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Dassault MD.454 Mystère IVA (IAF), Sinai's jet fighter


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  3. 3. Considering that this aircraft was modified throughout the years, which implementation method do you think is best?

    • Adding 2 separate aircraft, one being an early unmodified model and the other being a late model with a drag chute and potentially the take-off boosters
    • Adding a single aircraft with the boosters and drag chute being unlockable as modifications
    • Adding the aircraft only with the late Israeli modifications (drag chute and boosters) built in
    • Adding only the early unmodified version (basically copy-paste of the French one without Nords)
    • I don't want it to be added

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airforce.png.e1f9b59bddc946d37291bd8d7f5 1302978568_mysiv.PNG.a9b7fb6aff5738f75a1


The Dassault Mystère IVA (also sometimes nicknamed in the IAF as MIVA) was one of Israel's main jet fighters from the late 50's to the late 60's and was a very important milestone for the Israeli Air Force as it presented for the first time an aircraft acquisition that was on par with the aircraft possessed by Israel's enemies and was also Israel's first trans-sonic aircraft. While the aircraft itself is largely similar to it's representation in French colors in War Thunder, their operation in Israel holds a lot of historic value and the Israeli Mystères did see a few interesting modifications worth looking at.


1223588049_mysland.PNG.df2954e51ec1f52d3 - One of the First Israeli Mystère IVAs landing in Israel after being flown from France



The story of this aircraft's introduction to the Israeli Air Force is actually connected to that of the Ouragan. In the early 50's Israel was already looking into getting their hands on combat jets as Israel was still relying on WW2 era piston engine aircraft and their enemies had already begun getting their hands on advanced jet fighters like Vampires and Meteors. While the Israelis did manage to succeed in acquiring Meteors of their own it was already at a point where the aircraft was becoming obsolete and the quantities delivered to Israel still did not match those of their Arab neighbors. The situation deteriorated further as Syria and Egypt signed a deal with Czechoslovakia for the delivery of then modern Soviet fighters to which Israel had no answer. Israel was looking towards buying the American Sabre, however due to the American embargo on sales to the middle east still being enforced that was also a dead end. When dread kept growing and all hope of properly arming the Air Force seemed lost, one nation was finally prepared to sell aircraft to Israel despite the many embargos and pressure from Britain - France. The new French government had allowed the sale of Dassault Ouragan and Mystère II aircraft to the struggling Israeli state but had yet to allow the sale of the Mystère IVA. Initially on the 15th of July 1954 a deal was signed to purchase 15 Mystère II and an option to later purchase 15 more or 15 of the improved Mystère IVA model, however that deal fell as the Israelis were not pleased at all by the Mystère II's  performance. Instead a decision was made due to France's suggestion to buy Dassault Ouragans that the Israeli Air Force would purchase 24 Dassault Ouragans (which arrived in 2 separate batches of 12 aircraft) and would wait until the sale of the Mystère IVA would be permitted. This was an incredibly risky decision considering the IAF's inventory at the time, however it was one that ended up paying off extremely well for the Israelis.

On 4th November 1955 a first deal was signed for the delivery of 12 Mystère IVAs to the Israeli Air Force. These have begun arriving in Israel on 1st April 1956 with more aircraft being sold in August 1956 bringing the total amount of Israeli Mystère IVAs to 61. The Israelis were nervous as at the time the Egyptians and Syrians had access to the Soviet MiG-15 which was a combat proven aircraft that took part in the Korean war while the Mystère IVA had no combat experience to speak of, however the Israelis soon learned how formidable their new jet fighter was.


810806731_myskadesh.PNG.82aba98b7e38964c - A pilot boarding a Mystère IVA during the 1956 Suez crisis


The 1956 Suez crisis

before the 1956 war erupted, Israel had luckily already managed to get their hands on 30 Mystères, however since the aircraft was brand new and hadn't had the chance to have it's equipment properly tested and calibrated there were only 9 that were truly ready for combat. This was further compounded by the pilot's lack of experience in operating with 30mm DEFA cannons as they had only flown aircraft that used 20mm Hispanos by then. Despite the many drawbacks it was decided to send the Mystère IVAs to fight anyways, taking a lot of bravery on the part of the pilots who flew them. Several weeks before the war started the French delivered the last batch of Mystère IVAs and those were also quickly prepared under suboptimal circumstances. This war became the Mystère IVA's debut in combat and while odds were against it's success The Mystère outdid the Egyptian fighters defeating MiG-15s and Vampires over Sinai. the myth of the MiG-15's supremacy was broken as the Mystère IVA was found to to be an equal and perhaps even slightly superior to the Soviet fighter in combat. In addition to the Israeli Mystères, France had also operated Mystère IVAs painted in Israeli colors on missions to defend Israeli air space as Israel and France were operating closely during the 1956 war.


101104305_mysbooster.PNG.ce8d6968ef1fc94 - The Israeli Mystère IVA being tested for use with takeoff boosters in the late 50's


Between wars, improving the Mystère's capabilities

After the war of 1956 it was quickly decided in conjunction with bringing the Mystère IVA to the proper combat standard to find ways to improve the aircraft. Since new Super Mystère B2 fighters were being introduced to the Air Force and the Mystère IVA was therefore no longer the primary jet fighter, the upgrades were mainly intended to improve the Mystère IVA's takeoff and landing runtimes so that it could be better operated in a ground attack role. One of the first and most notable examples of these attempts were tests conducted on Mystère IVA number 30 in the late 50's that saw it being equipped with 4 JATO takeoff boosters intended to allow the plane to take off faster. Unfortunately in real life these tests resulted in failure as the takeoff boosters added too much weight and drag to the airframe which prevented the plane from taking off while carrying ordinance.


372424438_mysboosterclose.PNG.ec3fd7aa42  - A closeup picture of the rocket boosters installed on Mystère IVA number 30 for testing


The only main addition to the aircraft between the wars that was actually considered successful and actually ended up being installed on all of the Israeli Air Force's Mystère IVAs was the addition of a drag chute to the aircraft in the early 60's. The drag chute was placed in a pod installed on the rear end of the aircraft at the intersection between the vertical stabilizer and the elevators similarly to how the drag chute is installed on the Super Mystère B2. This upgrade was added to all Mystère IVAs by the 1967 Six Day War and it saw service with it throughout all of it's operations since. The aircraft had notably never been equipped with any air to air missiles as the AA Nord missiles were only purchased to appease the French and for testing on the Super Mystère and the Shafrir series of missiles never ended up being fitted on the aircraft either.


1085960987_myspara.PNG.ac5bb9a6fabdd1269 - A Mystère IVA landing during the 1967 Six Day War. The drag chute pod is clearly visible on the aircraft


The 1967 Six Day War

Like most of Israel's combat aircraft during the Six Day War, the Mystère IVAs took part on the first day of the war in operation Focus and helped in destroying the Egyptian Air Force. Due to Israel's possession of far more capable aircraft at that point, the Mystère IVAs had a more secondary role during the war. One of the more notable tasks given to them was their use in the Jordanian front along with Ouragans and Magisters as the Mystères bombed fortified targets outside of Jerusalem.


1857094484_multimyspara.PNG.748934edf981 - Mystère IVAs with drag chute pods flying in both the colors of the Six Day War and the War of Attrition


The War of Attrition and phasing out of the Mystère IVA

After the Six Day War, the Mystère IVA got to see some combat action during the early stages of the subsequent War of Attrition fought against Egypt. The Mystère at that point was already completely obsolete and began being phased out in favor of the new A-4 Skyhawks that began being delivered to Israel and actually ended up being phased out earlier than the Dassault Ouragan. Despite it's rocky service life the Mystère IVA proved to be one of the most important aircraft that had entered the Israeli Air Force's inventory and was an icon of the 1956 Suez Crisis. Under Israeli hands it had shown the excellence of the French aviation industry.


image.png.a3e5b0674cd6cee0e6fde39d4ad8ca mystere.PNG.bca47514d457fefdef38006a9ba8




Type:  Fighter-Bomber


Country of origin: France


Length: 12.98 meters


Height: 4.46 meters


Wingspan: 11.12 meters


Powerplant: Hispano-Suiza Verdon 253


Max speed: 1,120 km/h


Range:  1,300 km


Weight: Empty - 5,875 kg, Fully loaded - 9,820 kg


Armaments: A pair of 30mm DEFA cannons with 150 rounds per gun, 4 underwing pylons for carriage of bombs and rockets (T-10, SNEB) up to a weight of 900 kg. It was never equipped with any AA missiles in Israeli service.


Additional information: In Israeli service it had been implemented with a drag chute in the early 60's. Additionally it was tested with takeoff boosters in the late 50's.






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As the M.D. 454 Mystère IVA has been implemented with update 2.13 Winged Lions,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions. :salute:

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