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Harbin Z-9W

Harbin Z-9W  

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This post was originally part of a joint suggestion with the Harbin  Z-9WA


Harbin Z-9W




The Harbin Z-9 (NATO reporting name: Haitung) is a Chinese helicopter produced by Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation, whose design is licensed from the Eurocopter AS365N Dauphin. Like its French counterpart the helicopter has been adapted to multiple roles including troop transport, VIP transport, anti-submarine warfare and (the subject of this suggestion) anti-tank and close air support.


Historical background




French SA.365N


The Eurocopter SA365C Dauphin 2 started as a twin-engine derivative of the little-known SA360 Dauphin. First flying in 1975, deliveries began in 1978. The aircraft was developed into the SA365N, first flying in 1979. The amount of composite materials in the airframe was increased and a retractable landing gear was added, along with refinements to its fuselage. The aircraft broke several helicopter speed records, such as Paris-London in 63 minutes (average speed of 322 Km/h). The SA.365 and its derivatives soon became hugely successful, being operated by militaries and civillians of multiple countries along with being license-produced in the USA (HH-65), China (Z-9) and Brazil (HM-1 Pantera). Production of the AS365 continued until January 2022, with more than 1,100 units produced. However, multiple derivatives remain in production such as the Eurocopter AS155, AS565 Panther, KAI LCH/LAH and the Harbin Z-9.



Harbin Z-9A


The story of the Harbin Z-9 starts in July 1980, when Aerospatiale and CATIC signed a license agreement for local production of the SA365N. The first, French-built aircraft arrived in China for certification flights in 1982. Soon after domestic production began in the form of knock-down kits. Chinese manufacture of parts began in 1986, with an initial batch of 50 aircraft being delivered by 1992. These were 28 Z-9 (equivalent to SA365 N1) and 22 Z-9A (equivalent to SA365 N2).


In 1992 the Z-9A-100 took its first flight. This was a prototype with a greater percentage of domestically-produced parts (72% of the airframe, 91% of the engine), and a modified tail rotor with 11 composite blades instead of 13 metal ones. This variant was produced as the Z-9B. Later it was developed into the Z-9C ASW helicopter, and the Z-9W armed variant for the PLA. Overall about 200 of the type have been produced in Chinese factories. The Z-9W was further improved into the Z-9WA and the Z-19.




Harbin Z-9C on the frigate Yunchen



Harbin Z-19 ; Notice the Dauphin-like tail and engine fairing.



The Z-9W is an anti-tank and attack variant derived from the Z-9B. Its first prototype took off in 1988, with weapon tests beginning in 1989. It entered service with the PLA in the 1990s, with about 40 units being procured. This variant featured a roof-mounted optical sight and ATGM director. Weapon pylons were attached to the fuselage via an horizontal beam that went through the rear door; this design reduced interior space and the structural integrity of the fuselage. One hardpoint per side is fitted, capable of carrying either 2x HJ-8 ATGMs, 2x TY-90 AAMs, one 12.7 and 23mm gunpod, or one 57 or 90mm rocket pod.




Z-9W with armaments





WajVmpC.jpg JUDwdYy.jpg

Armament close-ups












TY-90 AAMs











Technical characteristics


By default, the Z-9 / SA365N features a teardrop-shaped fuselage with a fenestron tail rotor and retractable tricycle landing gear. The structure makes extensive use of composite materials like glass fiber-reinforced plastic, nomex and Kevlar on the airframe, and carbon fiber on the rotor blades. The cockpit can be configured for single or dual control and has one door on each side. The passenger cabin features up to 12 seats and has four doors. 


Power is provided by two Turbomeca Arriel turboshafts (WZ-8A in Chinese production), each connected to a separate hydraulic system and electric starter-generator. A four blade main rotor and a 13-blade (11 on the Z-9B) fenestron tail rotor propel the vehicle.


Flight crew: One
Length (without rotors): 13.46m
Height (without rotors): 3.47m

Blades: Main rotor 4; tail rotor 13 (Z-9/A), or 11 (Z-9B)
Empty weight: 1,975kg (Z-9), or 2,050kg (Z-9A)
Max take-off weight: 3,850kg (Z-9/A), or 4,100kg (Z-9B)
Max payload: 1,900kg
Max external payload on sling: 1,600kg
Max speed: 305km/h
Cruising speed: 250~260km/h
Service ceiling: 4,500m (Z-9/A), or 6,000m (Z-9B)
Hover ceiling (out of ground effect): 1,020m (Z-9/A), or 1,600m (Z-9B)
Hover ceiling (in ground effect): 1,950m (Z-9/A), or 2,600m (Z-9B)
Range: 1,000km
Flight endurance: 5 hours


From: sinodefence.com. Note this refers to non-armed variants


Powerplant: 2xTurbomeca Arriel 1C1 / WZ-8A

  • Dimensions (m): 1.17x0.61x0.47
  • Dry weight: 118.6
  • Takeoff power : 526 KW (705 hp)
  • Maximum continous power: 437 KW (586 hp)


From: European Aviation Safety Agency


Weight data
Maximum take-off weight 4250kg
Standard empty weight 2773kg
Max. useable fuel weight 854kg (834.5kg)
Fuel capability in 2 auxiliary fuel tanks 300 kg


Overall Data
Main rotor diameter 12.00m
Tail rotor diameter 1.10m
Overall length (Main rotor turning) 13.72m
Airframe length (Main rotor excluded) 12.04m
Airframe width (Main rotor excluded) 4.44m
Airframe width (Main rotor and weapon camberbeam excluded) 3.21m
Airframe width (Main rotor, weapon camberbeam, horizontal stabilizer and side fins excluded) 2.03m
Height of vertical tail 3.97m
Height of rotor hub 3.49m
Underbelly ground clearance 0.4m
Wheel track 1.90m
Wheel base 3.64m
Weapon hardpoint transverse pitch 4.00m


Flight performance ISA ISA+20℃
Never exceed speed 278km/h 278km/h
Maximum cruise speed 231km/h 238km/h
Optimum cruise speed 217km/h 216km/h
Hovering ceiling, IGE 2408m 1582m
Hovering ceiling, OGE 1283m 590m
Inclined climb rate 7.06m/s 6.85m/s
Climb rate, OEI 1.63m/s 0.28m/s
Service ceiling 4046m 3253m
Range (30 min fuel reserve) 459km 447km
Endurance(30 min fuel reserved) 2.91 h 2.84 h
Range (with 2 auxiliary fuel tanks, no weapons carried, 30 min. fuel reserve) 726km 712km
Endurance (with 2 auxiliary fuel tanks, no weapons carried, 30 min. fuel reserve) 4.29h 4.19h


From: hafeigroup.net. This refers to the Z-9WE variant




Harbin Z-9WA: A further development of the Z-9W, including improved armaments and sensors. Suggested in a separate topic:


Armament specifications

  • HJ-8: The HJ-8 (Hongjiang-8, Red Arrow-8) is a Chinese wire-guided SACLOS anti-tank missile first produced in 1984. For a long time it was the main ATGM of the People's Liberation Army, and thus became the standard anti-tank armament of the Z-9W and Z-9WA. The HJ-8E variant features a tandem warhead with 800-1000 mm of penetration, a flight speed of 200-220 m/s and a range of up to 4000m. Source: missilery.info


Z-9W with 4x HJ-8



HJ-8 variants


  • TY-90: Short range air-to-air missile, developed for helicopter use and entering service in 2000. It ihas been mounted on several PLA helicopters including the Z-10, Z-11, Z-9W, Mil Mi-17, and Z-19. It has also been adapted for surface vehicle launch on the Yi-Tian Air Defense System. The missile features an infrared homing head with a 30º viewing angle and either contact or laser proximity fuses. It has a range of 500m to 6 Km with a maximum speed of Match 2.2 and a maximum G overload of 20G. Source: missilery.info


Z-9W with TY-90



Why should it be added? The Eurocopter SA.365 Dauphin is an iconic aircraft that deserves a place in the game. Having armed variants operated by two in-game nations (France and China), modeling resources of the aircraft can be shared between two trees and about 4 aircraft: the SA.565 Panther and SA.361HCL for France, and the Z-9W and Z-9WA for China (plus part of the Z-19). They can also support a Chinese tree on helicopter mid-tiers, and would remain different enough from French Dauphins to not feel like copy-pastes. Additionally the Z-9WE can be added as a Rank VI premium helicopter while keeping the WA as researchable.


Finally, they look good and that's more than enough reason to add them.














Picture sources (imgur backup)





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As the Z-9W has been implemented with Update 2.19 Drone Age,


Moved to Implemented Suggestions. :salute:

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