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Dog Tags Thunder League


            Back in 2015 for the introduction of the e sports tournament in War Thunder Gaijin implemented the dog tags/pass to support your favorite e sport team.  (Link Below) . I thought this was a cool way to support your favorite team, watch the stream and receive  awards for watching/supporting the dog tag was originally $19.99 and it introduced the E-100 raffle via battles. Now I don't think another E-100 tournament would benefit the vehicle itself because its a rare tank for collectors and it should stay that way. But why hasn't Gaijin done another one of these tournament "promotions" last I checked the reached almost $15,000 in prize money/funds for the teams. Also cool skins were added for certain tanks to support your team, and depending on if your selected team won you would get rewards. I think one of these events would be great for the game and the players again. Even if War Thunder isn't the perfect E-Sport tournaments still exist and this would be a great way again to bring the players and the e-sport side of the game together. I'd like to hear the opinions of others on this topic because it still confuses me on why this hasn't happened again, it would be a great event to implement a new rare vehicle i.e a collectors item and new wingtip smoke or e-sport skins. 



          I've been playing War Thunder ever since launch and I still enjoy the game a-lot but recently the Battle Pass and crafting events don't seem to peak my interests. The battle pass was something I still remember to this day getting excited to play and win some challenges to get some sweet rewards while also watching the e-sports league on Twitch. Since playing for so long I've gotten a collection of rare vehicles and love them, (I missed a day during the event and wasn't able to receive the E-100. I don't think this vehicle should ever be offered again because then it will most certainly compress the BR even more and make it less rare) but I think their should be more events that are challenging yet rewarding. It could just be me but the Battle Pass every other month or 2 is getting kind of lackluster. Would like to hear other opinions on this matter! Comment away! 








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