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AMX 13 DCA 40, Turret speed too slow


# Game version

My game version: (


# Description

The turret rotation and elevation speed of the AMX 13 DCA 40 is currently 30°sec in rotation, and 30°sec elevation , it sould be 90°sec for the rotation and 45°sec for the elevation.


# Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. just look at the AMX 13 DCA 40


# Additional Information

the AMX 30 DCA 40 was having hydrolic transverse engine and a manual rotation in back up. as a AA turret, the speed was pretty important and the AMX 13 DCA 40 had a pretty good speed which allowed it to fallow the low flying aircraft. currently in-game it have the rotation speed of 30°sec which is about the same speed as the light tank version (the AMX 13 had 30°sec at the release) but this would be only possible if the designer  didn't thorugh about upgrading the rotation speed in the development. but for the AMX 13 DCA 40 it did, and recently the needed documents to prove it was been found by @Colasix. the Turret could reach 90°sec and the elevation 45° sec which make the turret faster than most anti-aircraft tanks.


an document probably older is partially contradictory as it mention the elevation speed to be 60°sec but it's still better than what we have in-game, i will leave it to the developers to decide which one they want to fallow but since the 60°sec appear older, i would suggest to go with the 45° sec who appear more detailed and written later.


# Affected vehicles


# Files

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# Sources

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  1. Source 1

    1. Char the 13 tonnes a tourelle de DCA


      1. m16c3jW.jpg

      2. 6Mx8GDL.jpg

      this documents a bit contradictory is probably older as it mention the turret was equip with temporary equipment which indicate the documents was probably written before the prototype was at his final form.

      yet it indicate the speed of the turret


      Targeting performance

      in direction (horizontally) : maximum speed 90° / sec
      in site (vertically) : Maximum speed 60°/sec



  2. Source 2

    1. Char de 13T DCA 40 Bofors

    2. Spoiler





      - targetting Hydraulic "at the speed"  and manual targetting

      speed in the site (vertical) 45°/sec
      Speed sideway (90°/sec)

      acceleration 190°/s/s
      Elevation angle : -5° to + 85°


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  • Technical Moderator

Hello! Thank you for your interest and help improving the game.


Your information has been forwarded to the Developers for their consideration.


If there is anything further regarding this report a Technical Moderator will contact you.


Thank you again for your support.


Kind Regards, _David_Bowie

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