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Two years after the last World War Mode

Its been almost 2 years, 2 moth till the next WW mode based on the 2020, there is still no info about the WW mode sadly. It dosent seem there is any plans on the WW mode, it seems they are focusing more on the BP vehicle rewards. If anyone have any updatess about the WW please let me know.

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3 minutes ago, Miraz05 said:

what is world war mode,may i know?


World War mode is a limited-time event in which historical events are taken as a base for player vs player combat, with vehicle line-ups based on those used in the conflict (when possible).


Each "season" presents the players with two different, but interwoven scenarioes that are played in sessions, and where completion of the goals within each session unlocks a 'star', with the amount of stars gathered unlocking awards (much like the Summer and Winter events).


The vehicle line-ups usually represent a certain era rather than Rank or BR, with "base" vehicles being made available to players who do not have the vehicle line-ups for the nations involved themselves.


As an example, the last season (Season 3: "Road to the West") involved two different scenarios, "Battle for the Fulda Gap", an alternate 'Hot War' scenario between German NATO forces and Warsaw Pact forces; and "Battle of the Chinese Farm", a historical scenario from the 1973 Yom Kippur War.


The season consists of around 10 two-day sessions, divided equally between both scenarios, and each session being time-constrained to two six-hour timespans.


Participation was possible both as single player or as a squadron, but the World War Mode is more catered towards Squadrons as they benefit from a bonus - having to achieve only half the amount of goals compared to single players.

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