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User skins not working (Ive already seen a ton of tutorials)


Hey, sorry if this is not something to "create new topic" for, This is my first time on this forum. I cannot use a user skin. I want to put the  skin on my mig 15 bis in ussr tech tree. I click the wand icon in  customization, and war thunder says," creating skins is unavailable at this time." I googled this and realized I could create the folder myself. I create "UserSkins" folder and inside I make a folder "Template_mig15bis". inside I put the downloaded .blk file. I go into war thunder, I cannot see skin. okay, I put all the picture files inside the "Template_mig15bis" folder as well. same result. then I thought maybe my skin was for the chinese mig 15 bis only. ok, I downloaded one that is not Chinese, and tried all the things again. nothing is working for me, I was hoping somebody could tell me what I was doing wrong.


UPDATE: after some messing around I realised my skin was for the mig 15, not mig 15 bis. I got a skin for the mig 15 bis, and after putting the .blk file in, "Template_mig15bis" shows up in game as an option alongside "disabled" in user skins section. however, when I clicked it there was no skin :( I put the picture files in as well, but there was still no actual visual difference.

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