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AMX 32 (1979), 105mm with stabilizer!


would you like to see the AMX 32 (1979) been added to the game?  

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  1. 1. would you like to see the AMX 32 (1979) been added to the game?

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I would like to suggest a interesting MBT who would bring the stabilizer to the earlier french MBT, the AMX-32 (1979)



the AMX-32 model from 1979 was the first of the AMX-32 family to be revealed. been developed in the mid 70s, the tank was only revealed in 1979 after been trialled and refuse for french services. it was one of the main highlighted vehicles in exposition Satory VII and offered for export. been absent from the 2nd generation of MBT, France was aware they had nothing modern to offer until the 90s. the international market was offering new tank such as M1 Abrams, Leopard 2 or T-72, Giat exploited a new approach more targeting the nation with lower budget. the French army did liked it, but they refused it for economical reason. the French military was cutting the budget and could just not afford to renew the fleet of MBT while they developed a MBT planed to enter in services in the early 90s (who became the Leclerc) they choose to up-grade their current AMX-30B2 until the new generation of MBT was ready. the AMX-32 offered serial modernization.

it retained serial feature from the AMX-30B

  • same suspension system (track,bogie, suspension)
  • same 20mm coaxial
  • same 105mm gun
  • same engine
  • same commander copula

but also incorporated new feature

  • M527 gyro-stabilised sight and gun
  • spaced armour
  • composite armour (layer of different steel with the first been double hardened steel)
  • balistic computer
  • protection against 57 & 75mm (the AMX-30 was only offering protection against 20mm)

the AMX 32 was the first french tank to use APFSDS

turned out the french strategy for marketing this tank was a flop. the Nation with low budged was not as interested as Giat expected to choose the AMX-32. those nation often choose to go with modernized T-55 or the new T-72 instant of going with the AMX-32 as alternative to the modern MBT. and in the market of the nations that could afford better vehicles, the AMX-32 was not capable to be compared with the M1 Abram or the Leopard 2 in that matter, it was cheaper, could catch a bit the space but still fall behind them in performance. the AMX-32 tried to catch up later, with the new AMX-32 120mm (from 1981) but it was again a failure. yet it was not the end as the design involved to the AMX-40... who was also a market failure...



been armed with the 105mm CN-105 F1 , the AMX-32 1979 have the same firepower as the AMX-32B2 but not the same efficiency. the AMX-32 is featuring the M527 gyro-stabilised sight and gun which allow it to shot on the move with high accuracy, feature that the AMX-30B2 do no have. it also feature laser range finder and Ballistic computer . this would greatly increase the efficiency of the firepower without making it more destructive. the 105mm is capable of turning at 360 degree with 25°/s and have an elevation of -8°/+20° . it carry 47 rounds for the main gun which is a reasonably good capacity. the AMX-32 also feature the Coaxial 20mm F2 auto-cannon like most AMX-30. the 20mm is having an independent elevation to allow it to fight low flying aircraft which give 20° over the main gun elevating to -8°/+40° for the 20mm H2P5jr8.jpg. the 20mm have a rate of fire of 1000 round/minutes and carry 480x 20mm rounds in two magazine of 240 rounds . there is also a A-A-F1N attached on the commander copula which can be used from inside the turret. the A-A-F1N is a 7.62mm gun with a rotation of 120° on both direction and an elevation of -8°/+45° . there is 2050 rounds carried for the 7.62mm .





Gun of type rifle tank gun. inspired by the CN-105-57 from the AMX-13.


The CN 105 mle 62, or also know as the CN-105 F1, was a gun designed for the French MBT in development in the 60s (who became the AMX-30). the gun was inspired from the CN-105-57 who was used in the AM-13. it is fitted with a semi-automatic vertical sliding wedge breech block. No muzzle brake is fitted and a compressed air scavenging system is used instead of a bore excavator. A thermal sleeve is fitted. The recoil mechanism uses two symmetrically opposed hydraulic brake cylinders with a single hydro-pneumatic recuperation cylinder. An electrical firing system is fitted



Weight: about 2000kg

Magazine: none

barrel caliber : L/56

rounds size: 105 × 617R mm

Rate of fire: 10 rpm

effective range : 2000 m




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standard APFSDS rounds in service for the CN-105 F1. the round used a tungsten dart.


projectile weight 3.8 kg

projectile velocity : 1525 m/sec



penetration (ingame)

358 mm at 100 meter, angle 0°

350 mm at 500 meter, angle 0° 

341 mm at 1000 meter, angle 0°

332 mm at 1500 meter, angle 0°

322 mm at 2000 meter, angle 0°


penetration (reported)

440 mm at 0 meter, angle 60°


OCC 105 F1 (HEAT)

standard Heat round for the CN-105 F1, it was also know as Obus G.


projectile weight 10.95 kg

projectile velocity : 1000 m/sec



400 mm at any-distance, angle 0°


OE 105 F1 Mle.60 (HE)

standard high explosive round for the CN-105 F1


projectile weight 12.1 kg

projectile velocity : 700 m/sec

explosive weight : 2 kg (TNT equivalent)


OFPH 105 F1

standard smoke round for the CN-105 F1


projectile weight 11.4 kg

projectile velocity : 700 m/sec




weapon of type auto-cannon. using the same ammunition as the HS820.


originally based on the HS 820, the M693 F2 was developed for the French Navy. it was a dual belt feed version of the gun who allow a much longer magazine. designed to be a AA gun, it show similar performance to the HS 820 and was used by the army for the IFV and Coaxial gun for the MBT. the dual feed allow a quick switch between different type of ammunition.


Weight: 71 kg

Magazine: belt

barrel caliber : L/100

rounds size: 20 x 139 mm

Rate of fire: 900 min

practical range: 1500m (against arial target)



  • F2 - naval version
  • M692 - army version



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standard AP round made with steel and a tungsten core.



  • projectile weight : 112 g

  • Velocity : 1100 m/sec


penetration (in-game & estimated)


  • 52 mm at 100 meter, angle 0°
  • 37 mm at 500 meter, angle 0°
  • 24 mm at 1 000 meter, angle 0°
  • 15 mm at 1 500 meter, angle 0°




standard multi-purpose rounds used for the HS-820. this round was ideal for light armored vehicles, infantry and aircraft.


  • projectile weight : 120 g

  • Velocity : 1100 m/sec

  • explosive : 4.5 g (type Hexal)


penetration (reported)

  • 50 mm at 100 meter, angle 0°


Penetration (estimated)

  • 43 mm at 100 meter, angle 0°
  • 30 mm at 500 meter, angle 0°
  • 19 mm at 1 000 meter, angle 0°



standard High explosive round with incendiary effect and tracer for the HS820. perfect against soft target.


  • projectile weight : 120 g

  • Velocity : 1050 m/sec

  • explosive : 10 g (type Hexal)


the AMX-32 is featuring the Renault V.I engine (hispano-suiza) providing 750 hp at 2400rpm . the tank weighting 38.000 kg would be just a bit heavier than the AMX-30B2 who was from the same year. it give a 19.76 hp/ton in the optimal condition and this allow the tank to reach the speed of 65 km/h on road and 45km/h off-road . the Minerva ENC 200 transmission is with 5-gear and with a inverting power-shift making the tank as fast forward than backward (H2P5jr8.jpgthis also should be true for the AMX-32 (120)). this tank have a smooth drive like the common MBT of this time but due to the inverting transmission, this tank would also be easily pulling out to retreat when need faster than any tank. this would give it a much more interesting manoeuvrability over comparable tank such as the Leopard 1.



the Protection of the AMX-32 was greatly improved over the AMX-30. featuring Hardened steel who's hardness was double of the RHA H2P5jr8.jpg and spaced armour . it was reported to also have composite armour. but in this case, composite mean layer of different steels and not actual integration of different type of metal in the purpose to make the damage reduced. this appear to only refer the the external sheet of hardened steel before the space then the steel of the fuselage of the hull who is built with different normal steel who are considered as RHA. the protection would be greatly improved, passing from the capacity to resist from the 20mm rounds to the capacity to resist the 57mm from the ASU-57 and 75mm From the AMX-13 PCOT-51P . this improvement concenrt the frontal arc, but the gun mantle seem to be the same as the AMX-30, which is thick enough to normally hold those hit already. the exact details of the armour is still classified, but if we use the AMX-32 armour details from the game who's are probably from guess, and we make the eternal layer having double hardness, it should be enough to resist the 75mm and 57mm at combat distance.


Mass 38. tonnes
Length 9.48 m (gun forward)
Width 3.24 m
Height 2.96 m
Crew 4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver)

Armor 80 mm (3.1 in) maximum [1]
105 mm Modèle F1 tank gun (47 rounds)
1× 20 mm F2 autocannon (480 rounds)
1× 7.62 mm NF1 machine gun (2050 rounds)
Engine Renault V.I (hispano-suiza) 750 hp
Power/weight 19.48 hp/tonne
Transmission Minerva ENC 200
5-speed with inverting power-shift
Suspension Torsion bar with shock absorbers
600 km (370 mi)
Maximum speed

65 km/h (40 mph) on road

45 km/h offroad



Giat's brochure (primary source as Giat is the builder)


8jpNxxH.jpeg DLUUf4l.jpg h8JIHYE.jpeg QARtC3Y.jpeg aVtl1dO.jpeg 6ysLH4n.jpeg edywRpS.jpg zDYxqnS.jpeg






rscNhl3.jpeg KG88IPC.jpeg s6F6RPC.jpeg 9lT3h7r.jpeg Cwd5Wdc.jpg

Satory IX (1983)



Satory X (1985)


ROZOvwL.jpg s4Lwdze.jpeg rEyH5Du.jpg


Armada 019, Compte rendu specieaux


OVPmLEA.jpeg HVStCTB.jpeg iOFIG7Y.jpeg OEDKhCh.jpeg DLf5UeE.jpeg


Le Vickers Valliant et l'AMX-32


zTLtZkq.jpeg QkNk8nq.jpeg 1ekYi0i.jpeg 1bXxin8.jpeg jOKkKwp.jpeg 3W6KZ7Z.jpeg ZjqsBKQ.jpeg JdlzIZ8.jpeg



War Machie 1 (book)


jNGgLAT.jpg RpNemvV.jpg



Thanks to @Tantor57 @LeGrandSarrazin @Cedjoe @nxdefiant001 for helping to gather the different sources.

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Open for discussion. :salute:

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On 20/10/2021 at 08:51, Arghail said:

Well, it would be nice to get France at least one 8.7/9.0 vehicle in the tech tree.

for sure, this one to go before the AMX-32 (1983)


and the AMX-30C2 (BR 8.7) after the AMX-30B2 Brenus (it is also stabilized but with less protection)


an additional Leclerc, like the Leclerc Ares could go between the AMX 30C2 and the Leclerc S1 to fill the gap and be an equivalent to the earlier Leopard 2. (same gun as the Leclerc but a lot less protection)



those are the 3 mid MBT that are missing

there is also the low MBT such as the AMX-30A and Europanzer or M47 patton.

pe4g10b.png iiDYUO0.png PtCv4Z3.png

and the high MBT such as the Leclerc XXL, Leclerc T4, or EMBT

2K3grkm.png hbhGiho.png LTvsiqO.png

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I recently researched and bought the AMX-32 we have in-game, and even with the HEAT-FS at stock, I've really been enjoying it. Having another one with a 105 mm, perhaps at 9.0 with OFL 105 F1, would be great, and add to France's MBT lineups. Big +1 from me!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hopefully this tank will be in the game soon, I've seen a reddit post about it 4 days ago.





On 16/01/2022 at 14:44, Wolf_89 said:

France can always use more MBTs/vehicles.

And i would love to see all possible variants of the AMX-32 and AMX-40.

 Unfortunately, for the AMX-40, there was an E4 variant on the drawing boards but it sadly never left it


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47 minutes ago, Mustafa_Kemal1 said:

Hopefully this tank will be in the game soon, I've seen a reddit post about it 4 days ago.





 Unfortunately, for the AMX-40, there was an E4 variant on the drawing boards but it sadly never left it


AMX-40 hull with AMX-32 turret and 105mm gun.


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Moved to Implemented Suggestions. :salute:

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