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Game mode: Tear Down (Ground forces - PvE)

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Game mode: Tear Down (Ground forces PvE)


Completely destroy enemy structures (airports, buildings, fortifications, tank factories, weapon factories) and machinery (large ships, prototypes) one by one.


Definitions/Specific roles:

Enemy structure:

 A stationary building that is destroyable, like some houses in game that are destroyable, but it need more damage to be destroyed and may consist of multiple buildings one inside another (like a Matrioska), examples:

- Enemy factory:

After the factory walls are destroyed by players they can procede to destroy a housing inside there, after that housing is destroyed they can destroy a big generator installed inside that housing.

- Enemy building:

After the building walls are destroyed by players they can procede to destroy a vault inside there, after that vault is destroyed they can destroy a prototype stored inside that vault.

- Enemy airport:

Players must destroy the hangars, fueling structures, communication towers and barracks.


Enemy turret:

A stationary piece defending enemy structures by attacking players, examples: rocket launchers, howitzers, heavy machineguns etc, in the clear or inside bunkers.


Key assets:

The main reason why a certain structure should be destroyed, just for a roleplay sense, examples:
- Big generator:
Supplying electricity to enemy frontlines.
- Beam pumps:
Extracting petroleum to make fuels.
- Drilling machine:
Mining minerals for diferent materials.
- Tank/Weapon Prototypes:
New technologies enemies are developing.
- Pipelines:
Moving gas/liquid resources between enemy bases.


Enemy base:

An area on the map that include an enemy structure, with a key asset inside, and it is protected by enemy turrets and vehicles (planes, helicopters and tanks).


Enemy machinery:

A large machine that pose a big treat to players, like a bluewater ship or a prototype tank.



An area in the map that is too dangerous to a tank to pass by since there are pressure mines there.


Enemy tanks:

They attack players to defend their bases.


Enemy Planes/Helicopters:

Already flying, they attack players to defend their bases.


Enemy Bombers:

Already flying, they attack players which enemies protecting their bases cannot reach (like a player too far from a spawned enemy base).



At the start of the game, players must move to the location indicated on the map, at that location they will find an enemy structure or enemy machinery to be destroyed, they are well protected by the enemies that inhabit them, depending on the structure (a mix of planes, helicopters, tanks and turrets).


After that first enemy base has been destroyed (their key assets and enemies) another enemy base or machinery, spawn some distance away and it is indicated on the map to be destroyed with varying level of difficulty. Players move to that new enemy base and try to destroy it too (along the way they can also find some other planes, helicopters, tanks and turrets), and so on, until the last challenge.


By defeating the last challenge players are victorious, each player can spawn a limited amount of times, like 3 times at max.



Tear Down mission map on Alaska:

Note that each base is protected by a dozen(s) enemies.
* Map, icons and legend icons are modified ones from the War Thunder Wiki.


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