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Finnish Attacker/Bomber line in Swedish Aviation Tree



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Finnish Attacker/Bomber line in Swedish Aviation Tree


Finland has pretty long history of Air force. Finland also made unique aircrafts(as we can see in game) and used many (other country's) aircraft during the WW2 and cold war and modified them. I think at least Finnish line like a South African tree should be in game because of its individuality and uniqueness.

This time, it's a bomber/attacker line. With a lots of CAS option. Goal of this tree is representing the finnish air force and also adding more backup to swedish tree.


Why Sweden?

We already have many Finnish aircrafts in Swedish tree. Also Sweden lacks CAS. Maybe finnish aviation can end the lack of plane.



FInnish Fighter line:







Rank 1


Ar 196 A-5



Ar 196 was a shipboard reconnaisance plane built by germany.

Finnish air force purchased Ar 196 A-3 and converted them to A-5 version.

The A-5 used 2x MG FF/M as a primary armaments which were capable of firing the minengeschoß shell and also used powerful MG81Z as a rear gun. 


Can be a good fighter and also a nice CAS. Proposed BR 1.7.


Engine: x1 BMW 132W 9-cylinder air cooled radial piston engine (standard 920HP, takeoff power 1,050HP)

Armament: x1 7.92mm MG 17 Machine Gun (500 rounds) or x1 12.7mm LKk/42 machine gun (300 rounds), x2 20mm MG FF/M Cannon (180 rounds), x1 MG 81Z defensive gun (2000 rounds)

Bombs:  2x 50kg bombs or 4x 100kg bombs

Maximum speed: 332 km/h @ sea level 

Range: 1,070 km

Service ceiling: 7,020m

Climb rate: 360 metres/minute

Empty Weight: 2990kg (6591lbs)

Loaded Weight: 3618kg (7976lbs) (with full fuel load and bombs)

Span: 12.42m (40.75ft)

Length: 10.96m (35.95ft)

Height: 4.44m (14.58ft)

Wing area: 28.29 sq. m (304.618 sq. ft.)





Valmet Vihuri 

Valmet Vihuri II

Valmet Vihuri in 1954.

Unique two-seat Fighter-trainer of finish air force. Served between 1953-1959.


In spite of their economic problems, the aircraft manufacturer Valmet began designing a new aircraft at the beginning of the 1950s, to replace the aging Finnish Air Force (FAF) VL Pyrys. Martti Vainio was the chief designer of the project. Most of the planning was made by the aeronautical engineers L. Hämäläinen and T. Mäntysalo in 1948–49. The Bristol Mercury, then being manufactured under license in Finland for the Bristol Blenheim bomber, was chosen as the engine, since it was readily available. The prototype (VH-1) made its first flight on 6 February 1951, in Tampere, piloted by captain Esko Halme. After successful test flights, the FAF ordered 30 production aircraft, called Valmet Vihuri II, on 27 February 1951. In the autumn of 1954, the Air Force ordered a further 20 aircraft of the developed version Valmet Vihuri III. All the aircraft of the third version were handed over to the Air Force on 15 January 1957.

It was the most-used aircraft in Finnish air force service by the mid 1950s.


A Real finland made fighter. not really a proper attacker, but can be a good low tier fighter. Proposed BR 1.7.



Crew: 2

Length: 8.8 m (28 ft 10 in)

Wingspan: 10.4 m (34 ft 1 in)

Height: 3.86 m (12 ft 8 in)

Wing area: 18.86 m2 (203.0 sq ft)

Aspect ratio: 5.7:1

Gross weight: 2,678 kg (5,904 lb)

Max takeoff weight: 2,884 kg (6,358 lb)

Fuel capacity: 195 L (52 US gal; 43 imp gal) normal fuel, 260 L (69 US gal; 57 imp gal) auxiliary tanks

Powerplant: 1 × Bristol Mercury VIII 9-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, 610 kW (820 hp)

Maximum speed: 432 km/h (268 mph, 233 kn) at 3,700 m (12,100 ft)

Cruise speed: 327 km/h (203 mph, 177 kn) at 1,000 m (3,300 ft) (econ. cruise)

Service ceiling: 8,900 m (29,200 ft)

Rate of climb: 11.50 m/s (2,263 ft/min)


Guns: 2× 7.7 mm Browning machine guns

Bombs: 4× 25 kg bombs







Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV

File:Bristol Blenheim Mk IV (BL-200).jpg

BR 1.7

Finland purchased many blenheim from the british and also obtained a manufacturing licence. they used them until 1958.  


Blenheim Mk. IV is currently in the game, but according to wikipedia finnish made Mk. IV could carry more bomb(About 1,800lb(800kg) on bombay) then ingame Mk. IV.





SB 2M-103


BR 2.0

Finnish air force operated 24 SBs. They were mostly captured, and used as anti-submarine aircraft.


Same as ingame SB 2M-103.



Rank 2


Ju 88 A-4

Junkers Ju 88 A-4

Finnish Ju 88 A-4 JK-200 at onttola on 1944 with bomb. Looks like it's a 1000kg bomb.


Finnish air force operated 24 Ju 88 A-4 and used them during the continuation war and Lapland war as typical bomber and reconnaisance plane.

In the summer of 1943, the Finns noted stress damage on the wings. This had occurred when the aircraft were used in dive bombing. Restrictions followed: the dive brakes were removed and it was only allowed to dive at a 45-degree angle (compared to 60–80 degrees previously).


Same as ingame Ju 88 A-4, but without a dive brakes. BR 2.7.






Ilyushin Il-4

IL-4 at Luonetjrvi on 1st April 1944.


Finland bought 4 captured IL-4 from the german stock. 1 was destroyed during the transport so Finnish air force operated 3 in total.


Already in game. BR 2.7



Rank 3


Pe-2-31&Pe-3 Bis (Grouped)

Petlyakov Pe-2

Petlyakov Pe-3


After the outbreak of the continuation war finland purchased 6 Pe-2 from the germany.

It was initially planned to use these planes as dive bombers in the 1st flight of LeLv 48, which began to receive its aircraft in July 1942, but during the training it was found out that this caused too much strain for the engines. Thus, the role of Pe-2s was changed to fly long-range photographic and visual reconnaissance missions for the Army General Headquarters. These sorties began in late 1942, and were often flown with two 250 kg (551 lb) bombs for harassment bombing and in order to cover the true purpose of missions.


Finland also operated one captured Pe-3(PE-301).


Both already in game. Pe-3 Bis is BR 3.0 and Pe-2-31 is BR 3.3. Both can be a good CAS. 

Funny fact is that Finnish Pe-3 Bis actually existed as a data. But as far as I know it got removed.




Rank 4


Fouga CM.170 Magister

File:Fouga CM-170 Magister at Kuorevesi, March 1987 (34072944766).jpg


In 1958–1959, Finland purchased 18 Magisters from France. At the same time it also obtained a manufacturing license. The Finnish aircraft manufacturer Valmet later built 62 Magisters between 1958–67. Finland assigned a secondary attack role in the event of war, as the number of attack planes was limited by peace agreement with the Soviet Union.

The French built aircraft carried the designations FM-1...-18 and the Finnish built FM-21...-82. The aircraft served as a jet trainer in the Finnish Air Force between 1958–1988 until superseded by BAe Hawks. 


Not really a good fighter, but with those rockets this plane can be a BR 6.X CAS.



Length :  10.06 m

Wingspan :  12.15 m

Height : 2.8m

Wing area :  17.3 m²

Empty weight :  2150 kg

Loaded weight :  3200 kg

Power plant :  2 x 400 kgf Turboméca Marboré IIA

Thrust-to-weight at empty/max :  0.37 / 0.25
Max speed :  715 km/h at high altitude

Wing loading at empty/max :  124 / 185 kg/m²

Range :  925 km

Service ceiling :  11000 m

Rate of climb :  17 m/s
Armament :  2 x 7.5mm AA NF1 (internal). 200 rounds per gun
Outboard pylons : 2 x 50 kg bomb or 2 x LR 122 (7x SNEB rocket launcher) or 2 x AS.11 MCLOS AGM
Inboard pylons : 2 x 2 T.10 120mm rocket or 2 x 2 T.900 90mm rocket




Rank 5


IL-28 "NH-1"



IL-28 NH-1 was one of the 4 finnish IL-28s finland recieved during 1960s. NH-1 was the only bomber model finland recieved. 

Between 1960 and 1981 the Finnish Air Force operated the IL-28 for a variety of roles including target towing and maritime patrol duties.

 Finnish IL-28s were equipped with search radar and modernized with western avionics in the late 1960s which vastly improved their maritime patrol performance. 


Nice jet bomber that swedish tree lacks. It would also be a good 8.0 CAS since swedish 8.0 planes don't have bombs.



Crew: Three (Pilot, Navigator, Gunner) 
Length: 17.65m
Wingspan: 21.45m 
Height: 6.7m
Wing area: 60 m2
Empty weight: 12,890 kg
Loaded weight: 18,400
Powerplant: 2 x Klimov VK-1A centrifugal-flow turbojet engines
Thrust: 26.5 kN (6,000 lbf)

Maximum speed: 902 km/h at 4,500 m, 800 km/h at sea level 
Service ceiling: 12,300 m (40,400 ft)
Rate of climb: 15 m/s (3,000 ft/s)
Wing loading: 525 kg/m² (108 lb/ft²)

Armament: Guns: 4×23mm Rikhter NR-23 in front, tail turret, 3,000kg (6,000 Ib) of bombs 

Radar: PSBN-M


Rank 6


Folland Gnat F.1

Folland Gnat Mk.I


The Finnish Air Force received the first of its 13 Gnats (11 fighters and 2 photo-reconnaissance planes) on 30 July 1958. It was soon found to be a problematic aircraft in service and required a lot of ground maintenance. In early 1957 a licence agreement was reached to allow Valmet to build the Gnat at Tampere in Finland, although, in the end, none were built.


Gnat is pure gunfighter, since Gnat doesn't carry missiles. Still a good subsonic fighter.



Crew: 1

Length: 29 ft 9 in (9.07 m)

Wingspan: 22 ft 2 in (6.76 m)

Height: 8 ft 10 in (2.69 m)

Wing area: 136.6 sq ft (12.69 m2)

Empty weight: 4,800 lb (2,177 kg)

Gross weight: 6,575 lb (2,982 kg) interceptor

8,765 lb (3,976 kg) tactical, with external tanks and armament

Max takeoff weight: 9,040 lb (4,100 kg)

Powerplant: 1 × Bristol Siddeley BOr.2 Orpheus 701-01 turbojet engine, 4,705 lbf (20.93 kN) thrust

Maximum speed: 604 kn (695 mph, 1,119 km/h) at 20,000 ft (6,096 m)

Maximum speed: Mach 0.98

Range: 434.5 nmi (500.0 mi, 804.7 km)

Service ceiling: 50,000 ft (15,000 m) +

Rate of climb: 20,000 ft/min (100 m/s)

Time to altitude: 45,000 ft (13,716 m) 5 minutes


Guns: 2x 30mm ADEN cannon with 115 rpg

Rockets: 12x 3 in (76 mm) rockets

Bombs: 2x 500 lb (227 kg) bombs



Rank 7


Hawk Mk.66



Finland bought many BAE hawks from the british and also manufactured them under licence.

In June 2007, Finland arranged to purchase 18 used Hawk Mk. 66s from the Swiss Air Force for 41 million euros; they were delivered in 2009–2010.

They mainly used as trainer aircraft but still can be armed with multitude of weaponry, like the R-60, AIM-9J and AIM-9M missiles. Finnish VKT 12.7mm gun pod/pods or British 30mm DEFA gun pod ,both 12.7mm and 30mm being under the main fuselage. it also could use multitude of British General Purpose bombs like the Mk82 bombs, up to 8 of them but more usually only 4. It also could use 2x Matra Type 155 SNEB rocket pods.

They are still in service.


Finnally a BAE Hawk. Good missiles(Even R-60. Imagine carrying both R-60 and AIM-9 with custom loadout), good bombloads and possibly good maneuverability. Jack of all trades.






Note:I'm not a English speaker and not good at English. There will be many grammatical errors.








Not really a good sources, but my goal was 'building' a tree with already suggested planes.




To Moderator:

Can I merge this Tree with my Fighter tree suggestion? Since there are too many copy and pasted I don't think this tree is worth to be a another suggestion. And it'll be easier to see two line in one place.

And please don't delete this topic without message. Thanks.



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Open for Discussion :)

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12 hours ago, Thatz said:

Hello @police2689I don't mind you merging the 2 suggestion. However that being said the polls for your fighter tree wouldn't represent this tree at all, were you thinking about remaking both suggestions into 1 suggestion?

I didn't consider remaking it because I wanted to keep my old suggestion alive so I want to merge this suggestion to my old suggestion.

Poll is not a problem since I can add the poll too but because my old suggestion's name is 'Fighter tree' I should change the name too. Is that allowed?

If that's allowed I will merge this tree to my old suggestion but if not I will just make both separate.

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20 minutes ago, police2689 said:

I didn't consider remaking it because I wanted to keep my old suggestion alive so I want to merge this suggestion to my old suggestion.

Poll is not a problem since I can add the poll too but because my old suggestion's name is 'Fighter tree' I should change the name too. Is that allowed?

If that's allowed I will merge this tree to my old suggestion but if not I will just make both separate.

You can but sometimes the forums don't allow you to edit older polls or if it does it completely breaks all the polls for that post it would probably be safe to just keep each separate since you want to keep the older one also.

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I don't believe you guys know how God damn much i want this. 

Seven tech tree bomber aircraft in game already can easily be put into this tree, the Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV, Pe-2, DB-3, IL4, Dornier Do.17 Z-2, Ilyushin IL-28, and the Ju-88 A-4. 
Along with Two Premium Aircraft, being the MBR-2 & Arado 196 (Already a Premium Finnish Plane)

Other addable aircraft to such a tree include the Bristol Blenheim Mk. I, Heinkel He-115,  Hawker Hart Blackburn Ripon Fokker C.X , &  Fokker C.V .
Obviously not all of those bombers would work properly in a Finnish tree, but that's quite a lot of stuff they could use.

Regardless This is something I want to an extremely high degree, and I Hope it eventually happens.

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