Maybach 6-cyl. water-cooled HL42 TRKM petrol, 100 hp
Top speed 76 km/h (47 mph)
Maximum range (on/off road) 320/200 km (200/120 mi)
Armament 1x 5 cm PaK 38, possibly 2x 7.92 mm MG34 or MG42
Armor 8 – 15 mm
Production 1

VgX35VL.jpg mdfKc0o.png PofqQ93.png s5TDuQT.jpg











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