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Allessandro Poerio Class Destroyer RN Guglielmo Pepe (1918)



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  1. 1. Should the RN Guglielmo Pepe in her 1918 configuration be added to the Italian Blue Water TT?

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The Alessandro Poerio Class should be considered Italy's first true destroyers.  The class consisted of three vessels, RN Alessandro Poerio, RN Guglielmo Pepe, and RN Cesare Rossarol, named after famous Neapolitan soldiers that defended Venice during the 1848 revolutions against Austria-Hungary.  These vessels were designed to be flotilla leaders and initially were designated as "esploratori" by the Italians.  They were the first vessels of their type built by the Regia Marina.  Laid down in June and July of 1913, launched in August and September of 1914, and completed in May and August of 1915 the ships were built by Ansaldo in Genoa.  In effect, these ships should be considered the  first true destroyers built by Italy as most destroyers of World War I would be considered torpedo boats by today's standards.  These vessels, unlike most destroyers of World War I came with a large cannon armament and massed over 1200 tons at full load.  Italy would reclassify them as destroyers in July 1921 and they would not be scrapped till after World War II. 


The ships would all serve in combat in World War I.  Here they would work in a "guerilla" style capacity in the Adriatic sea against Austrian forces.  None of them would participate in any significant action (like most of the Regia Marina in World War I) but the Cesare Rossarol would strike a mine just after the end of the war while conducting operations in the Adriatic.  On November 16 she hit a mine off the Istrian coast.  The explosion tore the ship into two parts wit the bow portion sinking almost instantly and the stern shortly thereafter, having drifted about 100 meters.  Most of the crew were lost with the ship.


The remaining ships would serve in the interwar years for the Regia Marina, but on the dawn of World War 2 they were showing their age, thus they were sold to Nationalist Spain in October 1937 as the Huesca (Former Poerio) and the Teruel (former Pepe).  They would serve a couple of years as front line units for Spain until 1939 when they became training ships.  The Teruel would be stricken from the register in 1948 and the Huesca in 1953.












As built the ships had the following specifications:


Displacement (Full):  1216 tons
Length: 85m

Beam: 8m    
Draft (Full), 3.1m    

Machinery:  2 Beluzzo steam turbines, 3 Yarrow boilers generating 20000 h.p.

Max speed, 31.5 kts

Armament  6 x 1 - 102/35 S1914-1915, 2 x 2 - 450 TT

Crew: 129


As built their armament would not suit War Thunder, however the vessels saw different sets of upgrades over their lifetime.    First, the RN Guglielmo Pepe in added two 76mm dual purpose guns in 1916.  This would give her:  6 x 1 - 102/35 S1914-1915, 2 x 1 - 76/40 A1916,  2 x 2 - 450 TT.  Later these weapons were removed, but all of the vessels received a pair of single 40mm Vickers.  Giving all of the ships the following armament:  6 x 1 - 102/35 S1914-1915, 2 x 1 - 40/39 V1917, 2 x 2 - 450 TT.  Finally in 1918 the Pepe and Rossarol both replaced all of their old 102mm guns with more modern versions with longer barrels.  This would look like:  6 x 1 - 102/45 S1917, 2 x 1 - 40/39 V1917, 2 x 2 - 450 TT.  It is this final version that is most applicable to War Thunder.  Consequently I am recommending the RN Guglielmo Pepe in her 1918 configuration (6 x 1 - 102/45 S1917, 2 x 1 - 40/39 V1917, 2 x 2 - 450 TT.)  She would be suitable for a 3.3 BR and would provide an interesting alternative to the Turbine class in game.  There are many reasons why the Pepe should be in game.  First, she is the first of her type of the Regia Marina.  She holds a special place in history for that.  Second, she has an interesting armament with her 102/45s.  Finally, who doesn't want a ship named Pepe in the game? 







Respectfully Submitted,

                          Conte Baracca

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Open for discussion. :salute:

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Too little firepower, no useful AA and basically almost no torpedoes (the italian 450mm are terrible), can be an addition at 3.3 but... we have already the Dardo that is a 3.3 at 3.7 for "reasons"

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Just one question... how many guns it can direct toward 1 target... does it can direct all 6 guns or only 4 at most??


IF it can direct all 6 guns then these ship would be a nice rank 2 event vehicle placed at BR 3.7 (i think) BUT if only 4 guns then it's basically USA's Clemson-class ship that have 4 triple (2 port & stern) but instead its a main guns, not torpedo mount which could be a major disadvantage against much superior warships in BR term alone...

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On 29/11/2022 at 23:43, Conte_Baracca said:

You no like Pepe?


I believe there are better candidates for br 3.3. The Falco would be much better.

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Nevermind, changed my mind. The RN Aquila made me suffer so much that I didn't want another weak destroyer. This one seems decent compared to other reserves. 6x102mm + some AA sounds good. +1 from me.

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