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M41GTI - Another Failure



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TL;DR: A German improved M41 equipped with a stabilizer and more efficient engine.




After WW2, Germany was split into two halves, East and West. The end of WW2 also brought about NATO and immediately after the signing of the treaty that brought it into existence, the question about West Germany's entrance into the organization was brought up. West Germany's entrance into NATO would essentially mean that Germany would be allowed to rearm itself, which wasn't a popular decision with many parties for obvious reasons, however, it was eventually reasoned that German engineers were some of the best in the world and if led properly, they could become an incredibly strong ally. It was decided that the most logical course of action was to rearm both sides. The West would enter NATO on May 9th, 1955, with the Bundeswehr being created only a few months later on November 12th, 1955. To be able to defend itself, it was predicted that the Bundeswehr would need at least 3,000 tanks the first 1,100 of these would be M47s cheaply acquired from the US, accompanied by 50 M41 light tanks. These M41s would be largely assigned to reconnaissance and tank destroyer units, though a few did worm their way into actual tank grenadier units. Unfortunately, the M41 was terribly unpopular with German crews as they simply didn't like the concept of a light tank. Once the Leopard 1, JPz 4-5, and RakJPz 2 were ready for service, all M41s would be immediately phased out with the Leopard 1 replacing it in reconnsaince and tank grenadier units and the JPz 4-5 and RakJPz 2 replacing it in tank destroyer units. This meant that Germany now had a few perfectly serviceable M41s just sitting around collecting dust, perfect for use in experiments and export attempts. One such export attempt was the M41GTI (German Tank Improvement), an upgrade package which was, contrary to popular belief, not exclusively intended for Thailand, but rather any of the many countries that still used stock M41s. The package added the MOLF 41 fire control system, which included a thermal periscope, laser rangefinder, and a digital computer. This system was accompanied by the ELAN 41 T, which replaced the original hydraulic turret drive with an electrical one that included a stabilizer. The engine was replaced by the MTU MB 833 Aa-501 diesel engine, which developed 450hp. While this engine was inferior to the original in terms of raw horsepower (450hp vs 500hp), it was much more efficient and increased the vehicle's range to 600km, much better than the original 161km. That being said, the drop in horsepower did lower the maximum speed to 60kph. The original 76mm M32 cannon was maintained, however, the coaxial was replaced with a Heckler & Koch HK21 machine gun. New shock absorbers, torsion bars, and sideskirts were also installed. The M41GTI would undergo trials in Thailand in early 1989, however, it would not be adopted or proceed past a single prototype.


Place In Game:

Squadron vehicles have been a vehicle type in-game for quite a while now, yet the majority of the newer squadron vehicles are at very high tiers. This not only results in unpleasantly long research times, but also allows less experienced players to buy in to the higher ranks with a stock vehicle causing the losses of countless games. High tier premiums are also guilty of this but at least they aren't stock. There hasn't been a good low/mid tier squadron vehicle added for quite a while and this strange and slow M41 equipped with a stabilizer would be a great fit, potentially acting as a more accessible alternative to the RU 251. It's not an overly iconic vehicle so new players won't GE it and it has a tech tree equivalent. Playstyle would be rather interesting. You wouldn't be as fast as most of your contemporaries, however, you make up for your lackluster speed with the ability to sling HEAT-FS and APDS on the move. You have an objective advantage over many of your enemies as long as they're moving at a decent speed. This allows for a decently aggressive playstyle. You should still play with caution, however, as you're bound to eventually run into a stationary enemy that knows how to lead their shots. As previously mentioned, the best way to add the M41GTI would be as a squadron vehicle, however, due to its intention as an export vehicle, it would also make a very good battlepass or event vehicle.




Armament: 76mm M32 cannon and 1x 7.62mm MG,


Dimensions: 5.81m, 3.19m, 2.72m


Weight: 23000kg


Armor: Same as leKPz M41 in-game


Crew: 4


Ammunition: Same as leKPz M41 in-game


Speed: 60kph


Horsepower: 450hp




Front View:



During Trials In Thailand:



Four View Diagram:








M41 Walker Bulldog In Action by Jim Mesko

Die Panzer M 41 und M 47 in der Bundeswehr by Stefan Marx

A Compendium of Armaments and Military Hardware by Christopher Chant

Sheridan: A History of the American Light Tank Volume 2 by R.P. Hunnicutt


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+1 Quite the interesting vehicle, while I don't consider light tanks my most favorite type of vehicle to play overall I think this would be a fun vehicle to have in-game and be unique since it might be similar to the M41D however lacks the biggest weakness of the vehicle which is the lack of a stabilizer and even though it would not have APFSDS like the M41D I don't think it would be much of a loss due to how lackluster people describe it is for the vehicle.

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+1. I don't think this fits as a main tech tree vehicle but I would be happy to see it as a mid tier Squadron, Event, or Battle Pass vehicle. I would argue against adding this as a GE or Pack premium because the Ru 251 is already around the same BR range that this tank could expect to be placed in.

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38 minutes ago, scorpiodude64 said:

This vehicle seems really cool but I have one question.
Is that thermal periscope you mentioned like just better night vision or an actual thermal sight?

The specific wording is that "the gunner's periscopic sight incorporated a thermal channel". Make of that what you will but I'm pretty sure this means that the gunner had a thermal sight, or at least their periscope did.

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+1 Would be a nice vehicle. With thermal sight it´s hard to balance. I voted 7.0 but only without thermal sight. The reduced hp and the bad cannon (for 7.3 plus) would balance it. A new ground squadron vehicle for germany would be nice to draw people away from the leo2pl. 

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From Jane's Armour and Artillery 1993-1994:


M41 German Tank Improvement



In early 1986 the M41 GTI (German Tank Improvement) light tank was developed as a private venture and aimed specifically at the export market.

Prime contractor for the M41 GTI is GLS of Munich which is also responsible for the chassis and Wegmann of Kassel responsible for the complete turret.
Development of the M41 GTI is complete but as of mid-1993 the system was still at the prototype stage and no conversion packages had been sold. The M41 GTI has been evaluated in a number of countries including Thailand.



The original petrol engine has been replaced by an MTU MB 833 Aa-501 diesel developing 450 hp which, via a new intermediate gearbox, is coupled to the original transmission. Quick disconnect couplings allow the rapid removal of the complete power pack for the vehicle for field replacement. The power pack has integrated cooling, air filtering and a 9 kW alternator.
The installation of the more fuel efficient diesel engine has increased its range of action from 161 km to over 600 km on roads, although total fuel capacity has been increased from 530 l to 800 litres. Four of the new fuel tanks are located in the hull with additional fuel stored in two armoured reservoirs mounted on the rear track fender. The add-on sponson on the right also houses the batteries.
The electrical components of the M41 have been updated and the driver has a new instrument panel. A Halon fire warning and suppression system has been installed in both the crew and engine compartments.
For improved cross-country mobility the suspension has been modified including new torsion bars, dual action telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and hydraulic bump stops for the road wheel arms. New connector type Diehl track with replaceable rubber pads replace the older tracks.
To reduce dust, skirts are installed on both sides of the vehicle and if required ballistic skirts could be fitted.
On the prototype of the M41 GTI the 76 mm gun has been retained although a 90 mm or 105 mm gun could be fitted if required by the customer.
The existing turret drive system has been replaced by the new all-electric AEG ELAN T system which is also stabilised.
The original M41 was not fitted with a fire-control system but the M41 GTI has an MOLF 41 fire-control system from Atlas Elektronik which includes a ballistic digital computer, laser rangefinder, cant and elevation sensors and a mast-mounted met sensor on the turret roof.
The gunner's periscopic sight has both day and night (thermal) capability and incorporates a laser rangefinder, the tank commander or gunner can engage stationary or moving targets while the tank itself is mobile.
Mounted either side of the turret is a bank of six Wegmann electrically operated smoke dischargers which can also fire HE fragmentation grenades.
Attached to the rear of the turret bustle is a collective NBC system, a new intercom system has been installed as has a new frequency-hopping radio system.




Crew: 4
Combat weight: 24500 kg
Power-to-weight ratio: 18.36 hp/t
Ground pressure: 0.75 kg/cm2
Length gun forwards: 8.205 m
Length hull: 5.68 m
Width overall: 3.30 m
Width over tracks: 3.103 m
Height to top of periscope: 2.54 m
Height to hull top: 1.69 m
Ground clearance:
 (front) 0.485 m
 (rear) 0.45 m
Max road speed: 76 km/h
Fuel capacity: 800 l
Max road range: 600 km
Gradient: 60%
Engine: MTU MB 833 Aa-501 6-cylinder diesel developing 450 hp

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