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AGR-20 APKWS - Guided Hydra 70s



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One of the biggest problems the Apaches, Vipers, and Tigers face both in Ground RB and Heli EC is the lack of laser-guided ordnance with direct fire ability; even the most advanced models of Hellfire only allow top attack mode, with the closest thing to direct fire being top attack where the missile does not gain altitude from the firing point. The lack of direct fire makes hitting air targets much harder, and hitting ground targets much slower. One solution to this problem is the introduction of AGR-20 APKWS to all AH-64Ds, the AH-1Z, and the EC665s. APKWS is a guidance kit designed to allow militaries to convert their Hydra 70 dumb-fire rockets into cheap laser-guided rockets, compatible with most modern NATO targeting pods. They have been tested at ranges up to 5km from the AH-64D to good effect, and tests from the fixed wing A-10C showed impacts only inches from the target. The APKWS has also been tested with a proximity fuze against drone targets. APKWS is launched from normal Hydra 70 pods and only uses LOAL guidance.



Date: 2012 (first deployment)

Range: 1.1 - 5.6km (rotary wing platforms)

Fuze: dual purpose point detonation and airburst proximity fuze
CEP: <0.5 meter (fixed wing test from A-10C had impact "within inches of the laser spot")

Seeker FOV: 40°

All other specifications same as Hydra 70s already in-game



The standard warheads for the APKWS are the M151 and M152 HE warheads. Other standard sized warheads compatible with the Mk66 motor, such as the M247 HEAT warhead seen in-game, can also be mounted due to the drop-in nature of APKWS, and could be a good option for the warhead for balancing reasons, similar to the CRV7 mounting a M247 warhead despite not using it in real life.

On top of the standard 10 pound warheads, APKWS has been tested with the M282 warhead. The M282 Multipurpose Penetrator Warhead is designed for use against light targets, and was integrated with APKWS in 2012. It is capable of penetrating a triple brick wall or M114 armored personnel carrier, a similar warhead from Nammo states it provides 25mm penetration against steel or 1m of concrete. Wikipedia puts it at 13.7lbs, 5lbs heavier than M151, with an explosive mass of 0.98lbs PBXN-110, however I have no sources to back it up or contradict it with.



The new BAE fuze is stated to be a dual purpose proximity and point detonation fuze, and is likely based off of the M433X and M439X digital fuzes designed by Action Manufacturing Company, who were selected by the Joint Attack Munitions Systems for modernization of existing Hydra 70 fuzes. The M433X fuze is a dual point detonation and delayed detonation fuze, and the M439X is a dual point detonation and proximity airburst fuze. They are digital fuzes which can easily integrate and accept inputs from existing rocket management systems. The fuze would, therefore, likely function similarly to Vikhrs in-game, abstracting the fuzing selection process to proximity airburst on air targets and point detonation on ground targets.



I think the introduction of this missile would greatly help bring air-to-air capabilities of US/UK/JPN/GER/FRA (could be given to Mangusta, although it has not been trialed) helicopters closer to those of the USSR, by providing a guided direct fire option with proximity fuzes. It would still be balanced because APKWS needs laser guidance, the only problematic thing would be the volume of fire, as it can hold and fire APKWS from the same pods as Hydra 70s with little additional modifications, as APKWS begins guidance after launch.

APKWS could also, in the future, be implemented on a variety of USAF and USN fixed-wing aircraft; however no fixed-wing aircraft currently in-game carry them, as no fixed-wing aircraft currently in-game were in service in 2012.







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https://www.baesystems.com/en-us/product/apkws (primary specs)

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4wNEj01plQ&t (M282 vs light armor)

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sources and warheads and stuff
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Open for Discussion :)

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I have been waiting for someone to make this exact suggestion but did not have the skill to do it myself.

This is what i need to kill the ka-50's...

Stingers are useless due to autoflare, gun isn't any use inside 1,5km, So aren't hellfires whereas vikhrs have full use even at 7-8km.

Cant wait for this

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Updated post with new warheads and fuzes, along with sources. Source for how a similar fuze design functions. Also adjusted minimum range as a new trial from BAE allowed them to reduce minimum effective range to 1.1km.

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Now that the T129 is equipped with Cirit missiles, I think it is finally time to lift the ban on APKWS.
This will considerably increase the ground attack capability of many Western Bloc helicopters.
+1 from me.

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As a AGR-20 APKWS has been implemented as per Update 2.21 Fire and Ice,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions. :salute:

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